The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: R

REV: tactical officer for the Spychangers team, REV (Race Exertion Vehicle) is a powerful warrior in his own right. Armed with a laser shotgun and a powerful leaping ability, he does quite a lot of damage to the Predacon cause - and does it in style! Availability:

R.E.V. (MSH Classic)

R.E.V. (4C System)

R.E.V. (Marvel Saga)

the Radar Rat: whenever the Joes need a quick, portable air defense station set up in a jiffy, they rely upon the Radar Rat. It is essentially a powerful radar unit mounted on a 250 HP engine, and is armed with enough missiles to knock out whatever it sees! Availability:

the Radar Rat (MSH Classic)

the Radar Rat (4C System)

the Radar Rat (Marvel Saga)

the Rage: an assault vehicle designed by Cobra to aid its conquests of cities, waging urban warfare block by block if necessary. Armed with conventional and directed energy weapons, the Rage is capable of taking down any vehicle, structure, or personnel! Availability:

the Rage (MSH Classic)

the Rage (4C System)

the Rage (Marvel Saga)

the Raging Typhoon: this marvel of modern engineering is a hovercraft which is armed to the teeth! Of course, when necessary the Joes can rebuild it as not one, not two, but four separate vehicles, allowing them to battle Cobra anywhere on earth! Availability:

the Raging Typhoon (MSH Classic)

the Raging Typhoon (4C System)

the Raging Typhoon (Marvel Saga)

the Raider: designed as a quick yet heavy combat vehicle, the Raider has several surprises within. It features an elevating missile bay, and the ability to split into two separate components: a high speed scout mini-tank, and a heavily armed battle station! Availability:

the Raider (MSH Classic)

the Raider (4C System)

the Raider (Marvel Saga)

Rail Racer: a merger of the three Team Bullet Train members (Midnight Express, Railspike and Rapid Run), Rail Racer combines their power and best personality traits into a singular whole, one which Megatron and company have a hard time dealing with! Availability:

Rail Racer (MSH Classic)

Rail Racer (4C System)

Rail Racer (Marvel Saga)

Railspike: the leader of Team Bullet Train, Railspike is also its oldest member. His wisdom rivals that of Optimus Prime himself, though Railspike's age is telling in his demeanor, for he can occasionally come across as... cantakerous in certain situations. Availability:

Railspike (MSH Classic)

Railspike (4C System)

Railspike (Marvel Saga)

the Rainbow Cube: this item consists of seven Rainbow Gems of an identical cut, each of which is in one color of the rainbow. They offer their wielder great power individually, but when combined together, they can literally change the universe! Availability:

the Rainbow Cube (MSH Classic)

the Rainbow Cube (4C System)

the Rainbow Cube (Marvel Saga)

Rampage: Walter A. McDaniel was a close friend of Beach Head's in both Basic training and in his Ranger detachment. He is also a veritable demon behind the wheel, which is why Beach Head recommended him as an operator for the GI Joe Split Fire! Availability:

Rampage (MSH Classic)

Rampage (4C System)

Rampage (Marvel Saga)

Rampart: born with exceptional reflexes, Dwayne spent his youth in video game arcades. Games don't pay the bills though, so after college he joined the Navy, and put his considerable talents to use as an Air Defense Artillery missile specialist! Availability:

Rampart (MSH Classic)

Rampart (4C System)

Rampart (Marvel Saga)

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM): the RAM is a high speed ground attack vehicle. This bike and its deadly gun car can reach speeds in excess of 100 MPH, allowing Joes using it to quickly race into - and out of - combat situations in the blink of an eye! Availability:

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) (MSH Classic)

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) (4C System)

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) (Marvel Saga)

Range-Vipers: guerilla warfare experts trained to survive in numerous environments, Range-Vipers are some of the toughest Cobras out there. Operating alone behind enemy lines, they wage war indefinitely with only the gear they can steal from their foes! Availability:

Range-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Range-Vipers (4C System)

Range-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the RHINO: another in a long line of two-in-one GI Joe devices, the Rapid Heli-Integrated Neutralizing Offensive Vehicle, or RHINO, is a tough ground transport with a built-in helicopter, allowing it to provide its own air support when necessary! Availability:

the RHINO (MSH Classic)

the RHINO (4C System)

the RHINO (Marvel Saga)

Rapid Run: the middle ground between Midnight Express and Railspike, Rapid Run is a mature Autobot warrior; he's grown up, but not aged. On the other hand, he's absorbed a lot of human culture and slang, making him glib and overconfident, oddly enough. Availability:

Rapid Run (MSH Classic)

Rapid Run (4C System)

Rapid Run (Marvel Saga)

the Rapid Runner: unique amongst the GI Joe B.T.R. vehicles, the Rapid Runner doesn't actually have two different configurations. Instead, it has two distinct operating modes, depending on whether one is using it to fly or to 'just' hover! Availability:

the Rapid Runner (MSH Classic)

the Rapid Runner (4C System)

the Rapid Runner (Marvel Saga)

Rapid-Fire: highly motivated and bubbling over with capability, Robbie mastered everything the Army threw at him, from West Point to his graduation of the first fast attack maneuvers class. There's no stopping him from Being All He Can Be! Availability:

Rapid-Fire (MSH Classic)

Rapid-Fire (4C System)

Rapid-Fire (Marvel Saga)

Raptor: an eccentric accountant with a penchant for falconry, Raptor found himself on Destro's bad side when caught poaching on his grounds. Pulled into Cobra's orbit, Raptor began to use his various skills in their service to pay off his debts to them! Availability:

Raptor (MSH Classic)

Raptor (4C System)

Raptor (Marvel Saga)

the Rat: capable of traversing the scummiest of swamplands, the Rat is a small, yet powerful hovercraft. Armed with foliage-chopping slicer blades and four front-mounted chain guns, the Rat is capable of allowing Cobra to dominate swampland battlefields! Availability:

the Rat (MSH Classic)

the Rat (4C System)

the Rat (Marvel Saga)

Ratchet: though he'd rather waste all his time having fun and partying hard, Ratchet knows he has a very important job to do. After all, he's been patching his fellow Autobots back together over the course of their war with the Decepticons. Availability:

Ratchet (MSH Classic)

Ratchet (4C System)

Ratchet (Marvel Saga)

the Rattler: Cobra's single most infamous fighter, the Rattler itself is based loosely upon the designs of the A-10 Thunderbolt. Of course, Destro put in a few gotchas when he made the Rattler, such as VTOL capability, to make it even more interesting! Availability:

the Rattler (MSH Classic)

Rattler (4C System)

Rattler (Marvel Saga)

Ravage: virtually undetectable when he wishes to be, Ravage is an excellent stalker of the night. Constantly dreaming up new schemes to defeat the Autobots, Ravage is well respected by his peers - even if they usually don't even know where he is! Availability:

Ravage (MSH Classic)

Ravage (4C System)

Ravage (Marvel Saga)

the Razor-blade: a smaller helicopter, GI Joe's Razor-blade is just a little bit larger than the Locust, and the same size as a Sky Hawk. However, its man purpose is not assault but rescue, for it's equipped to save folks in remote locations during emergencices! Availability:

the Razor-blade (MSH Classic)

the Razor-blade (4C System)

the Razor-blade (Marvel Saga)

the Razorback: built for vehicle-to-vehicle combat, the Razorback is an excellent complement to Destro's DEMONs. Heavily armed and armored, and capable of seizing the high ground in most firefights, the Razorback lets Iron Grenadiers dominate the battlefield! Availability:

the Razorback (MSH Classic)

the Razorback (4C System)

the Razorback (Marvel Saga)

Razorvine: insidious weeds with a fiendish origin, razorvine spread far from the Abyss via foolish travelers and explorers. Now it grows to threaten many planes and Sigil itself, its horrific bladed edges being used for many sinister purposes. Availability:

Razorvine (MSH Classic)

Razorvine (4C System)

Razorvine (Marvel Saga)

Reaper: adopted by paranormal-obsessed eccentrics, Jaycen Nguyen grew up lonely. When he suddenly developed the powers of his birthright one fateful day, Jaycen (with the help of an enigmatic tutor) began to defend the innocent as Reaper! Availability:

Reaper (MSH Classic)

Reaper (4C System)

Reaper (Marvel Saga)

Rebound: after being exposed to anomalous chemicals on the job, this gifted NSA operative found his features, his very body, twisted beyond recognition. Leaving his old life behind, he now uses his special abilities to fight evil as Rebound! Availability:

Rebound (MSH Classic)

Rebound (4C System)

Rebound (Marvel Saga)

Recoil: a former marathon runner and professional body builder, Joseph Felton was a shoe-in to be a LRRP member upon enlisting. Upon joining the GI Joe team, he began to hone his skills by practicing them on his fellow Joes, which drives them crazy! Availability:

Recoil (MSH Classic)

Recoil (4C System)

Recoil (Marvel Saga)

Recondo: growing up to hate Wisconsin's cold winters, young Daniel wanted to explore the deepest African jungles as a child - and grew up to do just that. Both on and off the Joe team, Daniel has become an expert in jungle combat - and many other disciplines! Availability:

Recondo (MSH Classic)

Recondo (4C System)

Recondo (Marvel Saga)

Red Dog: a former pro football player, David Taputapu got sacked for unnecessary roughness. After a stint as a Hollywood stunt man, he was recruited by GI Joe, as the powers that be thought he'd be an excellent addition to Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades! Availability:

Red Dog (MSH Classic)

Red Dog (4C System)

Red Dog (Marvel Saga)

Red Ninjas: renegade Arashikage ninja clan members, the Red Ninjas have scattered throughout the world. Devolving into martial artist mercenaries, they are often employed by Cobra Commander when his Ninja-Vipers or Night Creepers are unavailable. Availability:

Red Ninjas (MSH Classic)

Red Ninjas (4C System)

Red Ninjas (Marvel Saga)

Red Raven: lone survivor of a plane crash on the mysterious, floating Sky Island, he who would become the Red Raven was raised by the locals. Cherishing freedom and justice, he eventually left the Island to share these ideals with the world! Availability:

Red Raven (MSH Classic)

Red Raven (4C System)

Red Raven (Marvel Saga)

Red Raven 2: when the original Red Raven wished to join his Sky Island brethren in cryogenic slumber, he didn't want to leave his adopted home defenseless. As such, he simply built an android double to guard it in his stead! Availability:

Red Raven 2 (MSH Classic)

Red Raven 2 (4C System)

Red Raven 2 (Marvel Saga)

Red Raven 3: sole child of the original Red Raven, Dania grew up in seclusion. Though she never knew the residents of Sky Island, she felt the need to protect their legacy - even after the floating city was raised from the sea floor! Availability:

Red Raven 3 (MSH Classic)

Red Raven 3 (4C System)

Red Raven 3 (Marvel Saga)

Red Spot: fascinated with lasers ever since he was nine years old, Michael P. Ritchie left Cincinnati to enlist, so he could turn his love of directed energy devices into a marketable skill. He has since done so, and was recruited by GI Joe soon afterwards! Availability:

Red Spot (MSH Classic)

Red Spot (4C System)

Red Spot (Marvel Saga)

Red Star: after the death of Colonel Brekhov, Captain Anatoly Fyodorovich Krimov (who has an eerie similarity to the late Colonel) was tapped to replace the man as leader of the Oktober Guard. And he's gung-ho enough to live up to his predecessor! Availability:

Red Star (MSH Classic)

Red Star (4C System)

Red Star (Marvel Saga)

Red Zone: ultimately booted out of the FBI for being too rough on criminals and their precious property, Luke was transferred to the GI Joe team, who saw that 'liability' as an asset. He now helps them out as a member of their reserve, Steel Brigade unit! Availability:

Red Zone (MSH Classic)

Red Zone (4C System)

Red Zone (Marvel Saga)

Reflector: consummate voyeurs, the trio of Decepticons that comprise Reflector enjoy watching everything in their environment. If they happen to spy some particularly valuable information in the process, they're happy to exploit it to the fullest. Availability:

Reflector (MSH Classic)

Reflector (4C System)

Reflector (Marvel Saga)

the Reincarnator: the Reincarnator is a sort of immortal being, in that every time his material form dies, his life force carries him on to a freshly conceived human. Nine months later, the Reincarnator is reborn, ready to renew the fight against evil! Availability:

the Reincarnator (MSH Classic)

the Reincarnator (4C System)

the Reincarnator (Marvel Saga)

Evan Reinger: pilot, mercenary, and all around bad guy, Evan Reinger would gleefully kill a busload of kids if the money was right. Lacking morals of any stripe, he'll do whatever is asked of him as long as there's enough green in it for him. Availability:

Evan Reinger (MSH Classic)

Evan Reinger (4C System)

Evan Reinger (Marvel Saga)

Relampago: after the White Event granted her super speed, this young woman became something of a Chilean folk hero. Recruited into the Medusa Web, she began to use her considerable abilities to further Thame's goals to the best of her ability. Availability:

Relampago (MSH Classic)

Relampago (4C System)

Relampago (Marvel Saga)

the Remote Piloted Vehicle: giving GI Joe a powerful edge over the enemy, the RPV allows them to perform aerial surveilalnce without putting any Joes at risk. Though unarmed, the RPV can 'spot' for the team from a remote command and control station! Availability:

the Remote Piloted Vehicle (MSH Classic)

the Remote Piloted Vehicle (4C System)

the Remote Piloted Vehicle (Marvel Saga)

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen: paralyzed from the waist down after a cowardly bomb attack, Teddy Remsen nonetheless developed dream powers like her brother's - if to a lesser extent - which she uses to help his work at the Ballad clinic. Availability:

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen (MSH Classic)

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen (4C System)

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen (Marvel Saga)

Repeater: a venerable Army Ranger, Jeffrey Therien enjoys being a soldier, and is very good at it, but sucks where military politics are concerned. As such, he was assigned to GI Joe, where he can defend freedom without ruffling oversensitive feathers. Availability:

Repeater (MSH Classic)

Repeater (4C System)

Repeater (Marvel Saga)

the Retaliator: a highly advanced, customized vehicle, the Retaliator is a helicopter primarily designed with Updraft's flying style in mind. Possessed of uncanny maneuverability, the Retaliator is both a bomber and a rescue craft, all rolled into one! Availability:

the Retaliator (MSH Classic)

the Retaliator (4C System)

the Retaliator (Marvel Saga)

General Rey: a reprogrammed Serpentor clone, General Phillip A. Rey was given to the Jugglers as a secret weapon - to be used in a double cross against them at a later date. Rey decided to be his own man, however, and has defeated his mental programming! Availability:

General Rey (MSH Classic)

General Rey (4C System)

General Rey (Marvel Saga)

Rip Cord: initially enlisting to be paid to jump out of airplanes, Wallace ultimately found that he loved the military lifestyle. An expert HALO jumper, Rip Cord was a perfect addition to GI Joe, who always has need of soldiers with his skill! Availability:

Rip Cord (MSH Classic)

Rip Cord (4C System)

Rip Cord (Marvel Saga)

Rip It: a surly, destructive gear-head, Fredd would be equally at home in the Dreadnoks or the Cobra HISS Driver corps. A one-man engine of destrction, he loves tearing apart what others have created, such as cars, homes, or even their national identity! Availability:

Rip It (MSH Classic)

Rip It (4C System)

Rip It (Marvel Saga)

Ripper: evincing antisocial behavior since he was a toddler, Ripper grew up into a life of crime. This culminated with his joining the Dreadnoks, the only group that would have him, and occasionally performing freelance work for Cobra! Availability:

Ripper (MSH Classic)

Ripper (4C System)

Ripper (Marvel Saga)

the Rising Tide: this smaller vehicle is a perfect fit for Barrel Roll. It can function either as an attack boat or an incredibly small jet glider, depending on its current configuration - and where Barrel Roll needs to be fighting his Cobra foes! Availability:

the Rising Tide (MSH Classic)

the Rising Tide (4C System)

the Rising Tide (Marvel Saga)

Ritter: his time in the Air Force having left him well-versed in aerial combat, Ritter decided to use that experience for personal gain after leaving the service. A highly paid mercenary pilot, Ritter could readily pick and choose his clients. Availability:

Ritter (MSH Classic)

Ritter (4C System)

Ritter (Marvel Saga)

Ro-Tor: heavily armed in both melee and ranged combat, Ro-Tor serves as the Combatron's aerial surveillance expert. While he doesn't have the visual range Movor does, he's much more sneaky, and can soundlessly approach any foe - much to their chagrin. Availability:

Ro-Tor (MSH Classic)

Ro-Tor (4C System)

Ro-Tor (Marvel Saga)

the Road Rebel: a small device, the Road Rebel is a tracked, all-terrain ride which is basically a vehicle with which to carry an oversized missile launcher into whatever position is required. It's also armed with a flamethrower, for anti-personnel action! Availability:

the Road Rebel (MSH Classic)

the Road Rebel (4C System)

the Road Rebel (Marvel Saga)

Road Pig: one of the strongest Dreadnoks, save for Zartan himself, Road Pig is also one of the most violent. And ugliest. And smelliest. But the gang keeps Road Pig around despite all this, and more, because he's something of an ace in the hole for them. Availability:

Road Pig (MSH Classic)

Road Pig (4C System)

Road Pig (Marvel Saga)

the Road Toad: like the Coastal Defender, the Road Toad is towed into battle by another vehicle. It is intended to help the Joes recover other disabled vehicles, however, only being armed because Cobra likes nothing more than to gun down support personnel! Availability:

Tauthe Road Toadrus (MSH Classic)

the Road Toad (4C System)

the Road Toad (Marvel Saga)

Roadbuster: though he's not inherently violent, Roadbuster only feels alive when he's fighting. Sullen while doing anything else, Roadbuster becomes a charismatic leader as soon as he finds himself in conflict, and readily inspires others to fight! Availability:

Roadbuster (MSH Classic)

Roadbuster (4C System)

Roadbuster (Marvel Saga)

Roadblock: aspiring to be one of the world's greatest chefs since he was a child, Marvin put himself through the Escoffier School in France. Subsequently enlisting in the Army to learn from their chefs as well, Marvin became quite the machine gunner, too! Availability:

Roadblock (MSH Classic)

Roadblock (4C System)

Roadblock (Marvel Saga)

Teresa 'Terry' Roberts: the Troubleshooters' computer hardware expert, Terry built a truly revolutionary computer interface with Dr. Swensen's technology. This partial exo-skeleton, the 'Think-Tank', is her world's very first cyber-deck. Availability:

Teresa 'Terry' Roberts (MSH Classic)

Teresa 'Terry' Roberts (4C System)

Teresa 'Terry' Roberts (Marvel Saga)

Robo-Joe: inventor Greg Scott was working on space-worthy combat armor suits when his laboratory was raided by Destro. Left for dead by that villain, Greg was plugged into his prototype armor and cybernetically altered by GI Joe... and Robo-Joe was born! Availability:

Robo-Joe (MSH Classic)

Robo-Joe (4C System)

Robo-Joe (Marvel Saga)

the Robothorrior: sole survivor of an attack by a Frankologist cyborg, Wallace Abbot was left crippled and broken. Luckily he had money to spare however, and could afford to have his body rebuilt by unhinged Electronicists into... the Robothorrior! Availability:

Robothorrior (MSH Classic)

Robothorrior (4C System)

Robothorrior (Marvel Saga)

Rock 'n Roll: the Joes' original heavy machine gunner, Craig is from beautiful Malibu, California. He eventually grew up and joined the Army, hoping to make the world a better place, and found that membership in the GI Joe team lets him do just that. Availability:

Rock 'n Roll (MSH Classic)

Rock 'n Roll (4C System)

Rock 'n Roll (Marvel Saga)

the Rock Crusher: this diminutive BTR vehicle can be configured to resemble two other Joe vehicles currently in operation. It can be assembled in either an assault quad or land luge mode, and may readily be switched between the two fast due to its size! Availability:

the Rock Crusher (MSH Classic)

the Rock Crusher (4C System)

the Rock Crusher (Marvel Saga)

Rock-Vipers: using the latest in climbing gear, and conditioned to work effectively at high altitudes, Rock-Vipers are Cobra's mountaineering experts. They easily take the high ground with their advanced climbing skills, and hold it with their heavy ordnance! Availability:

Rock-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Rock-Vipers (4C System)

Rock-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Rodstvow (Kinship): when the first manifestation of his powers killed his family, he who would become Rodstvow went insane. As his powers grew in scope, he became convinced only he was worthy of life, and intended to kill everything on earth. Availability:

Rodstvow (Kinship) (MSH Classic)

Rodstvow (Kinship) (4C System)

Rodstvow (Kinship) (Marvel Saga)

Rogues (Modron): a nigh-perfect example of law, Mechanus is still subject to chaos. Usually introduced from without, this often results in a modron who manifests individual will, and eventually feels compelled to express it - at all costs! Availability:

Rogue Modrons (MSH Classic)

Rogue Modrons (4C System)

Rogue Modrons (Marvel Saga)

Rollbar (GI Joe): an unrepentant gear head and street tuner, Robert enlisted to play with the truly heavy gear the Army's got on hand, not to mention doing something more important with his life. Thanks to his obsessive level of skill, Robert has managed both! Availability:

Rollbar (MSH Classic)

Rollbar (4C System)

Rollbar (Marvel Saga)

Rollbar (RiD): the Combatron ground staff officer, Rollbar is also a martial arts expert. He gets his kicks by ambushing Autobots in extreme environments, and prefers to keep his melee skills up with direct field experience rather than personal drills. Availability:

Rollbar (MSH Classic)

Rollbar (4C System)

Rollbar (Marvel Saga)

the ROCC: a heavily fortified tractor trailer, the Rolling Operations Command Center (or ROCC) is the latest in a long line of GI Joe field bases. The difference between the ROCC and the others is the simple fact that the ROCC is inherently mobile! Availability:

the ROCC (MSH Classic)

the ROCC (4C System)

the ROCC (Marvel Saga)

the Rolling Thunder: a massive ground vehicle, the Rolling Thunder is the king of armored combat. Built with a staggering array of cannons, lasers and even cluster bombs (!), the Rolling Thunder is the perfect ride for intransigent GI Joe driver Armadillo! Availability:

the Rolling Thunder (MSH Classic)

the Rolling Thunder (4C System)

the Rolling Thunder (Marvel Saga)

Ronin: abducted as a youth by his obsessive grandfather, Mora Kenji spent his youth with a bizarre luddite cult. Having been recently thrust into the modern world, Mora Kenji is completely clueless about the new reality he has found himself in. Availability:

Ronin (MSH Classic)

Ronin (4C System)

Ronin (Marvel Saga)

Rook: an expert behavioral analyst and the master of no less than fourteen distinct languages, Andy was eagerly recruited by the GI Joe team. His advanced people skills unfailingly help them to dig up dirt on upcoming terrorist activity before it's too late! Availability:

Rook (MSH Classic)

Rook (4C System)

Rook (Marvel Saga)

Rossi, Mal: one of Mark Hazzard's oldest and bestest pals, Mal is a New Zealander who, after leaving his nation's army, couldn't deal with 'regular' life. He descended into alcoholism and lecherism, but was saved by Mark - who gave him direction! Availability:

Ritter (MSH Classic)

Ritter (4C System)

Ritter (Marvel Saga)

Edmund Roth: the founder and leader of the CIA's Project: Spitfire, Edmund Roth is a questionable individual indeed. His goal is to keep Doctor Swensen's MAX technology out of the hands of every other government, no matter the cost. Availability:

Edmund Roth (MSH Classic)

Edmund Roth (4C System)

Edmund Roth (Marvel Saga)

the Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV): the RTV is an experimental, off-road freight hauler. This six-wheeled conveyance is a prefabricated vehicle constructed from lightweight materials, which can be assembled in the field quickly by a small, motivated team. Availability:

the Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV) (MSH Classic)

the Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV) (4C System)

the Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV) (Marvel Saga)

the Royal Guard: painstaking eugenics and surgical augmentation produce the large, durable warriors that serve as Cobra-La's Royal Guard. Fanatical followers of its leader and his minions, the Royal Guard are a small, yet nigh-unstoppable fighting force! Availability:

the Royal Guard (MSH Classic)

the Royal Guard (4C System)

the Royal Guard (Marvel Saga)

Ruination: the result of a blending of the minds and bodies of the five Combatrons, Ruination is a true terror to behold. Cruel and capricious, Ruination's mind is primarily driven by Mega-Octane's personality - and nigh-unlimited destructive potential! Availability:

Ruination (MSH Classic)

Ruination (4C System)

Ruination (Marvel Saga)

Rumble: an unrepentant thug, Rumble likes to mix it up and wreck stuff. He isn't all that powerful, physically speaking, which is why he tends to rely on trash talk, along with his earthquake-inducing pile drivers, to ward off those who would trounce him. Availability:

Rumble (MSH Classic)

Rumble (4C System)

Rumble (Marvel Saga)

Rumbler: a former IRS agent, Earl-Bob was 'encouraged' to enlist instead - this after he'd demolished seven government vehicles and incurred several lawsuits in the course of his 'aggressive' work to apprehend tax evaders, stamp dodgers, and moonshiners! Availability:

Rumbler (MSH Classic)

Rumbler (4C System)

Rumbler (Marvel Saga)

Runner: out of a need to reject responsibility and obviate obligation, the Runner has running down to a science. Aside from occasionally being snookered into the schemes of his fellow Elders of the Universe, he's managed to avoid duty for billions of years. Availability:

the Runner (MSH Classic)

the Runner (4C System)

the Runner (Marvel Saga)

Ruslan: little is known about the newest recruit into the technically defunct Oktober Guard. Of course, since the GI Joe team has been 'inactive' for some time, its quite possible that Russia assigned Ruslan to the group in an official capacity... Availability:

Ruslan (MSH Classic)

Ruslan (4C System)

Ruslan (Marvel Saga)

Rutterkin (Tanar'ri): while rutterkin are stronger and smarter than the teeming hordes of dretches and manes, they are not used in Blood War efforts. No, for reasons unknown, the rutterkin are generally shunned by their demonic fellows instead. Availability:

Rutterkin (MSH Classic)

Rutterkin (4C System)

Rutterkin (Marvel Saga)

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