Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Like the rest of the allegedly professional combatants associated with Mark Hazzard and his infamous mercenary shop, Lincoln Griffin is 'merely' a normal human, paranormally speaking. However, he is a fully trained Navy SEAL, and has years of practical combat experience behind him, so he's actually a whole lot more dangerous than you can possibly imagine - even unarmed!



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Blade (s): in addition to his rather significant firepower, Lincoln carries a blade or two with him on his missions. After all, when you're stuck in a jungle, it often pays to have something with which to cut through the bush - or, if it comes down to it, other people. This blade can be used in his hands as a +2 weapon, and is made from strength 10 materials.

Grenades (i): a lot of the time, Lincoln's got at least one grenade on him, whether or not he's currently on the job - says a lot about him, neh? At any rate, these explosives will be of either an incendiary (energy damage) or a fragmentary (physical damage) nature, detonating to inflict intensity 10 damage to everybody within near missile distance of the grenade - quite effective when dealing with several foes.

Machine Guns (a): while on the job, Lincoln invariably has at least one fully automatic machine gun on his person, with plenty of ammunition to spare. He can use these devastating implements as +5 weapons in short, controlled bursts, or +6 in a full auto spread - one that tends to burn up magazines real, real fast; good thing he carries lots and lots of magazines, yes?

Pistol (a): in situations where heavier weaponry isn't practical, or when he's off mission, Lincoln always has a semi-automatic handgun on him, usually safely contained within a shoulder holster. This gun can fire a single shot which causes damage per a +4 weapon, +5 in a semi-automatic, magazine-exhausting burst; again, Lincoln carries several magazines for this weapon, too.


Boxing (s): while he can kill a man eight ways from Sunday with just about any instrument, mundane or otherwise, Lincoln has also been trained to defend himself should he find himself completely unarmed. In unarmed melee combat, Lincoln can divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Demolitions (a): while he's not quite the... rambunctious saboteur that Mal Rossi is, Lincoln is well-versed in highly destructive operations thanks to his time as a Navy SEAL He can use explosives to take apart a structure with ease, or otherwise make use of virtually any materials at hand to construct creatively lethal booby traps - and when doing so, he attempts such actions at one difficulty level lower than normal.

Guns (a): an essential part of Lincoln's military routine involved his getting the knack of using guns in battle - either in basic training or regular target practice. As such, the man can utilize any regular, semi-automatic, or fully automatic gun or rifle at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary. This often gives him an exceptional edge in combat, as his opponents are rarely trained to a similar level.

Law Enforcement (w): after he left the armed forces, Lincoln wound up trying several jobs of a police nature. Though most of his training in this regard was duplicated by his military talents, this skill has given him the ability to know the law and, if he signs back up with a true law enforcement agency, to make arrests (his gun 'cards' already allow him to pack heat, due to his career path).

Military / United States (w): Lincoln has spent several years with the American armed forces, doing his part as a well-trained Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War. After that terrible conflict ended, he then turned his skills to law enforcement, and finally mercenary work. As such, he easily gets along in a structured environment, and can instinctively give (or take) orders of a martial nature.

Skill / Knives (s): one part of Lincoln's SEAL education included his learning how to kill a body with little, if any sound. Ideally, this involves his utilizing a knife to do the dirty deed, and while making any attacks with a short, sharp object intended for harmful purposes, he does so at one difficulty level lower than is normally required; unfortunately for his foes, people almost never see this coming, either.


Two of Lincoln Griffin's most dependable contacts are Mark Hazzard and Sgt. Major Peel, both of which, while they were alive, were definitely stand-up kinds of guys, and (were they on the same side) definitely did what was necessary to help him out. Lincoln's also got a sturdy contact in the mysterious old man he calls Gramps, who is a useful source of information and new contracts.


Peace of Mind: Lincoln's life has been an odd one, and it shows no sign of getting any better. You see, he's been looking for something all his life, something he can't quite put his finger on. And, until he does find it, it is most likely that he'll keep on searching for it - until this time, he'll never be satisfied with the way his life is going or what he's doing. And it's starting to show.


Like many mercenaries, Lincoln Griffin doesn't really hold any truck with the Spandex ™ crowd, and he doesn't even have a standard uniform, really. He most often wears simple camouflage fatigues on a mission, with brown boots, a brown belt, a brown backpack, and rarely, a brown beret - or some variant therein. Alternately, on urban missions, he simply wears regular street-wear.


Lincoln Griffin is one tough hombre, having stuck it out through years of military training and experience, on his quest for a purpose and self-identity. Though he's definitely on the up and up, the man really doesn't know who or what he's supposed to be, and this has colored most of his activities to date. He tends to come across as a competent, if lost soul, but is truly a dependable kind of guy.

Real Name: Lincoln Griffin (rank undisclosed)
Occupation: mercenary
Legal Status: American citizen with a likely criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Stryker
Group Affiliation: none; occasionally worked with Mark Hazzard's mercenary shop

Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Weight: 180 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Lincoln Griffin was a man who joined up with the military because he was looking for something, though he never did figure out exactly what. Winding up in the Navy, he went through Hell Week and, in time, eventually transformed into a full-fledged SEAL He managed this towards the end of the Vietnam war, and was used in all manner of shadow missions in that conflict.

On one fateful mission, after growing cocky from earlier successes, Lincoln got himself spotted by a local NVA guard as he attempted to sabotage a river dock, and though he felled the man, he didn't do so before his foe fired off several shots. Suddenly the center of attention at a party he didn't want to attend, Lincoln got his getaway boat blown up by the enemy, barely surviving the assault.

However, he did manage to swim back to shore unnoticed, and made his way into the deep, dark jungle - at night, no less. The problem here was that by this time, without his equipment and maps, Lincoln became somewhat lost, and wasn't quite sure exactly which way he should strike out in. Eventually attracting the attention of several sentries, Lincoln would've died, if not for Mark Hazzard.

The man and his squad were alerted to Griffin's mission in the area, and were looking for any survivors. Taking out the would-be killers before they knew what hit them, Mark then fought tooth and nail to get Griffin back to friendly ground, though Lincoln definitely gave his all to the fight, as well. Soon after, however, Lincoln wound up getting shipped back home, and had a hard time getting good work.

He became a Sky Marshall, but quickly grew discontent with this work, as it seems the government didn't like him shooting up folks who attempted to hijack planes and whatnot. Leaving that job, Lincoln then became a police officer, but again, watching what well-to-do criminals did to defeat the system time and again began to wear away at Lincoln's resolve, and he eventually quit in disgust.

Finally, Lincoln went back to what he knew, and transformed into a full time mercenary, one who was more than competent at what he did, and felt right at home despite the dangers inherent to the job. Sometimes, he managed to work with his good pal Hazzard and their shop, but occasionally the two wound up on opposite sides, largely due to Treetop's poor management of his shop's contracts.

When Hazzard's professional association with Treetop ended, though, Lincoln decided to enlist his help for a special mission that he was hired for, one that would allow him to run much-needed armaments to Afghanistan's Mujahedin rebels, who were attempting to eject Soviet forces from their nation. Of course, Hazzard and his pilot, Ritter, would be decoys for the real shipment.

And, as it turned out, someone was indeed looking for Hazzard to be in Iran, smuggling weapons through to Afghanistan. Captured by the Iranian army, Hazzard and Ritter were beaten when it was discovered that they only had farm implements in their plane, and that the real shipment of arms had already gotten where it was supposed to. The Iranians then executed poor Ritter in retaliation.

Feeling responsible for Hazzard's capture, Lincoln set up a rescue party to bring him home, and smelling a rat, he had his contact, 'Gramps', look into the matter of the Iranians knowing just where to find Hazzard. Once his group was set up, though, he was off, and in a blazing assault on the Iranian compound holding his friend, Lincoln and company managed to finally liberate the tortured Hazzard.

As the others returned to America, Lincoln decided to stay, to help the Mujahedin repel the Soviets from their land, and was accompanied by Sgt. Major Peel. However, right before they got on their plane, Lincoln received a message from Gramps, and handed it off to Hazzard; the note stated who was behind Hazzard's current woes - his ex-wife's new husband, and an old foe called Frenchie.

Acting on this note ultimately got Hazzard killed, but Lincoln wouldn't find this out for years, having stayed in Afghanistan through thick and thin. This is somewhat remarkable, especially since the Soviet army threw the book at Afghanistan, wielding their experimental, Club-built Mark 1 MAX armors and their paranormal hit-squad, Red Sun, on the outclassed freedom fighters.

He was still present years later, however, when the Sergeant Major bought it on a raid into a Soviet base, one whose intent was ruined by the presence of a traitor in his band of rebels. Burying the man, Stryker wasn't present to note the arrival of the paranormal vigilantes known as Psi-Force, who ultimately avenged the Sergeant Major's death by trashing the Soviet installation.

In the process of this, the Psi-Force also found out who the mysterious traitor in the Mujahedin ranks was, and armed with this knowledge, his daughter, the paranormal known as Sedara, killed him outright. Tired of the killing, she and Psi-Force left for parts unknown, and Lincoln himself decided to call it quits, hoping to head back to the States, and take an extended vacation in Florida.

His current whereabouts or activities are unknown.

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