Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Gd 10
Rm 30
Ex 20
Ex 20
Sh 0



Rook, a member of the GI Joe's reserve Steel Brigade unit, lacks exceptional powers. Though he excels in his field and possesses multiple useful skills, this member of the Steel Brigade is but a normal human, no matter how much he may seem larger than life.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Grenades: Steel Brigadiers usually go into combat with at least one grenade handy. They can fling these explosive devices to inflict Remarkable (30) Edged Attack damage to all targets within a given area that are not currently under cover.

Helmet: all members of the Steel Brigade wear a particularly distinctive chrome helmet, which include a mirrored visor (for Good (10) Screened Senses / Sight). This headgear offers Steel Brigade troopers a like amount of protection to physical attacks striking their heads.

Knife: a vital tool for any armed representative of the government, Rook carries one of these at all times. Made from Incredible (40) m.s. materials, this blade can be used to cut through items of up to like m.s., given enough time, or to inflict Edged Attack damage in melee.

M-16 Machine Gun: Rook's primary combat implement, he can discharge one round with this heavy weapon to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, a short burst of such to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage, or fire it continuously to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage.

Shotgun: eschewing a sidearm as a backup piece, Rook can fire birdshot from this alternate weapon to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage in a sixty-degree arc, buckshot to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage to adjacent foes, or slugs to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage to one foe.




Guns: as a member of GI Joe's Steel Brigade, Rook has learned how to use guns quite well. Whether he's handling a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Rook may do so as though his Agility was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Languages: Rook is a veritable linguistic master. He has the ability to read, write, and speak in fourteen distinct languages, though none besides English have been identified. Feel free to choose any from the primary adversary list, in addition to those that are convenient.

Martial Arts type B: Rook is well-versed in urban combat, and can easily fight the forces of darkness without a weapon when necessary. While attempting unarmed melee strikes (punches, kicks, etc.), Rook may do so at if his Fighting score was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Military / United States: the source of all his skills, Rook has this talent as a general matter of course. As you may have guessed, he has an instinctual understanding of the SOP, and can seamlessly blend into, and function within, a military group of men and women.

Psychology: Rook is an expert in behavioral analysis, and can tell if a person is telling the truth or not just by watching the subtle 'tells' they give off in a conversation. His Reason in psychological matters (for lie detection or anything else) is +1 CS in rank.


Rook has contacts in the form of his fellow Steel Brigade operatives, and as a result, the GI Joe team overall. In particular, he can rely upon Red Zone, a fellow Steel Brigade member, as the two have worked together on numerous operations for the Joe team.


Rook's uniform is a variation on the standard Steel Brigade suit. It includes a grass green vest over a blue T-shirt, tan trousers, black leather boots, a black wrist watch, green knee pads, a black leather belt, a green (left) shoulder pad, and a chrome and green helmet with a black visor.


Andy has a keen and analytical mind, which you sort of expect from someone in his line of work. The problem is that he doesn't know how to turn his skills off, and finds himself using them on allies as well as enemies... which tends to make his fellow Joes uneasy around him.

Real Name: Andy Lombardi, Grade E-4
Occupation: interpreter, behavioral analyst
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, the Steel Brigade (GI Joe reserve unit)

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: light brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Rook has worked all over the planet in his job as an interpreter; being a master of fourteen distinct languages makes you in high demand by a military with bases scattered throughout the world. Of course, his uncanny linguistic skills aren't what they really like about him.

No, Rook is also an expert behavioral analyst, knowing just about everything there is to know in this area of expertise. He practices his skills constantly, often on his fellow soldiers, if only to keep himself at the top of his game. This is because he deals with bad people regularly.

The man has been working with intelligence operatives for a long time, digging up dirt on America's enemies and getting it to them in time to do something about it. Which is why General Hawk felt the need to recruit Rook onto the exclusive GI Joe team.

He wasn't impressed that the man knew fourteen languages, or that he was good at seeing what made people ticked. It was that he could read a person's behavior in the dark, under combat conditions, and determine whether or not they were telling the truth - that's talent.

So Rook was brought into the fold. He managed to get through the GI Joe entrance exam easily enough, and was put into the Joe team's reserve unit, the Steel Brigade. He is pulled from his 'regular' duty to help out on special Joe missions that could use his particular skills.

One particular Joe he's worked with a bunch is Red Zone. Another Steel Brigadier, Red Zone has engaged the enemy with Rook on several occasions, and the two work together well. In fact, they're often pulled into regular Joe missions because their skills are so complementary!

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