Evan Reinger (deceased)

Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
In 40
Ty -5



Evan Reinger is a normal human, in that he lacks super-human powers of any variety. However, the man is exceptional in that he possesses absolutely no morals whatsoever, and apparently has a fair modicum of military (or paramilitary) training of some sort.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Machine Gun: Evan's personal weapon can be fired to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage in a short burst, raised to Excellent (20) when fired full auto. Furthermore, it has a silencer attached, which reduces the intensity of its sonic output to Feeble (2).

Sidearm: as a backup for his main piece, Evan also carries a standard sidearm. He can fire this lesser weapon to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, raised to Good (10) Shooting damage when firing a short burst of ammunition.




Aerial Combat: in addition to being able to fly an aircraft, Evan knows how to fight behind the stick of one, as well. Whenever he's engaged in combat above the ground, Evan should add a +1 CS to applicable FEAT rolls, whether offensive or defensive in nature.

Guns: while a competent fighter pilot, Evan knows how to wield most modern firearms as well. Whenever he's firing a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Evan may add a +1 CS to Shooting attacks attempted while doing so.

Martial Arts type B: Evan is well-versed in self-defense techniques; the military that spawned him definitely made sure of that. The man can attempt any unarmed melee attacks, whether punching, kicking, or simply stomping on a body, as if his Fighting was +1 CS in rank.

Military: Evan seemed to be the product of some government program, in that he had rather advanced skills to back his atrocious actions up. He seems to know how to function effectively in a fighting unit, though so far he's only been shown leading such groups.

Piloting: an important piece of Evan's background is his ability to fly even the most advanced of aircraft. He can operate most fixed-wing aircraft with ease, doing so as if his Agility was +1 CS higher than is listed above, even when flying experimental prototypes!


Evan Reinger had a large group of men at his beck and call, presumably to perform his nefarious bidding. It is not known who he works for, assuming he's not a freelance troublemaker, but considering his fashion sense he could well be an associate of the diabolical Club.


Evan dresses big - why not, when you don't care anything about others? He goes into battle wearing a black sweater, brown trousers, black leather shoes, brown leather gloves, and on top of all this, a large, purple trench coat to hide his firearms - and just because.


Evan is an amoral sociopath. He's willing to do literally anything asked of him, as long as he gets what he wants in return. And usually what he wants is a whole lot of money in hand. He's quite verbose, and seems to think of himself as something of a criminal mastermind.

Real Name: Evan Reinger
Occupation: mercenary, pilot
Legal Status: citizen of unknown nationality with a considerable criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: unrevealed

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Very little is known about the history of Evan Reinger. The man has demonstrated abilities that coincide with advanced military training, as he has the discipline and skill to pull off a successful assault on a top secret Air Force facility on US soil.

And he did just that, when unknown parties hired him to steal an experimental aircraft, the F-19a Quicksilver fighter / bomber. Assembling a large quantity of goons, he planned out and executed a strike on the facility that left it vulnerable to his actions.

When the pilot who was testing out the Quicksilver at the time landed, Reinger and his goons killed him and took the vehicle for their mysterious masters. Once his men had cleared the area, Reinger leveled the entire base with the Quicksilver's armed payloads, and took off.

He was expecting pursuit of some sort, but couldn't believe his eyes when a flying red robot lobbed itself at him! Sparring with it for a bit, Evan tried to shake his inexplicable pursuer off his tail, and almost succeeded thanks to some technical difficulties it was having.

When this failed, he decided to annihilate the strange thing with some of the Quicksilver's missiles, but thanks to its operator's training in 3-D aerial combat, she was able to lure the projectiles back at their source, and they hit the Quicksilver instead.

Though Evan almost escaped the United States in the Quicksilver, it was inadvertently destroyed in mid-air by his own hand. As was he.

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