New Universe Specials

Herein lies information about the special, prestige-format books released about the New Universe. They are the Pitt, in which the entire New Universe is forever changed, the Draft, where the military responds to the Pitt in an over the top fashion, and finally the War, a four-part limited series where the entire New Universe story is brought to an end - after a fashion.

Thus far, I have completed my work covering the Pitt - all the major characters showcased in that story have deluxe descriptions waiting for you. I have also finally completed a summary of the Pitt story for your general reference, in the event that you wish to use something like it in your own games (or are just morbidly curious). The Draft and the War are still in progress.

I may get to covering those relatively soon, though there is more 'leg work' involved. The Draft premieres several new paranormal characters, who continue on into the War proper. Furthermore, both books feature folks that starred for a time in D.P. 7, which I have yet to cover in any capacity. I'd like to do that project first of course, but we shall see what the future brings, yes?

The Pitt

Attempting to rid himself of the dread power within him, Ken Connell attempts to transfer it into an inanimate object... with diastrous effects. The result of his collossal blunder is the utter destruction of the city of Pittsburgh, along with everything around, above and below it. Now known as the Pitt, this vast crater is teeming with chaos and danger for all comers - especially those unfortunate souls charged with investigating just what on earth has happened here...

The Draft

In the aftermath of the destruction of Pittsburgh, the government decided that paranormals were somehow responsible for this huge devastation, and chose to form a special paranormal army to protect itself from similar threats. The Draft is the story of this Army's rather shaky start, and the origin of one of the New Universe's most dangerous villains. Of course, once paranormals are militarized, it's only a matter of time before events will spiral out of control...

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