Ritter (deceased)


Hand Size:
3 (17)


As one may expect from an ordinary, if somewhat notorious mercenary shop, Mark Hazzard's fighting men and women are all normal humans, at least where paranormal powers are concerned. However, Ritter has years of military training backing him up, not to mention his extensive experience as a pilot, on both combat and civilian missions, which makes him an invaluable fellow to have on hand.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Aircraft (i): as a pilot, Ritter himself can fly almost any aircraft out there, even if it might occasionally take him a bit to figure out all the controls. Though his air vehicles are most often provided by prospective employers, Ritter himself is known to own at least one helicopter and one airplane. There's nothing special about these vehicles; simply use standard descriptions of them to 'fill in the blanks'.

Pistol (a): Ritter isn't primarily a ground combatant, and doesn't carry the large array of weaponry that most mercenaries do as a result. However, one never knows when he's going to get knocked out of his fighter plane or attack 'copter, so Ritter carries at least one semi-automatic pistol on him at all times. He can use it as a +4 weapon when firing a single shot, +5 when using a semi-auto burst.


Guns (a): his primary self-defense skill, Ritter has been trained in the use of guns - all kinds of guns. When wielding any standard, semi-automatic, fully automatic, or even ultra-heavy, vehicle mounted man-shredders, Ritter can fire them at one difficulty level lower than is usually required. Combined with his piloting skill, this makes him exceptionally useful as a hired gun.

Martial Arts (a): one part of his military training involved Ritter learning how to defend himself in a pinch, should he find himself completely unarmed and without support of any type. Thanks to this skill, Ritter may use his Agility instead of Intellect when determining initiative, and may reduce the difficulty of actions intended to strike in unarmed melee, dodge attacks, or catch thrown weapons.

Military / United States (w): the origin of all his other skills, Ritter is a known Air Force man; at least he was, before he mustered out. At any rate, thanks to his time with the military, the man understands military protocols like the back of his hand, and can easily interpret orders from and give orders to soldiers, should he find himself in the company of an enlisted group of trained and armed combatants.

Piloting (a): his claim to fame and primary bread-winner, this skill demonstrates Ritter's mastery of the operation of flying vehicles. When operating any helicopter, air plane, or even a GEV, the man makes any control-based actions at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary. Of course, if seated in an air vehicle he's never operated before, he may have to take some time to get familiar with the controls.


Thanks to aid given down in a certain, unnamed Central American country, Ritter can definitely depend on help from more than a few revolutionaries should he find his way down there in the future. Of course, belonging to Mark Hazzard's circle of head-stompin' mercenary pals, he can also get help from these thugs most of the time, as Mark and company are usually stand-up guys (and gals).


Gloryhound, with a secondary calling of Thrill-Seeker: Ritter prides himself on being an accomplished pilot, and loves to tell everybody that he is one every chance he gets. Furthermore, he likes to show off his talents while on the job, often making dramatic entrances or rescues with his aircraft, and usually doing tricky maneuvers that, while completely useless, are rather impressive to onlookers.


Being a pilot, Ritter usually dresses like one while on the job. If in a fighter plane or helicopter, Ritter tends to wear an Army green jumpsuit, along with green gloves, a green flight helmet, black boots, and a black belt. If flying an unarmed plane, though, he'll simply wear his civvies, along with a brown cap, a black leather jacket, and most likely, a pair of black Army boots.


Ritter's quite a character. For the most part, he mostly thinks about the bottom dollar when doing anything, as that's what helps him to maintain the rather extravagant lifestyle that he's chosen for himself. He's also something of a showoff, and if anybody tries to call him on a boast he's made about his capabilities, he'll do just about anything he can to live up to his own hype.

Real Name: Ritter (first name and rank unrevealed)
Occupation: mercenary, pilot, possible businessman
Legal Status: American citizen with a likely criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: occasional pilot for Mark Hazzard's merc shop

Height: 6'
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 165 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Ritter sometimes wears a pencil moustache.


While he was in the Air Force, Ritter was something of a fighter pilot, though the exact nature of his missions have yet to be revealed. Eventually, however, the man mustered out of the military, and went into business for himself as a pilot - combat or otherwise. Over the next couple of years, Ritter managed to make quite a bit of coin for his troubles, and easily settled into the high life.

An old pal of Mark Hazzard's, Ritter wound up being called upon by the man after he had a falling out with his usual air support, Louis 'Treetop' Barrington. It seemed that Mark needed his help as a combat pilot, though the job he was putting together didn't pay anything; it was a favor to some folks he'd just done a job for weeks before. Lacking incentive, however, Ritter refused.

This changed, though, when the man who contacted Hazzard about the job gave Ritter the motivation he needed. You see, Hazzard's employer couldn't come up with raw funds, but he did have plenty of goods, such as a fully armed A-10 aircraft which Ritter had always wanted to fly, but had never gotten the chance to while he was signed up with the military. Naturally, he simply couldn't resist.

As such, when things went sour down in Central America for Hazzard and the rest of his crew, Ritter showed up at the last minute, using his vastly superior air power to vanquish the thugs menacing his fellows - and how! Though Hazzard was mad about the timing, as an earlier arrival could've saved some of his men's lives, Ritter simply explained that the only reason he was there was to fly that A-10.

Months later, Ritter wound up working with Hazzard again, when the two were hired by Lincoln Griffin to help run some much-needed arms through to some Mujahedin rebels in Afghanistan. Essentially, though he didn't know it at the time, Ritter and Hazzard were to be the decoys, flying a plane in an easterly direction towards Afghanistan, while the real arms went with Lincoln and Mal through India.

The problem with this was that someone was out to get Hazzard, and somehow found out that he was going to be over Iran in the next few days. As such, Hazzard and Ritter were easily captured, and then beaten for information about the arms they were supposed to be carrying; the crates they had, which were labeled 'farm implements', actually only held farm implements!

When the Iranians threatened to kill Ritter, Hazzard admitted that they were merely decoys, and that the real arms would be in Afghanistan by now, fully out of reach. Enraged, the murderous military men then struck out at the two mercenaries, and since each of them were tied up execution-style to a wooden pole, they shot poor Ritter outright, killing him virtually instantaneously.

Of course, Mark and his buddies eventually avenged poor Ritter, but that's not the point.

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