Modron, Rogue

Base Cost: 29 points

Ty 6
Ty 6
Ty 6
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ty 6
Ty 6



Like all modrons, the rogues of Mechanus are inherently alien beings, their extraplanar physiologies being a bizarre blend of flesh and gears, and this - combined with their inherent magical nature - is the source of their physical and metaphysical abilities. Of course, while chaotic by modron standards, all rogues are nonetheless quite orderly, and may readily pursue many paths of power.

Known Powers:

Agelessness: like all modrons, the rogues of Mechanus do not have an extended lifespan so much as a total lack of an aging process altogether. In fact, if not slain by accident or design, a rogue modron may effectively live forever, continuing its quest for identity until the end of time. Few manage to last that long, however, for their curiosity usually does them in before too long.

Body Armor: both organic and inorganic in nature, all modrons - even the rogues - have some manner of resistance to damage. Rogue modrons benefit from Typical (6) protection from physical attacks, and Feeble (2) protection from assaults of an energy-based nature, but lack protection versus magic, psionic, or deionic assault entirely.

Resistance to Acid, Cold, and Emotion Control, Fire Attacks, Illusion, Mind Control, Paralysis / Sleep Effects, and Vampiric Attacks: though not as immune to these attack forms as are regular modrons, rogues do possess Excellent (20) protection from assaults utilizing these effects, which helps them greatly on their personal quests for identity.

Wings: rogue modrons are equipped with two metallic wing things that sprout out the back of their cubical bodies, allowing them to take to the air if the situation requires them to do so. These curious appendages allow them to flutter through the sky at Feeble (2) rank, which translates into approximately thirty miles per hour. It's not very quick, to be sure, but it works - especially when you consider how heavy they are!

Limitations / Enhancements:





Fighting Logistics: rogues, like all conventional modrons, wield naturally organized minds. They can apply their inherent analytical tendencies to combat applications, sizing up a foe rather quickly. This allows them to add a +1 CS to all Fighting FEAT rolls made against a foe after 1d10 rounds (not turns), a bonus that lasts until said opponent radically changes his, her, or its fighting style.


Law: despite their being branded rogues, these independent modrons retain their inherent understanding of orderly systems. In fact, as soon as they move into an area, rogues will comprehend its entire legal system within 1d10 days, helping them to assimilate the nature of their new society with ease. All law-based Reason FEATs are made by rogue modrons at +1 CS.


Though exceptionally ordered and regulated beings, rogue modrons are those that have somehow acquired a sense of individuality, and wish to express this spark of uniqueness to its fullest extent. This often leads to all kind of troubles as the rogue tries to fit in to whatever world it adopts as its home, and can even be tainted with good, evil, or balanced ideas.

Through it all, rogues nonetheless maintain their overwhelming streak of order, and often have trouble adjusting to chaotic situations. Furthermore, they are often rather intransigent once they decide on a course of action, as they are rarely distracted or sidetracked, so it may take one heck of an argument to dissuade a busy rogue.


When they first go rogue, modrons retain their original shape, whatever type of modron they may be. Eventually, however, they adopt a form similar to the two-armed quadrone, being six foot tall, most of which is a cube three foot to a side. Though they have functional quadrone wings, rogues lack the sensory organs on all six sides of their bodies.

Ecological Niche:

In Mechanus, rogues are anathema, captured and destroyed lest they spread the deadly plague of chaos. While they resemble other modrons visually (especially at first), modrons of higher rank can spot a rogue on sight, and react accordingly. As such, most rogues flee Mechanus for the multiverse at large as soon as they are discovered.

Once they adopt a new home, rogues tend to break down the order of their world to better understand it. This often leads to their making all manner of confusing, inconsequential connections about cause and effect. Just because it makes no sense doesn't mean that it isn't orderly. They eventually grow out of most such assumptions, however.

While modrons in general may not be appropriate for player characters, as their fanatic obsession with law and order severely limits role-playing opportunities, rogue modrons are perfect for such a choice. They are orderly, but not so orderly as to hamper the creation of a unique, if quirky, personality for a player to utilize in a campaign.

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