RV 100
RV 20
RV 20
RV 30
RV 50
RV 50
RV 10
RV 6
RV -10 *


* Amongst humans, at least. RV +40 to fellow Decepticons, RV -40 where Autobots are concerned.


As are the vast, vast majority of Transformers, Ravage is a mechanoid entity originally hailing from Cybertron. This dread stalker of the night has a number of special abilities derived from his origins on that strange world that can only be considered super-human in nature.

Known Powers:

Cybertronian Physique: a world that is an unknown and variable distance from our own, Cybertron is the home of inorganic, mechanoid life forms. Chief amongst these are the Transformers, of which Ravage is but one, all of which have these (or related) abilities:

* Body Armor: formed or forged from mainly metallic substances, Ravage is somewhat durable. His sturdy, inorganic composition affords Ravage rank value 6 protection from attack, enough to help him ignore many human assaults. Ravage's armor breaks down like so:

RV 6 / RV 2 / RV 0 / RV 0 / RV 0

Shrinking: when in his jaguar mode, Ravage is approximately the size of a human being, and as such he operates under no special bonuses or penalties when engaging in entities of like volume. However, his alternate mode is that of a micro-cassette, which is quite small.

Though he can transform without shrinking, often when entering or exiting Soundwave, Ravage's alternate mode makes his sabotage efforts quite easy when his targets can barely see him. His rank value 30 shrinking lets Ravage compress down to only one inch in length.

* Microscopic / Telescopic Vision: like most Transformers, Ravage has the power to alter his visual acuity. Both of these powers operate at rank value 2, letting Ravage read microfiche with ease, or readily discern targets up to a mile away from his person.

* Radio Transceiver: in the event that he must communicate with Soundwave or any other Decepticons at a distance, Ravage is equipped with a radio frequency transceiver. This device functions with rank value 20 ability, giving Ravage an overall 100 mile radio range.

* Resistance / Invulnerability to Disease and Poison: Ravage is a robotic life form. Thus, he is completely immune to disease and poisons that would fell a carbon-based entity. Rather hardy, Ravage also possesses rank value 100 resistance to other forms of plague and toxins.

Blending: whenever he stands in shadow, or even just dimmed light, Ravage has the ability to seamlessly blend into his environment. This rank value 100 power makes him almost impossible to spot visually - unless a bright light is shined directly upon him.

Eidetic Memory: since his alternate mode is literally a storage medium, Ravage can readily make use of this ability. Functioning at rank value 100, Ravage's eidetic memory allows him to recall almost anything he's recorded over the course of his lifetime.

Fangs: aside from his optional rockets, Ravage's sole weaponry is that inherent to his jaguar form - namely, his fangs. He can use these sharp implements to inflict Slashing damage in melee combat, which is quite effective against Autobots near his size.

Inaudibility: on top of his ability to blend into darkened areas, Ravage can move completely silently when he wishes. He can mask his audio output with rank value 100 ability, making it hard for even foes with super-human hearing to get a bead on him with such senses.

Infravision: supplementing his incredible senses of hearing and smell, Ravage has the ability to peer into the infrared spectrum of light. He can see all bands of light within this portion of the spectrum, being able to perceive heat differentials with rank value 100 skill.

Invisibility: a variant on the standard variety of this power, Ravage does not turn invisible to conventional light - even if he does blend, per the above. No, this power cloaks Ravage's electromagnetic emissions, doing so with an impressive rank value 100 ability.

Radivision: not only can Ravage perceive conventional, infrared, and ultraviolet light, but his optics can also register just about any other photonic wavelength. He may discern radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays, and even high energy atomic particles with rank value 100 skill.

Super Senses: Ravage can see just about any form of light in existence, but that's not what makes him a skilled tracker. No, his astounding senses of hearing and smell are what lets him follow a foe just about anywhere in the universe, as these senses function at rank value 100.

Shape Change: though it's easy to forget, Ravage isn't just a deadly tracker and saboteur. He can also assume the form of a micro-cassette, whether to be stored within Soundwave or to almost imperceptibly record audio and video for the Decepticons.

Ultravision: in the event that a foe somehow masks his heat signature and visible light profile from him, Ravage can instead attempt to perceive them by their ultraviolet light emissions - which also helps him to see in the dark. This is a rank value 100 sense.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Weakness / Bright Light: almost fittingly, Ravage is extremely sensitive to bright light. Whenever exposed to light of rank value 10 or greater in intensity, all of his powers will fail him, and his traits are reduced to rank value 2 - until he can get away from it, at least.


Proton Bombs: these low-radiation, hip-mounted nuclear projectiles can explode to inflict rank value 40 SD Energy damage, the lingering radiation only being immediately harmful for a few additional turns. They are mainly intended to be launched, and have a one mile range.

However, Ravage can simply leave them at a location, and program them to detonate after a predetermined length of time. Furthermore, if he needs a bit more oomph, Ravage can wield both of his bombs, either when launched or on a delay, to inflict +1 RS damage.


Loner: Ravage tends to holds his fellow Decepticons at arm's length, so to speak, but they don't mind since he usually produces results. He usually avoids large crowds if possible, and must pass a Willpower ACT at -2 RS to tolerate one for any length of time.


Demolitions: while it appears that Ravage was built to be the ultimate tracker, his true purpose is that of a saboteur - and he takes this job very, very seriously. He should receive a +1 RS on any efforts to dismantle a structure - or possibly even very large Autobots.

Tracking: though he does have the benefit of numerous super-human sensory capabilities, Ravage is well-versed in the tracking of his prey even without such conveniences. He should receive a +1 RS on any ACT roll required when running his foes down.


Ravage is one of Megatron's most dependable Decepticons, not to mention one of his most loyal followers, so naturally he can rely upon the faction as a whole for help should he need it. After all, Ravage tends to produce results, and his fellows definitely appreciate that.


Ravage is most often seen in his conventional, jaguar form, a sleek, primarily black quadrupedal robot, with the smallest hints of silver trim here and there. When collecting data or being stored within Soundwave, however, he is a small black micro-cassette.


Ravage is a true rarity, in that he's absolutely loyal to the Decepticon cause and, by extension, its leader. Believing Megatron to be the embodiment of the Decepticons' philosophy, Ravage would readily follow him anywhere, and will happily execute any order Megatron gives him.

At the same time, Ravage is something of a loner. He tends to keep to himself, often for long periods of time, during which he is often plotting and scheming new means of destroying Autobots - either one at a time or altogether. And many of his plans are quite successful.

This is why his fellow Decepticons don't seem to mind his extended absences or his cool, aloof nature. Even if he were just goofing off most of the time, it's hard to argue with the results Ravage produces when he does get busy, so they generally appreciate having him on the team.

Even if he creeps them out now and then.

Real Name: Ravage
Occupation: saboteur
Legal Status: citizen of Cybertron wanted both there and on earth for any number of heinous crimes
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Decepticons

Height: 6'
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: red or gold, depending
Weight: several hundred pounds
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: regardless of the form he currently possesses, Ravage appears to be built from a strong alien metal that is primarily black in hue, with bits of chrome and silver trim here or there.

Extra Goodies:

Ravage 4C System: Ravage 13 Text File Download

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