the Rainbow Cube

The Rainbow Cube is a strange deionic instrument comprised of seven separate gems, each of which is a shimmering jewel representing one of seven colors that comprise the rainbow. All seven gems share a common cut, which allows six of them to be assembled into a cube-like object.

If all seven Rainbow Gems are brought together, the seventh will physically change its shape, filling in the spaces created by the cut of the gems to make it a true cube, and giving the whole an appearance of six gems bordered by the material comprising the seventh gem itself.

The seven Rainbow Gems, if brought together to form the Rainbow Cube, may be assembled in any order. Any component Gems of the Rainbow Cube may serve as the outer 'casing' of the assembled item, as all possess the power to change their shape when necessary.

Item Powers:

All seven Rainbow Gems are ingrained with several powers that its wielder cannot access directly, but are inherent to their operation. While a savvy bearer of one or more Rainbow Gems can take advantage of these abilities, they cannot actually use the powers themselves:

* Enhanced Material Value: Rainbow Gems are nigh-unbreakable. They possess a material value of 5000, meaning that even a black hole could not destroy them - though fishing one out of said black hole might be a rather tricky endeavor, indeed.

* Link: the Rainbow Gems, being built to combine their power into the Rainbow Cube proper, work better when more than one is present. When one has two or three Rainbow Gems, the powers it grants work at a +1 RS, while four or more Gems boost their operation by +2 RS.

* Shape Change: the seven Rainbow Gems, when independent of each other or their wielder, keep their basic form. However, when wielded by someone a Rainbow Gem will suffuse its atoms within their body, and when combined into the Rainbow Cube, one can form around all the others.

Rainbow Gem Powers:

Each of the seven Rainbow Gems that are the component pieces of the Rainbow Cube provide their bearer an impressive array of super human powers, most of which are related to - or have the effect of giving off - light in their individual colors. These powers include the following:

* Dimensional Transit: Rainbow Gems allow their possessors to cross from one plane of existence into another. This ability works with rank value 20 power, allowing for a proper exploration of the multiverse as a whole, if desired.

* Energy Cohesion: the Rainbow Gem's wielder can temporarily solidify any of his light emissions, doing so with rank value 50 ability. Items so crafted from a Gem's light have a like m.v., and persist until broken or its wielder returns them to an energy state.

* Environmental Independence: while merged with a Rainbow Gem, its wielder need not want for food, water or even air. They thus possess this power at rank value 3000, meaning that aside from sleep now and then, the Gem's wielder is propped up by its energies indefinitely.

* Flight: while encased in the Rainbow Gem's force field, its wielder can defy the laws of gravity and fly! This flight functions at rank value 30, letting one zip through the air at an impressive 204.55 miles per hour (though he can go slower, if desired).

* Force Field: the wielder of the Rainbow Gem can encase his body in a powerful protective aura at his leisure, comprised of semi-solid light of its own creation. This rank value 50 force field provides him or her protection as follows:

RV 40 / RV 50 / RV 10 / RV 4 / RV 50

* Light Generation: the Rainbow Gems can generate light of a stark hue matching their own. Its wielder can access this rank value 50 power, using it to inflict blinding attacks, craft deluxe holograms, inflict Energy damage, or even emit coherent beams of light (lasers)!

* Resistance to Heat, Cold, Radiation and Pressure Variance: many of the abilities a Rainbow Gem offers its bearer seem to allow for its use out in the depths of space. This one is no exception, offering rank value 100 resistance to these damage forms.

* Super Flight: in addition to the normal power of flight, the Rainbow Gem grants its wielder the ability to move faster than light itself! This power works with rank value 4 ability, granting one the power to cross four light years each turn while in space.

Rainbow Cube Powers:

When combined into the Rainbow Cube, these Gems offer their wielder additional powers, on top of the enhancement to their already impressive power ranks. One of these can be used at any time, while the other is a one-shot deal that removes the Cube from one's possession entirely.

* Causality Control: most dangerously, the Rainbow Cube's combined power allows it to rewire causality itself! Once assembled, its possessor may wield this power in any way he desires, in order to affect any change within the scope of this rank value 100 power.

The problem with this is that this power can only be used once. Once the holder of the Rainbow Cube has made use of its causality control, the Rainbow Cube will immediately make use of its dimensional transit power to transport itself to a new, random plane of existence.

There, it will disassemble itself and split up its component Gems to the best of its ability. It is not known if this is the agency of some internal intelligence driving the Rainbow Cube's power, but it has never been known to communicate with its possessor at all.

* Macro Sense: the Rainbow Cube seems to possess a strange link to the mind of every other sentient being in the multiverse, allowing its bearer to poll them for information on virtually any subject, no matter how obscure. Think of it as a multiversal Wikipedia.

This ability works with rank value 50 might, giving the bearer of the Rainbow Cube great knowledge if he wishes it. The problem is that the Cube generally offers up an overwhelming amount of data regarding the subject its wielder asks of it, making the power dangerous to use.

One can safely use macro sense a number of times per day equal to the number of rank values in their Intellect score. If one uses macro sense more, the Gamemaster may make a secret Intellect ACT for them, the failure of which causes temporary insanity (until they fall unconscious).

Historical Reference:

The origins of the Rainbow Cube, not to mention its component Rainbow Gems, is the subject of much speculation amongst those obsessed with the obscure and bizarre. It is unknown just which entity is responsible for its creation, or even if it spontaneously came into being.

However, the artifact is known to be billions of years old, and may in fact predate the creation of our own universe. It (whether in an assembled or disassembled state) has passed through countless hands over the ages, some who used it for good and some who used it for evil.

Various agencies have attempted to seal it and its dangerous power to control reality away from the multiverse, and have achieved varying levels of success. However, the Cube seems to eventually fall into the hands of someone who covets its power, which causes it to move on anew.

The Rainbow Cube most recently manifested in our universe twenty five years ago, spontaneously appearing here after someone in a higher plane wielded it to resurrect a lost love. It actually showed up in our space-time rather close to earth, in fact.

Which is why, of course, all seven gems apparently rained down in random locations around the planet. Most of the Rainbow Gems are currently unaccounted for. However, the bearers of three of these fragments of the Rainbow Cube have been revealed through their actions.

The first is Jake Smythe, who used his indigo Rainbow Gem as a world-spanning adventurer, at least until it was stolen from him by the evil wizard, Mho. Recently, Jake has managed to reclaim his Gem with the help of the vigilantes known as the Crazy Hate.

The second is Eunice Acers, an elderly woman who narrowly escaped being killed by the red Rainbow Gem as it fell into her retirement home from space. She currently rents it out to a facility on Planet T, who uses it in the manufacture of Rainbow Steel items.

The third Rainbow Gem bearer is Alan Marcos, who was an amateur hero known as the Flash Man until he was crippled in battle. He found the blue Gem on an expedition to Tibet on his search for someone who could heal his many wounds - and subsequently resumed his heroics.

So far, these three individuals have demonstrated no inclination to unite the seven Gems. However, it would appear that none of them are possessed of outright criminal tendencies; should a criminal mind get their hands on a Rainbow Gem, the danger is potentially catastrophic.

Assuming they determine that there are more than one Rainbow Gem, much less what they can do when combined into the Rainbow Cube, such individuals pose an existential threat to the very fabric of the world - if not all of reality - as we know it.

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