Father Kevin Eugene Johnson

Ex 20
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
Fe -2



Father Kevin Eugene Johnson, despite his significant combat prowess and his sheer lethality, is nothing but a normal human - at least, where paranormal powers are concerned. The only thing he has going for him in a fight is his more than adequate combat skills, which are nothing to shake a stick at, and the occasional weapon of dubious legality that he carries with him on the job.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Throwing Knives: Kevin always carries at least one throwing knife on him at any given time, though he's usually got more. In combat, he can use these in melee to inflict Good (10) Edged Attack damage per deadly strike, or he can throw them at an opponent to cause them Good (10) Edged Throwing damage - as long as they're within two areas of his person. If he flings them, Kevin must recover his blades before he can use them again.

Uzi 9mm Machine Guns: when on missions for his sect, Kevin will usually try to make use of his favorite weapons, a set of Uzi 9mm automatic guns. He can use these weapons to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage in a short, controlled burst, or boost their damage capability to Excellent (20) Shooting damage if he fires off a fully automatic spread at an opponent.


Dulled Sense / Vision: it has been shown that Kevin has to wear thick, horn-rimmed glasses at all times, and as such, it is safe to assume that he's got something of a vision problem; a minor one, to be sure, but it's there nonetheless. Should he find himself without his visual aids, Kevin must roll all vision-based Intuition FEAT rolls at a -2 CS to his standard rank.


Guns: his primary stock in trade, Kevin will utilize a gun to do the job if he can at all get away with it; sure, he's got all kinds of other fighting skills, but why rely on your hands when an Uzi is strapped to your back, ready to go? When firing any regular, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifles or pistols, Kevin may resolve his attack FEAT as though his Agility score was +1 CS in rank.

Languages / English, Italian, and Latin: having apparently lived in Italy for years, it's a natural that Kevin has picked up the native tongue, and that he now is bilingual, speaking both English and Italian. Of course, you never know, but he should've. Also, being of the faith that he is, and being more than a little serious about it, it is likely that Kevin has studied up on his Latin, as well.

Martial Arts types A and B: a competent combatant, Kevin has demonstrated both of these martial arts styles in battle. As such, he can attempt unarmed melee attacks as though his Fighting score was +1 CS in rank, and he can also inflict Slam or Stun results upon a foe regardless of his comparative Strength or Endurance score; what can we say, he's just that good!

Skill / Knives: in the event that he should find himself without his favorite hand cannons, Kevin will most likely rely upon his throwing knives. While this talent doesn't specifically cover his throwing them at a body, it does cover his wielding them in melee, and when he does so, Kevin may do so as though his Fighting score was +1 CS in rank - he's just good with a blade.

Thrown Weapons: finally, in addition to all his other fighting talents, Kevin is good at throwing things at a body, with malicious intent. If holding any weapon designed to be thrown (daggers, certain hatchets, spears, shuriken, and so on), he does so as though his Agility score was +1 CS in rank, and is quite adept in using such weapons to strike specific spots on a body.


Though it hardly has to be said, Kevin has a reliable contact in the form of the Cestus Dei, in that he's a highly placed member of that religious sect, and though his leader failed to hold it, he did recover the Ring of the Fisherman for them. One never knows, the man may very well be in charge of the group down the line, so they'd likely do just about anything they can for him, should he need it.


As a fighting monk of a clandestine Catholic order, you'd almost expect Kevin to have some sort of symbolic costume that he wears on missions for the Cestus Dei. However, this isn't the case, really, and when doing something for his sect, the man usually just wears a business suit while on the job, though his specific choices in color seem to range from blue to brown in that regard.


While he may completely and totally believe in something dark and sinister at heart, Father Johnson has absolutely no compunctions about doing whatever it takes to defend his beliefs and to advance the cause of his bizarre sect, the Cestus Dei. However, he seems to otherwise be an all right kind of person, being friendly and amicable when matters of his faith aren't in question.

Real Name: Father Kevin Eugene Johnson
Occupation: operative of the Cestus Dei
Legal Status: Irish citizen with a likely criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Cestus Dei

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 170 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the good (?) Father wears a pair of thick glasses at all times.


Not too much has been revealed about the origins of Father Johnson, truth be told. It is known that the man was an Irish Catholic priest for quite some time, and due to the inherently hostile location that he was born and raised in, the man learned how to fight quite well. Of course, his skills betray significant combat experience, so he may have been a member of his military, as well.

If he was, the man's not talking. At any rate, Kevin eventually made his way to Rome, and somehow hooked up with a shady sect of the Catholic Church that calls itself the Cestus Dei: the Fist of God. Since he probably didn't go to Rome looking for these fellows it is quite likely that they actively recruited Kevin, as their combative nature seems to indicate he was perfect for their needs.

Kevin eventually found himself placed rather highly in the Cestus Dei after several years of dedicated service to the sect, even after they'd been banned by the Catholic Church, proper. In fact, that's why he was chosen for a particularly important mission, one that would partner him with an American mercenary, Mark Hazzard, and could change the status quo of the Cestus Dei if successful.

You see, the group had sent an expedition to Israel to locate a religious artifact known as the Ring of the Fisherman, and after the item was actually found, Lebanese terrorists made off with both the Ring and the man who found it, one Father Capistran. Since the mission was intended to get the Cestus Dei back in the good graces of the Church, its success was absolutely vital.

Heading into Lebanon with Hazzard, Kevin ultimately did manage to recover the Ring, though he wound up killing Father Capistran in the process. This immediately aroused the inherent distrust of his fellow man that Hazzard possessed and, after reading through some of Capistran's papers, the mercenary figured out what the Cestus Dei was up to, uncovering some of their dirty laundry.

When Hazzard confronted the Cestus Dei's leader about this, Kevin tried to kill the man to keep him silent, but found out that Hazzard was truly as good as his reputation suggested, and the mercenary flattened poor Kevin and broke his knife before his very eyes. Immediately after, Hazzard opened up the doors to the Cestus Dei's stronghold so that local authorities could arrest them.

Father Johnson and his superior's fate have yet to be ultimately revealed, but it is most likely that both served some jail time in Italy for their various crimes. They're both still alive, though, so it is possible that they may menace folks with their inherent fanaticism in the future - or even that the Cestus Dei may have gone on without them. Either way, Kevin will have made out smelling like roses.

After all, though he failed to kill Hazzard, he did recover the Ring of the Fisherman.

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