the War

Coming soon to a web page near you!*

* At this point (5/4/14) I haven't even started working on the War proper, mostly having been concerned (when I do get into the New Universe work) to work on the actual series, and not the specials. I haven't forgotten this tale though, and will truly get to it eventually, I just need to finish some general work on the site and, of course, get ahold of my New U comic collection again...

But, until then, here's who I have done so far...

the All-American: After developing paranormal powers, New York Smashers quarterback Jack Magniconte founded Kickers, Inc., to use said abilities to help others handle off-the-wall problems that no one else could! Availability:

Jack Magniconte (MSH Classic)

Jack Magniconte (4C System)

Jack Magniconte (Marvel Saga)

Nightmask: comatose Keith Remsen awoke during the White Event, it having granted him incredible dream powers. Wishing to use them to help others, he began to enter their dreams as Nightmask, so no one would recognize him afterward. Availability:

Nightmask (MSH Classic)

Nightmask (4C System)

Nightmask (Marvel Saga)

Extra Goodies:

The War Text File Archive

the War Cover Imagery

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