the Accountant


Hand Size:
3 (17)


George Zimmerman, the dread Accountant, is a vampire, a once-normal human being that has been transformed by a magical curse into one of the walking dead. Of course, George is still plotting his revenge against the mage that has cursed him so, in the hope that this will return him to a normal state of existence. Whether or not this will work for George remains to be seen.


Agelessness (s): as one of the undead, George is close to immortal. As long as he continues to prey upon the living for their blood, and isn't slain by direct violence perpetrated against his person, George may persist in his strange existence indefinitely. In fact, if at full Health, George will generally retain the appearance he possessed upon his demise - albeit a slight bit more pale than before.

Animal Control (w): George has the ability to control creatures commonly considered vermin, such as bats, rats, roaches, and wolves, at his Willpower +1 (in George's case, intensity 13). These creatures act as if they were an extension of George's consciousness, and will gladly do whatever he commands, even if they die in the process (something George truly enjoys).

Animal Hybridization / Self (a): George may transform his humanoid form into that of a bat. While so altered, George can utilize +1 claw and bite attacks, fly about at intensity 1 speed (thirty miles per hour), and make use of a bat-like sonar sense. This sense works at an intensity equal to George's Willpower score (intensity 12), as it counteracts a bat's typically rotten visual acuity.

Biological Vampirism (i): the classic, blood-sucking vampire has a strongly limited form of this power, which allows them to derive sustenance solely from the living blood of animal creatures. On contact with a potential target, George may begin to feed upon him or her if he can pass an easy difficulty Biological Vampirism (willpower) action against them, which isn't too difficult with his intensity of 10.

This assumes that George has managed to access his target's bloodstream, of course, which involves either opening the target's skin (most often with his fangs) or by clamping his mouth onto an already open wound. In a single exchange, George may draw out up to ten ounces of blood, which is enough to render a normal human dizzy - but won't actually inflict lethal harm in and of itself.

Unless such a singular attack would remove all the victim's Health, that is. George may continue to drain blood from his victim after this initial attack, though this furthers the risk of killing the victim (thus creating more vampires), as well as the possibility of the victim shrugging off the attack and gaining immunity to that vampire's draining ability (thus becoming a potential nemesis).

At any rate, George may use the drained blood to replace his own, lost Health. If at full Health when drinking his power intensity in ounces of blood, George will experience a +1 to his Strength and Willpower scores, as well as all his power intensities save for this one, for the duration of the encounter. An additional boost of like power requires another infusion of fresh blood.

On the other hand, George will suffer a -1 penalty to the aforementioned ability scores and power intensities for each day he abstains from feeding (whether voluntarily or otherwise). If George's ability scores and power intensities slip to zero (0) from an extended lack of blood, he will not die so much as slip into stasis - at least, until someone is foolish enough to wander into melee distance of him...!

As an undead creature, George cannot defeat his dependence on blood - he literally need it to survive.

Environmental Independence (s): as anti-life monstrosities, vampires only need to satisfy the limitations of their vampiric power to subsist. In other words, while George must feed upon the blood of others to live, he no longer needs - nor can he derive sustenance from - ordinary food or water, and no longer need breathe to maintain his bodily functions. George no longer sleeps during the day, either.

Fangs (s): vampires are equipped with retractable fangs, which generally come in the form of abnormal canines (on both the top and bottom of their mouths). George may bring these physical weapons to bear to inflict his Strength +2 in slashing damage. Mind you, George often causes just enough harm with his fangs to access his target's bloodstream (the better to avoid killing his lunch outright).

Mesmerism (w): by achieving eye contact with a would-be victim within near missile distance, George can attempt to influence their mind with intensity 10 power. This often makes it extremely easy for him to dine for the evening. Furthermore, if George ever creates 'children', or anyone he bites survives to tell the tale, he can utilize this power against them at a reduced difficulty, as his vampiric ichor binds their will to him.

Regeneration (s): George has the ability to rapidly repair damage inflicted upon his person - assuming that he has recently dined upon an unwitting human. As long as George is not suffering a penalty due to a lack of blood, he receives the benefit of intensity 8 regeneration. This allows him to heal a card of lost health on a non-negative draw of less than eight each exchange.

Resistance to Physical and Vampiric Attack (s): classical vampires are notable for their considerable resistance to conventional injury. While not quite immune to such, George can easily shrug off attacks that would readily kill a normal human, their applied force being reduced by -3 (intensity 12). This damage reduction applies to both physical and vampiric attacks used against George.

Shape Change (a): one curious power George possesses is the ability to transform into a cloud of bats! This intensity 8 power is enhanced with the Detachable Parts ability, which allows George to divide his mass into a large number of these creatures. Though George finds it hard to concentrate on all his bits while so changed, it makes for a great escape method in a pinch!

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Vampiric Weaknesses: while immortals are permanently slain only by total body disintegration, destruction on their home plane, or being killed by a fellow immortal, traditional vampires are instead beholden to a completely different set of weaknesses. George is no exception to this rule, and is subject to a large number of character hindrances that came along with his impressive vampiric powers.

* Originator's Onus: while many vampires lack the power of mesmerism in a general sense, all vampires possess this ability, or are subject to it, in regards to their progenitors or descendants. In other words, a vampire can use this power at their Willpower intensity to command vampires they are responsible for creating, and resist commands from their creators as if their Willpower was zero (0).

* Requirement / Permission to Enter: while many vampires of the traditional variety do not possess this psychological barrier, George does. Suffering under this constraint, George may not, under any circumstances, enter a private space without explicit permission. Doing so will cause him to lose one card of Health on each exchange during which he continues to trespass.

* Susceptibility / Direct Sunlight: if exposed to direct sunlight (not mere daylight conditions but actual rays of light from the sun, whether directly or via a reflected surface), George will lose a card of Health in damage each exchange. This is more than enough to turn him to dust in short order - which is why George acts through intermediaries during the day.

* Susceptibility / Wooden Stakes: if George is ever pierced in the heart (with a killing blow) via some wooden object, he will instantly lose all of his remaining Health. Unless can pass a daunting difficulty Strength action immediately, George will crumble to dust in rapid order, the anti-life which sustains his undead existence fleeing his now-uninhabitable corpse all at once.

* Susceptibility and Weakness / Garlic: many classical vampires, like George, have showcased an inability to function in the face of garlic. When within close combat distance of the substance, George will be reduced to zero (0) in all ability scores, and cannot use his supernatural powers. If forced to ingest garlic somehow, George will immediately lose one card of Health.


Finances 2 (w): a tried and true accountant, George has taken care of business matters for years in the Ariel-Shijitzu corporation. As such, his actions in such areas should be considered one difficulty level lower than normal, and may be resolved with his Intellect or Willpower; after all, would an accredited Actuary have serious difficulty in any financial matters? I think not.


George can rely upon Roy Shijitzu for some aid, should he need it; after all, the psi went out of his way to keep George on staff once he was found out by several Agency 13 folks. Furthermore, he's on at least marginally good terms with folks like Mutilator 001, who he can't affect with his blood draining powers, and hasn't yet alienated Shijitzu's other metahuman employees by attacking them. Yet.

Of course, George does feed upon several susceptible and willing folks within the Ariel-Shijitzu company's third shift, as some of those folks have proven quite amicable to his dark needs. Finally, George has acquired a small following of the deluded pseudo-gothic teenagers known as Part-time Vampires, from which he extracts his minimum fruits of life on a daily basis.


Demolisher: having grown to mostly like his new state of being, and having given in to his evil side, George exists only to satisfy his dread urges, maiming and killing only to bring himself pleasure. Of course, he has occasional mood swings that bring about more of a Vestiges of Humanity calling in his behavior, but these are mostly temporary in nature, leaving once his followers make him feel better.


George has found that he prefers to lounge about in a Speedo ™, however distressing that may be, while he's with his entourage of Part-time Vampires. While at work, he wears a sensible, navy blue suit, with a pair of blue Spandex ™ shorts underneath, in the event that he should come into conflict with any so-called 'heroes' while at work - or if Roy needs him for some super-powered task or another.


George is a dark, angry soul. He was an ordinary human for a time, and despite the god complex foisted upon him by his walking lunches, he still yearns for that state every once in a while. Of course, he has nonetheless given himself over to his personal evil, and enjoys wreaking havoc on people that have what he doesn't, or otherwise making their lives miserable... an easy task for an Accountant!

Real Name: George Zimmerman
Occupation: accountant, mercenary
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: not applicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: jet black
Eyes: jet black
Weight: 2005 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: George has remarkably pale skin, one of the few indicators that anything is abnormal about him - aside from his wardrobe choices, that is.


George Zimmerman's story is one that begins in a rather mundane fashion. To start with, he's an accountant; don't get me wrong, but the job description isn't what you'd call an exciting one. He worked for the Ariel-Shijitzu corporation for years, balancing the books through good times and bad, and was instrumental in keeping the place going during Keiko Shijitzu's hedonistic binges.

Of course, her big brother eventually came home to take charge of the place, and having a good financial head on his shoulders, helped to get the place back in order in no time flat, quickly making the American arm of the company profitable once again. Of course, with that done, George could take a long vacation at last, since his accounting underlings could mind the store for a while.

Having worked overtime for years, he'd saved up enough cash to warrant quite an interesting trip, heading out to go on safari in the 'wilds' of 'darkest' Africa. Not to go hunting or anything like it; he just wanted to see the sights, since he wouldn't have another chance to go exploring until he could retire several years from now. That was his first mistake.

For, while on that safari, he ran across a bizarre little man calling himself Icthyon, a man who had several local villages in his thrall. He claimed to be a powerful sorcerer, but George knew better. After all, there's no such thing as magic, and before his safari moved away from the area, he decided to show the locals just how this silly little man was deceiving him.

Sneaking into his 'sorcerer's hut' that night, George happened on some sort of magical ceremony, one in which Icthyon was putting the final touches on some sort of mystic device. Unfortunately, his presence disrupted the ceremony, and in a fit of rage, Icthyon placed a powerful curse upon George, a curse that would cause him to live on as a fell beast for the rest of his existence.

George laughed this off, and went back to bed in his own tent. However, he didn't wake up the next day, and the folks on safari thought he'd died - but then, he did. As such, they shipped his body back to the States for a proper funeral and burial, but upon arriving three days later, George beat his way out of his coffin, wandering off into the night.

He quickly realized what had been done to him, since he had this disgusting urge to drink the blood of his once-fellow man, and was far more powerful than he remembered being. He stalked the streets of Pleasantview, his home these last three years, and was eventually found by a gaggle of Part-time Vampires, weird pseudo-gothic folks that wished that they, too, were undead.

George tried to set them straight, telling them how horrible it was to crave the blood of others, but they didn't listen, and even offered themselves to him, hoping he'd recreate them as vampires! George was horrified, but what could he do - he was hungry! He drained them of blood, though not totally dry, not wishing to curse others as he himself had been.

However, over the next week or three, they continued their virtual worship of his person and his current state, and he slowly, slowly began to like it. Oh, sure, he'd occasionally have pangs for his former humanity, but these bizarre youths made him actually grow to enjoy himself and his abilities. And, hoping he'd eventually turn them, the Part-timers stayed with him as a sort of free lunch.

Hanging out with these deviant teens for a time, George managed to put together a plan to set himself up with some real power, that being a huge sum of money. As such, he eventually made his way back to his old company, Ariel-Shijitzu Systems, Inc., and tried to get his old job back. His first problem was convincing people that he wasn't, in fact, dead.

This took some doing, but enough paperwork reinstated his living status, legally speaking. He then arranged for the jerk that took his job to have a horrible accident, and eventually convinced Roy to rehire him as chief accountant for the American branch of the company, though he'd have to work at night; after all, the 'skin condition' that caused him to be ill for so long demanded that he avoid sunlight.

That was two years ago, during which time George has managed to embezzle millions of dollars from the company, with none the wiser - except for Roy Shijitzu himself. A master telepath, he knew what was going on, and knowing that he had one of the undead in his midst, he let the situation continue for a time, since he wasn't sure he could defeat such a monster.

However, this didn't last forever, as several feeding 'mistakes' on George's part led to an investigation of happenings by several folks from Agency 13, a group that keeps tabs on metahuman activities. They sought George out, and managed to expose his vampiric nature, though his Part-time Vampire flunkies did their best to stop the two so-called 'heroes'.

When they finally caught up to George, they chased him into the A-S building, and they fought it out with him across several floors of the building. They almost had him beat cold, when Roy himself stepped in, making the two heroes believe that they'd slain the vampire - they almost had, at any rate, so this was easy enough. As they left, Roy made George a deal.

In exchange for his silence, and if he didn't steal any more of his money, Roy would allow George to continue on as his accountant. Of course, he would also have to take care of certain 'special' jobs from time to time, jobs suited for a person of George's ability. Liking this new arrangement, since it involved a large increase in pay, George accepted this offer, becoming yet another of Shijitzu's empowered lackeys.

Though again, George didn't mind, since this arrangement was mutually beneficial.

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