Mark Hazzard is a former West Point student and ground-pounder in several Vietnam tours. He's a master tactician and combatant, knowing the theory behind modern combat as well as wielding the practical experience to put it to use. He uses his skills as a mercenary, a gun for hire, but has something of a conscience and does not work for just any client - though sometimes his allies force the issue.

This has led to him having a falling out with some of his closest friends, though it has also cemented his reputation as a man of honor in the mercenary world, a trait that has gotten him a lot of curious work despite having been branded a contract breaker. Nonetheless, Mark and his allies continue to fight the good fight, doing so for fun and profit. They are the following men and women of action:

Mark Hazzard: a freelance mercenary, Mark Hazzard is a West Point student with years of combat experience, from his time in Vietnam to his stint as the leader of his own shop. Highly principled, he's made many, many enemies over the years. Availability:

Mark Hazzard (MSH Classic)

Mark Hazzard (4C System)

Mark Hazzard (Marvel Saga)

Mark's Shop:

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington: this somewhat shady man was a Huey pilot doing covert op troop insertions / extractions during Vietnam, but resorted to taking any job from the highest bidder afterwards - until Mark Hazzard helped him to see the light. Availability:

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington (MSH Classic)

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington (4C System)

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington (Marvel Saga)

Doc: a South Vietnamese army field medic, the Doc doubled as gun-toting infantry woman, one who fought tooth and nail to save her patients. After her nation was defeated, she took up mercenary work in order to protect others from her country's fate. Availability:

the Doc (MSH Classic)

the Doc (4C System)

the Doc (Marvel Saga)

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin: a former Navy SEAL, Lincoln performed dirty tricks and shadow ops for the 'puzzle palace' during the Vietnam War. Using his skills as a professional mercenary afterwards, he fought wars world-wide for the highest bidder. Availability:

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin (MSH Classic)

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin (4C System)

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin (Marvel Saga)

Sgt. Major Peel: a soldier who found himself in mercenary work after the Vietnam War, the Sergeant Major was approached by Mark Hazzard, who hired him to help teach local insurgents to fight against the evil regimes that they lived under. Availability:

Sgt. Major Peel (MSH Classic)

Sgt. Major Peel (4C System)

Sgt. Major Peel (Marvel Saga)

Priestess: a runaway saved from a life of debauchery by Mark Hazzard when she was fourteen, the girl that became the Priestess developed into first a martial artist, and later a martial arts instructor, that often helped her savior out. Availability:

Priestess (MSH Classic)

Priestess (4C System)

Priestess (Marvel Saga)

Ritter: his time in the Air Force having left him well-versed in aerial combat, Ritter decided to use that experience for personal gain after leaving the service. A highly paid mercenary pilot, Ritter could readily pick and choose his clients. Availability:

Ritter (MSH Classic)

Ritter (4C System)

Ritter (Marvel Saga)

Rossi, Mal: one of Mark Hazzard's oldest and bestest pals, Mal is a New Zealander who, after leaving his nation's army, couldn't deal with 'regular' life. He descended into alcoholism and lecherism, but was saved by Mark - who gave him direction! Availability:

Ritter (MSH Classic)

Ritter (4C System)

Ritter (Marvel Saga)

A Villain Or Two:

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin: the leader of an international crime syndicate, Henri manages his operation from the United States. Involved in all manner of shady deeds, his work has been interrupted many times over the years by Mark Hazzard. Availability:

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin (MSH Classic)

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin (4C System)

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin (Marvel Saga)

Father Kevin Eugene Johnson: having grown up in war-torn Ireland to become a Catholic priest, Kevin has seen his fair share of conflict. Mind you, membership in the Cestus Dei, a rogue order of Vatican priests, causes him to see plenty more! Availability:

Father Kevin Eugene Johnson (MSH Classic)

Father Kevin Eugene Johnson (4C System)

Father Kevin Eugene Johnson (Marvel Saga)

Mark Hazzard: Merc Text File Archive:

In the event that you should want to utilize any or all of the characters from the short-lived series starring Mark Hazzard and his heavily armed cronies, I have made available a text file archive of all the materials in this section. From character descriptions to issue guides, either Classic or Saga in flavor, all you need to play in Mark's little world is now available in one convenient download.

Mark Hazzard: Merc Issue Guides:

01 02 03 04 05 UT 06 07 08 09
10 11 A1 12 PS

Extra Goodies:

Mark Hazzard: Merc Text File Archive

Mark Hazzard: Merc Cover Imagery

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