the Steel Brigade

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Checkpoint: a former college wrestler and all-around big guy, Jared became a member of the military police upon leaving school, eventually rising to a position on the Steel Brigade, the GI Joe reserve unit. Of course, for some reason he hasn't been able to move on to the team full-time... Checkpoint comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Red Zone: ultimately booted out of the F.B.I. because he was too rough on criminals and their precious property, Luke was recruited onto the GI Joe team who saw that 'liability' as an asset. He now helps them out as a member of their reserve unit, the legendary Steel Brigade! Red Zone comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Rook: an expert behavioral analyst and master of no less than fourteen distinct languages, Andy was inducted into the GI Joe team since those guys are always fighting the world's worst terrorists. His skills unfailingly help them to dig up dirt on upcoming terrorist activity before it's too late! Rook comes in Classic and Saga styles!


the Steel Brigade: GI Joe excels in all areas, but sometimes it comes in handy to work with someone having more localized knowledge. When they need such a specialist, they call the Steel Brigade, their reservists and regional contacts around the world! Availability:

the Steel Brigade (MSH Classic)

the Steel Brigade (4C System)

the Steel Brigade (Marvel Saga)


the Steel Brigade Ghost Hawk: handy when standard air support and cover simply isn't practical and/or possible, the Ghost Hawk is a small, lightweight vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that can easily help the Joes attain air superiority! Availability:

the Ghost Hawk (MSH Classic)

the Ghost Hawk (4C System)

the Ghost Hawk (Marvel Saga)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 6: this off-road, khaki colored combat vehicle is a complete redesign of the original, taking into account all the best additions to its line over the year - and, of course, a few extra goodies for good measure! Availability:

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 6 (MSH Classic)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 6 (4C System)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 6 (Marvel Saga)

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