Steel Brigade Commanders

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Hand Size:
2 (10)

Note: these are 'basic' ability codes that all Steel Brigade members will have, basically as a function of their enrollment in the United States military - no matter what branch they happen to be in. With their additional skill added, one of these will improve by one.


While they may seem as though they have the abilities of several individuals at once, the Steel Brigade's Commanders are but normal humans. They only have their skills, equipment, and overwhelming drive with which to help the GI Joe team combat costumed villainy!



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Grenade (i): Steel Brigadiers usually go into combat with at least one grenade handy. Their Commanders can fling these explosive devices to inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage to all targets within near missile distance of wherever they detonate.

Helmet (s): their signature equipment, the helmets of Steel Brigade Commanders are as powerful as they are bizarre. As big bronze cans, they provide their wearers intensity 8, or +2, protection against physical attacks striking them anywhere in the head. But that's not all!

The Brigadier Commander helmets also provide their wearer both infravision and ultravision at intensity 6, along with an oxygen breather, and a close-range (intensity 1) communications network which lets the current Steel Brigade Commander issue commands to their subordinates.

Knife (s): a vital tool for armed representatives of the government, all Steel Brigadiers carry one of these. Made from m.s. 13 materials, this blade can either be used to cut through items of up to m.s. in time, or to inflict +2 slashing damage in melee.

Machine Gun (a): the Steel Brigade Commander's primary weapon, it can discharge one round to inflict their Agility +4 in damage, a short burst of such to inflict their Agility +5 in damage, or be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +6 in damage.

Sidearm (a): Steel Brigade Commanders all carry a backup weapon on a hip holster. They may either discharge one round from this weapon to inflict their Agility +4 in damage, or a three-round burst of lead to inflict their Agility +5 in damage.


Bonus Skill: in addition to the below, 'standard' talents, all Steel Brigade Commanders also possess one additional skill of merit. This can be anything from Ranger training (survival) to flight school (piloting) to heavy weapons (marksman), depending on their background.

Boxing (s): the Steel Brigade is big on self-defense, and can easily fight the forces of darkness without a weapon when necessary. Brigadiers may divide their pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks, the second of which may be attempted as a contingent action.

Guns (a): all Steel Brigadiers are trained in the use of most modern firearms. Whether they're handling a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Steel Brigade operatives may do so at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.

Leadership (w): one reason a given Steel Brigadier is elevated to its Commander is invariably his or her leadership capabilities. Those Brigadiers who are following the Commander's directives on a mission may add a +1 to related actions while doing so.

Military / United States (w): the source of all their talents, the Steel Brigade in their entirety have this skill as a general matter of course. They are well-versed in the SOP, and can seamlessly blend into, and function within, a military group of men and women.


While even Commanders of the Steel Brigade are only part-timers, those members who earn this rank have the respect of the entire GI Joe team. They keep the Brigade running smooth, after all, which is a heroic endeavor considering the layers of secrecy surrounding the Joes.


Soldier: while the various members of the Steel Brigade are allowed other callings of course, this one represents the vast majority of their number. It shows their desire to protect their country from its enemies, their willingness to work with others, and ability to follow orders.


Steel Brigade Commanders wear a uniform distinct from their subordinates. It is comprised of a leather jacket adorned with brass buttons, gray camouflage trousers, black leather boots, gloves, holsters, pouches, and belts, and a distinctively intimidating brass helmet.


People who can effectively maintain a clandestine organization utilizing conventional soldiers for unconventional missions on a part-time basis are in incredibly short supply. Those who have proven themselves to be leaders in the field as well are even harder to come by.

Those Steel Brigade members who demonstrate such capabilities are often eligible to become Commanders in the organization. They perform the job of temporarily liberating soldiers from their usual posts to perform odd jobs related to GI Joe's many enemies, both foreign and domestic.

At the same time, they get their marching orders directly from Hawk, letting them know what needs done, and often by whom. These jobs are usually a direct prelude to action by GI Joe against costumed criminals, international terrorists, and just about everything in-between.

There is usually only one Commander of the Steel Brigade at a given moment in time, but there are usually several Brigadiers ready to pick up the slack should a Commander retire, whether voluntarily or otherwise. Their dangerous field work invariably increases Command turnover.

2014 Variations


Compound Z Antigen Launcher (s): firing an experimental counteragent to Cobra's Compound Z, this Eco-Warrior weapon is built to reverse the process that creates Cobra's zombies. It works with intensity 12 effectiveness against the insidious substance that is Compound Z.

Shotgun (a): in case their experimental antigen fails, Commanders can fire birdshot with this weapon to inflict their Agility +4 in damage in a sixty degree arc, buckshot to inflict their Agility +5 in damage to adjacent foes, or slugs to inflict their Agility +6 in damage.


The second Steel Brigade Commander uniform is distinct from the first. It consists of a Navy blue jacket and trousers, black leather boots, gloves, sheathes, holsters, pouches, and bandoilers, a black ascot, a green vest and web gear, a bronze belt, and a bronzed Steel Brigade helmet.

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