the Razorback

Another ground assault vehicle of Destro's design, the Razorback is a highly maneuverable ride. Considerably faster than its counterpart, the DEMON, Razorbacks allows their Iron Grenadier operators to more effectively combat other enemy vehicles or structures.

While it generally keeps a low profile on its eight quad-traction, all-terrain wheels, the Razorback can hydraulically compress itself when needed to easily attain the high ground in a firefight! The Razorback is known to have these potent vehicular characteristics:

205mm Cannon (a): its primary weapon, the Razorback's twinned, dual-pulsating, anti-armor and -personnel cannon can fire shells that can devastate foes of the Iron Grenadiers. Each dual burst from this weapon can inflict one's Agility +9 in damage per deadly assault.

Body Armor (s): though not armored any better than the rest of the Razorback, its personnel compartments all feature considerable defense against enemy assault. Having shatter-proof, steel- and titanium-lined canopies, its occupants thus benefit from intensity 12, or +3, body armor.

Communications Suite (i): to facilitate information exchange, Destro's Razorbacks feature top-of-the-line communications gear. It functions with intensity 6 ability, having a fifty mile maximum range, and features signal encryption of intensity 10 complexity.

Elongation (a): an ability in reverse, the Razorback can compress itself from its base configuration using powerful hydrualics, elevating its 205mm cannon far above the vehicle's center of gravity. This intensity 2 ability easily lets it attain the high ground in a firefight.

Personnel Platforms: in addition to its two-person cockpit and its overhead gun dome, the Razorback has personnel platforms on the rear of the vehicle. These can hold four Iron Grenadiers safely, though more in a pinch if its storage/engine compartment is opened up.

Propulsion (a): one of the Razorback's design features is speed. Gliding forward on eight wide wheels, the Razorback can achieve speeds of up to ninety miles per hour assuming terrain that isn't overly treacherous, giving it this ability at intensity 3.

QVX-902 Short-Blast Missiles (i): each Razorback is fitted with eight of these surface-to-surface projectiles, four mounted per launcher on each of its hydraulic arms. They inflict intensity 10 damage each, raised by +1 for each additional missile that hits simultaneously.

Radar Array (w): this cab-mounted interdiction bar can be elevated at will to provide the Razorback with intensity 5 radar capabilities. This helps its Iron Grenadier operators to keep tabs on both friends and foes within its line-of-sight, within a maximum range of 25 miles.

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