the Space Boy

Wendell Wherever's pride and joy, he built this vehicle after an extensive study of Charlie Chicanery's hyperspatial powers - though he did so with Little-Spore's aid. This vehicle primarily consists of two comfortable chairs, mounted in series, atop a massive fusion power plant.

The Space Boy has a m.s. of 13, and these vehicular capabilities:

Deflector Screen (i): of Wendell's own design, the Space Boy's deflector screen makes it much harder for incoming attacks to strike it. Any assault originating outside of its environmental pocket suffers a -4 to hit the Space Boy or its intrepid occupants.

Environmental Pocket (s): though it doesn't resemble a conventional spacecraft, the Space Boy can withstand extreme conditions by making a pocket of liveable space around itself. This pocket makes the area around the Space Boy earth-normal - regardless of conditions outside.

This ability functions with intensity 4 ability. Working within near missile distance, it allows the Space Boy's occupants to explore near the craft without environmental suits. This pocket can be maintained for as long as the Space Boy has a working power source.

Flight (a): mimicking Charlie Chicanery's flight ability, the Space Boy can defy gravity by shunting its mass into hyperspace. Within an atmosphere, the Space Boy can fly at intensity 8 speeds, or 450 miles per hour, without overcoming the protection of its environmental pocket.

Super Flight (a): outside an atmosphere, the Space Boy can really open up. It can engage in faster than light movement with intensity 2 capability, which adds up to 21,024,000 times light speed. This is not enough to cross the cosmos in a flash, but is still insanely quick.

Tachyon Blasters (i): these weapons fire tachyons, faster than light particles. One cannon is mounted on each side of the Space Boy, facing forward. They inflict intensity 12 energy damage per blast, doing so with a +10 initiative modifier, and inflict +1 if both hit at once.

Time Travel (i): another ability the Space Boy gained thanks to Charlie Chicanery is it power to traverse time. This was gained after Wendell analyzed a time travel device that Charlie's counterpart, the Aggravant, secured on one of his bizarre misadventures - and quickly duplicated.

Functioning at intensity 15 ability, this trick lets the Space Boy traverse time within an astounding range with each hop. Furthermore, the curious nature of the Aggravant's device makes those within the Space Boy's environmental pocket resistant to time control at a like intensity.

Historical Reference:

Though it resembles a steampunk pool float more than a spacecraft, the Space Boy was built by Wendell Wherever to let him access the farthest reaches of creation. Once he'd perfected the Space Boy, Wendell even made a spare - for his friend Little-Spore, in case he died or something.

This has proven to be a boon, for on occasion Wendell and Little-Spore die horribly in their explorations, and they have to use the spare to pick up the original. Or make another. Which means it's often possible to find an unattended Space Boy anywhere in space or time, waiting to be stolen.

Though, of course, its owners just might come looking for it...

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