Kickers, Inc. is a non-profit, paranormal investigation firm that was set up by Jack 'Mr. Magnificent' Magniconte, his wife Darlene, and three of his best pals from the New York Smashers shortly after he himself acquired bizarre paranormal powers in the wake of the White Event. The Kickers have enjoyed a stable membership to date, a membership that includes the following:

Kickers, Inc.:

Brick Wall: offensive tackle for the New York Smashers, Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl is also the other half of the Kickers' muscle, helping the team to deal with trouble while they investigate paranormal mysteries when he isn't balancing the books! Availability:

Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl (MSH Classic)

Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl (4C System)

Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl (Marvel Saga)

Dasher: the New York Smashers' stylish wide receiver, Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin is also a full-time member of Kickers, Inc., a paranormal investigation firm founded to help people with nowhere else to turn to in regard to their bizarre problems. Availability:

Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin (MSH Classic)

Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin (4C System)

Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin (Marvel Saga)

Doll: the wife of the one and only Mr. Magnificent, Jack Magniconte, Darlene was drawn into the paranormal investigation firm known as Kickers, Inc. when Jack developed super powers - and the subsequent need to use them for the good of humanity! Availability:

Darlene 'Doll' Magniconte (MSH Classic)

Darlene 'Doll' Magniconte (4C System)

Darlene 'Doll' Magniconte (Marvel Saga)

Mr. Magnificent: After developing paranormal powers, New York Smashers quarterback Jack Magniconte founded Kickers, Inc., in order to use said abilities to help others handle off-the-wall problems that no one else could! Availability:

Jack Magniconte (MSH Classic)

Jack Magniconte (4C System)

Jack Magniconte (Marvel Saga)

Suicide: running back for the New York Smashers, Thomas 'Suicide' Smythe is one of Jack Magniconte's many pals that helped him to form Kickers, Inc. Something of a practical joker, the young-at-heart Suicide is mostly in it for the adventure. Availability:

Thomas 'Suicide' Smythe (MSH Classic)

Thomas 'Suicide' Smythe (4C System)

Thomas 'Suicide' Smythe (Marvel Saga)

Assorted Villains:

Fist: believing himself something of a revolutionary hero, the terrorist known only as Fist wishes to liberate his country. For some reason, his quest for freedom has brought him to America, where he has embarked on a reign of terror! Availability:

Fist (MSH Classic)

Fist (4C System)

Fist (Marvel Saga)

Professor Jordan: Professor Jordan was building hallucinogenic weapons for the military until his funding was cut. Believing in the Science behind his work, he continued his work in secret, experimenting on his students as: the Master of Ceremonies! Availability:

Professor Jordan (MSH Classic)

Professor Jordan (4C System)

Professor Jordan (Marvel Saga)

the Manned Mobile Unit: this curious device is apparently a military-built prototype designed for urban combat. Half tank and half robotic exoskeleton, this vehicle/armor suit was never used by the Army - as far as anybody knows, at least. Availability:

the Manned Mobile Unit (MSH Classic)

the Manned Mobile Unit (4C System)

the Manned Mobile Unit (Marvel Saga)

Agent Scott Templar, CIA: though not a part of Emmett Proudhawk's paranormal research team, Scott Templar was a CIA operative who found such things fascinating. Imagine his surprise when he deduced Jack Magniconte's paranormal nature... Availability:

Agent Scott Templar (MSH Classic)

Agent Scott Templar (4C System)

Agent Scott Templar (Marvel Saga)

Kickers, Inc. Issue Guides:

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10 11 12 PS

Extra Goodies:

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Kickers, Inc. created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz

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