Louis 'Treetop' Barrington


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Like everyone else in Mark Hazzard's shop, Louis Barrington, known mostly as Treetop to his friends, is normal human. Well, normal in the physical sense, at any rate. A professional combatant with years of experience, both on the ground and while flying a helicopter, Louis has a large array of weaponry and vehicles with which to perform his mercenary work.



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Dulled Sense / Vision: Louis was never seen without his trademark thick, prescription sunglasses. Though the exact nature of his vision problem is unknown, it wasn't enough to prevent him from being an Army helicopter pilot for years. As such, he only functions at one difficulty greater than is normally required for any vision-based actions he attempts without his visual aids.


Bell UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter (i): after leaving the military, Louis bought himself a surplus 'copter from the Army, and though it didn't come with any real armaments, he solved that problem real quick. On missions, Louis usually offers air cover and extraction options while flying this older beastie, and uses it to devastating effect against his opponents. Louis' Huey has these vehicular capabilities:

* Flight (a): being a helicopter, Louis' baby naturally has the ability to fly. This antique, yet fully functional vehicle has the ability to hover in place, or it can fly at any speeds up to and including intensity 5, which translates into about 135 miles per hour. The only real limitation on this capability is that the Huey cannot fly upside down. Don't try that at home, kids!

* Machine Guns (a): Louis' Huey has two side-mounted machine guns, one on the right cargo door, and one on the left. Each of these are .30 cal Browning cannons, which act as +6 weapons if used to make short, controlled bursts, +7 if fired in a full auto spread. These are most effective in covering allies on the ground, or chewing up opponents.

* Passenger Compartments: Louis' helicopter is somewhat small, but it still has plenty of room for people and/or cargo, if necessary. In practice, it can seat one body in the co-pilot (or gunner) seat, and can comfortably stow about six warm bodies in the rear, though many more folks can fit in a pinch (say, a rapid, unexpected extraction from a combat zone...).

Machine Guns (a): while on the job, Louis almost always has at least one machine gun on his person, though he usually goes for the lighter models, like an Uzi 9mm. These are most often full auto beasties, though, and can be used as +5 weapons in a short burst, +6 in a full auto spread. Louis'd rather fly, but if he must fight, he uses one of these.

Pistol (a): if not on the job, however, Louis usually just relies on a concealed pistol, secreted somewhere on his person at all times - usually in a shoulder holster hidden by a jacket or some such. This semi-auto model can fire a single shot, acting as a particularly effective +4 weapon, +5 in a semi-auto, magazine-burning burst. And remember: Louis has lots and lots of magazines.


Boxing (s): Louis' time in Basic taught him how to defend himself in the event that he finds himself otherwise unarmed. When engaging in unarmed melee combat, whether he try to punch, kick, head-butt, or otherwise cause harm to another with his body, Louis can divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Business / Finance (w): after leaving the military, Louis made a name for himself as a top-shelf mercenary, and quickly gained a nose for business - whether or not the deals he made were exactly ethical. This skill allows Louis to bring his Willpower to bear in the process of any business deal, usually by reducing the difficulty of his attempts to win others over to his fiscal way of thinking.

Guns (a): like all Army recruits, Louis was taught how to utilize any regular, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol in Basic Training. As such, when wielding any such weapon in person, or by proxy via some sort of vehicle or another, he resolves his attack rolls at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary. He prefers to wield them from the safety of a helicopter, but anywhere will do in a pinch.

Military / United States (w): Louis' time in the Army has given him all of the skills he currently knows, save for his business savvy. Having been through years of training and combat, Louis can easily interpret military commands and plans, and though no longer an officially active soldier, he can easily pose as one should he acquire the proper identification and uniforms.

Piloting (a): his claim to fame, Louis is a crackpot helicopter pilot, thanks to advanced training received during his time in the Army and in the 'Nam. As such, he can fly just about any such vehicle in existence, and makes all aerial maneuvers and/or attacks at one difficulty level lower than is normally required - and he uses this skill to deadly effect.


Louis has generated a large array of mercenary contacts in his time, including (of course) Mark Hazzard, Mal Rossi, and the rest of Mark's shop. Though he's had a hard time making good, ethical calls with the contract management he did for Hazzard's crew, he's eventually come around, and they still let him do his part for the shop - whether it be acquiring new jobs or offering them air support.


Greed, later Repentant: for the vast majority of Louis' mercenary career, he was motivated by the prospect of money and money alone. However, after he came around to Hazzard's way of thinking, Louis began to take jobs for the man's shop that were both profitable and would help others, and he presumably does so to this day to honor the memory of his late commander.


Louis doesn't wear a 'costume', per se, in that he's no Spandex-clad ™ adventurer. His style is more along the lines of an opportunistic mercenary adventurer, you see, and as such, his tastes run along a more, shall we say, olive drab vein. He primarily wears green fatigues while on the job, complemented by a black belt and black boots, and occasionally green gloves and a green flight helmet.


Unlike most of the fellows in Mark's merc shop, Louis wasn't really a stand-up sort of guy, in that he'd do just about anything for a buck - no matter the legal or moral consequences. Nonetheless, he generally considered himself a good person; it was just that if he didn't do some of those jobs, someone else would - and why miss out on the money? In time, though, he revised this line of thinking a bit.

Real Name: Lieutenant Louis Barrington, Ret.
Occupation: mercenary
Legal Status: American citizen with a likely criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Treetop
Group Affiliation: Mark Hazzard's mercenary shop

Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Louis wears a pair of shaded, prescription glasses at all times.


Not too much is known about Louis Barrington's background, other than that he was a top notch Huey pilot in the Army, executing the insertions and extractions of troops on covert ops during the Vietnam War. His earliest known mission involved a pickup of several wounded troops under the command of Corporal Mark Hazzard, who was standing guard at the L.Z. where Louis was to collect his guys.

As luck would have it, enemy troops had tracked Hazzard's hard core thugs down, and bore down on both him and the two Hueys that were there to pick up his unit. Though the other copter stayed to pick up the wounded, Louis did what his training told him to do, and he lit out of there to save himself and his equipment. After landing, he dropped off the guys he did manage to collect before his flight.

When the other 'copter showed up, Hazzard leapt out and beat the snot out of poor Louis. Being an officer, Louis could've had Mark brought up on charges, but he knew the man was right for being angry, and after that, he never lit out of a hot landing zone again - no matter the personal risk. This, of course, improved his and Hazzard's 'working' arrangement significantly.

Eventually the War ended, and Louis got shipped back to the world. Needing money in a hurry, he started doing merc work for anybody who could pay, regardless of the actual mission, and found himself rich rather quickly. Eventually, he came across Mark Hazzard and Mal Rossi's little operation, and wanted in on it - but he insisted on being in charge, which the others didn't mind too much.

However, the contracts that Louis took didn't mesh too well with Hazzard's sense of morality, and the two clashed regarding this several times. The situation came to a head when, on a body guard mission in Europe, Mark discovered that their 'boss' was, in fact, a Nazi war criminal, and tried to get back at him for killing a girl he knew who had discovered his dirty little secret.

Not wanting Mark to wreck yet another cake job, Louis tried to stop him, but as enraged as he was, Hazzard shot Louis in each leg to get him out of the way, leaving him and Mal to their own devices while he engaged the old murderer. As such, the contract did indeed fall through, and Louis returned to America with Mal. Louis was subsequently out of action for quite a while, needing time to heal.

This gave him lots of time to think about the path he'd chosen, and as it turned out, Hazzard's influence had rubbed off on the man. Starting to think that Mark's way was the right one, Louis deigned to stop taking such shady deals for the merc shop in the future, though he never got the chance to prove it, as Mark got himself caught in an Iranian ambush on his very next mission.

Taking part in a rescue op to save the man, Louis flew the rest of the shop, plus several additions, over to Iran to effect his liberation. Once the mayhem was over, Mark was more than happy to see all his buddies, especially since they saved him from certain death - even Louis. Most of the shop then flew home to resume their normal jobs, but Mark himself got killed by his ex-wife's husband days later.

Whether Hazzard's shop stayed together after this, and Louis' subsequent activities, have yet to be revealed.

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