the Items of Variant Earth 13

While a large number of the bizarre items one might encounter within Variant Earth 13 are relatively minor, being detailed in full on other character descriptions, some are a bit more extensive. The following is a collection of such items, should you wish to include them in your campaign. Each entry includes a summary of the capabilities of each item, along with notes for incorporating them in one's game.

the Rainbow Cube: this item consists of seven Rainbow Gems of an identical cut, each of which is in one color of the rainbow. They offer their wielder great power individual, but when combined together, they can literally change the universe! Availability:

the Rainbow Cube (MSH Classic)

the Rainbow Cube (4C System)

the Rainbow Cube (Marvel Saga)

the Space Boy: built by Wendell Wherever and Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront, the Space Boy is a quirky vehicle that can traverse space and time. They built several copies of the thing, since the duo leaves them all over the place. Availability:

the Space Boy (MSH Classic)

the Space Boy (4C System)

the Space Boy (Marvel Saga)

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