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The Master of Ceremonies in his home grown cult, Professor Jordan is basically a normal human, lacking any paranormal powers, real magical training, or psionic schooling of any type. However, he's a skilled chemist who has concocted various compounds with which he can befuddle even the strongest of men, fast-acting compounds that aren't commonly known to man, technically making him a high tech villain.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Ceremonial Blade: while on the job as the Master of Ceremonies, Professor Jordan carries a long, wavy blade on him. Mostly intended for show, this item is made from material value 30 metals, and can be used to inflict his Brawn value in Slashing damage on anyone or anything that happens to oppose him. Of course, the Professor would rather just drug troublemakers and be done with them.

Hallucinogenic Compound: a chemical compound developed by the Professor, this drug has two delivery mechanisms: it can be used on a target in a gaseous (spray of powder) or liquid (via water balloons) form. Either way, it immediately causes its victim to see frightening, monstrous imagery atop their normal vision, unless he or she passes a Fortitude ACT roll versus rank value 40.

Scepter: the Professor's wicked golden scepter, like his blade, is mostly a ceremonial item - in other words, it looks impressive, but isn't meant to stand up to the rigors of extended combat. Made from material value 20 substances (it's not really gold), this item can be used in melee to inflict +1 RS Bashing damage, most effective when used as a bludgeon from behind.

Sleeping Compound: another chemical mixture of the Professor's design, this drug is delivered in powder form at an opponent - who then inhales it unwittingly. Once a body does so, he or she must pass a Fortitude ACT roll versus rank value 30 or succumb to the sleepy embrace the powder offers, and stay that way for 1d10 minutes. Naturally, victims of the powder are helpless during this time.

Wheelchair: not special by any means, this device is nonetheless necessary for the good Professor to get around in the world, since he can no longer walk. When he gets up to speed, Jordan can typically move at a rate equal to one sector every four turns, though he usually wheels along at a more leisurely pace (one sector every ten turns, assuming level terrain).


Lameness 2: both of the Professor's legs have been rendered completely useless, thanks to the terrible beating he took at the hands of the Mafia. This has made him wheelchair-bound for life, without which he can only move about four feet per round (by crawling). This is why you'll usually see Jordan in his chair these days, unless he's been knocked out of the thing somehow.


Chemistry: Professor Jordan is, naturally, a master chemist, being a chemistry instructor and former chemist for the military - if in some as-of-yet determined capacity. Regardless, this skill allows him to make Intellect ACTs regarding chemical knowledge, whether it be in the concoction of some substance, determining what something is made of, or simply remembering common chemical formulas at +1 RS.

Education: it is important to note that, in addition to all of his other skills, Professor Jordan is an accredited college instructor. He's highly skilled in educating others in various areas, and as such, should receive a +1 RS on any ACTs required when attempting to do so, regardless of the applicable ability in question. This, of course, assumes that his students are willing to learn.

Lore: in addition to his advanced chemistry knowledge, Professor Jordan is something of an expert in 'real world' occult practices. As such, he can make any Intellect ACTs concerning such knowledge as if his listed trait was +1 RS higher than is indicated above. While not as practical as his chemistry talent, this skill does allow Professor Jordan to perpetrate his bizarre witchcraft scam.


Naturally, Professor Jordan has several contacts in his former occult Coven, even if it was dispersed in the wake of the Kickers' investigation into his activities and his subsequent disappearance. However, should the man still be alive, he can most likely rely upon his former students for assistance in a pinch. Furthermore, Jordan has several high level government and military contracts, folks he used to work with.


As the seemingly normal, if slightly jumpy Professor, Jordan wears ordinary clothes on a day-to-day basis. However, when acting as the Master of Ceremonies, he changes... a lot! When in character, the man dons a purple robe, a brown, horned 'demon' mask, blue trousers, blue gloves, a blue belt, and an orange tabard with all kinds of multi-colorful moons and stars on it, and ringed with yellow 'fire' edging.


Professor Jordan is something of a haughty, arrogant man, full of himself and the so-called merits of his work. Though he is a scholar at heart, he has few scruples, and feels no remorse when breaking the law to further his research needs. The odd thing is that Professor Jordan seems to truly fit into his role as the Master of Ceremonies, and comes off as a sort of wanna-be, Bond-style villain.

Real Name: Professor Jordan (first name unrevealed)
Occupation: college professor, military chemist
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record, possibly deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: his unnamed Coven of 'witches'

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Professor Jordan wears a pencil-thin moustache at all times.


Professor Jordan got his start as a government technician, one contracted by the military to devise all manner of chemical weapons. His particular area of expertise, of course, is the concoction of hallucinogenic compounds, chemicals that cause people to experience sensory events that are exaggerated - or even wholly non-existent. He was good at his job, too, except that he apparently didn't produce results.

Not on a time-table suitable for government work, that is. Eventually, Jordan saw his military research funding terminated, but he truly believed that his non-lethal weapon system was a viable concept, so he sought a means to continue his work. He would need funding and test subjects for his experimental drugs, both of which weren't all that forthcoming in the early eighties.

As such, the man devised a scheme by which he could get both - legally! Essentially, Professor Jordan founded a coven of sorts, a group of 'witches' amongst his students, who got together and dinked around with occult frippery for fun. Over time, as his charges got used to the idea, Professor Jordan then appeared to them as the Master of Ceremonies, a 'wizard' of sorts who offered them real power.

By exposing the would-be wizards to his experimental chemicals, Professor Jordan caused them to experience specific, monstrous hallucinations. This caused most of the occult-fascinated youths to become even more interested in his coven, thus increasing his test subject base - and the increase in coven membership fees more than covered all of the Professor's monetary requirements.

However, when one of his quasi-brainwashed minions committed suicide because of the 'demons' he'd helped to unleash upon the world, the paranormal investigators known as Kickers, Inc. decided to look into the Professor's coven. While checking out their compound, two of these Kickers fell to the Professor's knockout gas, and were almost 'sacrificed' by the man before their pals saved them.

Even though they'd uncovered his plot, though, these amateur adventurers couldn't legally stop him - and they knew it. That's why their leader, Jack Magniconte, told the father of the suicidal coven member who was responsible for his untimely demise. A mob boss of sorts, the man sicced his goons on Jordan right after the Kickers left the scene. And the Professor disappeared after this encounter.

Though he survived, Professor Jordan lost the use of his legs as a result of this ordeal. Confined to a wheelchair, Professor Jordan vowed revenge, and found the instrument of his vengeance in a young girl who could seemingly open doorways into Hell itself. Whether she was an actual sorceress or merely another paranormal is unknown, but the Professor knew just how to get at his foes.

Having her call the Kickers, Inc. hotline, Professor Jordan had this mysterious girl tell them her sister fell through a doorway into another realm while practicing witchcraft, and the team readily leapt to her aid. Arriving on the scene, they entered the portal to find this wayward spellcaster, only to be gloated at by Jordan moments later, who explained that he'd tricked them into going to Hell for payback.

Professor Jordan had underestimated the members of Kickers, Inc. however, and they managed to not only shake off the Hellish torments they were subjected to, but escape back to the real world. Furious after what they went through, the Kickers threw Professor Jordan and his accomplice through the portal to Hell themselves, and washed their hands of the mess. Professor Jordan's fate remains unknown.

He may have ultimately escaped with his newly found 'friend' to plot vengeance another day (she can make dimensional doorways, after all), or the demonic fiends of the Hell he'd intended to kill the Kickers may have done him in once and for all...!

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