Sgt. Major Peel (deceased)

Ex 20
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ex 20
Sh 0



As one may expect from an ordinary, if somewhat notorious mercenary shop, Mark Hazzard's fighting men and women are all normal humans, at least where paranormal powers are concerned. Though he's not a super-human combat juggernaut, the Sgt. Major is nonetheless a man well-versed in the ways of the military, and quite adept at applying them against others, though in an honorable way.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Blade: in addition to his rather significant firepower, the Sergeant Major carries a blade or two with him on his missions. After all, when you're stuck in a jungle, it often pays to have something with which to cut through the bush - or, if it comes down to it, other people. This blade can be used in his hands to inflict Typical (6) Edged Attack damage, and is of Remarkable (30) m.s.

Machine Gun: while on the job, the Sergeant Major invariably has at least one fully automatic machine gun on his person, with plenty of ammunition to spare. He can use these devastating weapons to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage in a short, controlled burst, or Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a full auto spread - one that tends to burn magazines up real, real fast.

Pistol: in situations where heavier weaponry isn't practical, or when off a mission, the Sergeant Major always has a semi-automatic handgun on him, usually safely contained within a shoulder holster. This gun can fire a single shot which will inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage per attack, or Good (10) Shooting damage in a semi-automatic, magazine-expending burst.




Guns: a trained combatant, the Sgt. Major would really be useless without this talent. His armed forces training has given him the ability to utilize any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol as though his Agility score was +1 CS in rank; this definitely makes him a better shot than most of his untrained opponents, but there's always other mercs, of course.

Martial Arts type B: the good Sgt. Major can effectively use any standard gun with competence, but should he find himself unarmed (or simply out of ammunition), he can definitely hold his own without projectile weaponry. In unarmed melee combat, the Sgt. Major can make any physical attack (punches, bites, kicks, elbow crushes, knee smashes, head butts, etc.) at his Fighting rank +1 CS.

Military: you don't need to see the uniform to tell that the Sgt. Major is a born and bred military man. Though the exact armed forces he trained and fought with as a youth are still unknown to us, the man can easily blend into an organized combat unit if necessary, and knows military protocols (as well as the military mindset) like the back of his hand, allowing him to give and take orders with practiced ease.


Naturally, as a member of Mark Hazzard's mercenary 'shop', the Sgt. Major can rely on the man and his associated hired help for aid in a pinch, as these fellows have fought together the world over, on various missions where the only hope of survival comes from your fellow mercs. Several of Mark's pals are also on good terms with the Sgt. Major, such as the Priestess.


While on the job, the Sgt. Major tends to wear a no-nonsense uniform. His outfit consists of brown fatigues (shirt / pants), black boots, a green belt, green belt pouches, and of course, his trademark green beret. Unlike most of his fellows, he sticks to this standard outfit while on a mission, unless there is a specific need for him to utilize other clothing - say, black for night missions, etc.


The Sgt. Major is something of a quiet, reserved man, in that he doesn't get in a body's face about any matter; he simply lets things run their course. Unless, of course, said matters would interfere with his current mission, at which point he lets loose with whatever weaponry he happens to have on his person. He's also quite a stand-up kind of guy, and is willing to defend his beliefs to the death.

Real Name: Sgt. Major Peel (first name unrevealed)
Occupation: mercenary, instructor
Legal Status: American (?) citizen with a likely criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: married (he hears a lot of jokes about Mrs. Peel)
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Mark Hazzard's merc shop

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: blue
Eyes: blonde
Weight: 170 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


The man who came to be known as the Sergeant Major began his military life during the Vietnam War, like many of the mercenaries in Mark Hazzard's shop. He managed to get through the conflict without too much pain or personal injury, and quickly drifted into mercenary work once he was cut loose, having gotten involved with a group known as the 'wild geese', the one they made a movie about.

Of course, the Sergeant grew discontent with this line of work, as he was involved in too many conflicts in Africa, where his group would be employed by one rich landowner, and pitted against another. And as it turned out, these shady employers often refused to pay, and Peel and his crew wound up having to kill the man (or men, as it turned out) as an example to other, would-be non-pay cases.

Once he'd had enough, the Sergeant Major left mercenary work and settled down, getting married and generally living a nice, happy, and overall peaceful life. However, Peel was eventually contacted by Mark Hazzard, who knew him from the 'Nam and had need of his unique talents. No, he didn't need the Sergeant Major to fight, so much as to teach others how to.

You know, your oppressed natives, heroic revolutionaries, and so on. Hesitant at first, Peel found that he truly enjoyed his work, as he was making the world a better place, one day at a time - give or take. Things changed, however, when Mark allowed his pal Treetop to take charge of his shop's contracts, and the man began taking all manner of shady jobs for shady people.

After Hazzard dealt with that particular issue once and for all, he continued the work he'd started with the Sergeant Major, and did so until Mark got himself set up and captured while in Iran. As did many other pals of the man, the Sergeant Major hooked up with a rescue mission designed to save him and, after a huge battle waged against the facility holding him, he and his allies freed Hazzard.

Having witnessed what was going on in the region first-hand, however, the Sergeant Major decided to stay on, alongside his pal Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin, and train the local Mujahedin rebels in the fine art of warcraft. The duo hung out through thick and thin, teaching their charges to battle the Russian army, and then fighting with them, for several years - though things quickly got very hot in that region.

You see, shortly after their arrival, Lincoln and the Sergeant Major raised the notice of an elite Spetznaz unit, who wiped out a large portion of their troops. In addition to that, the Soviet government tested out several experimental weapons on the Mujahedin freedom fighters, such as their Club-built, Mark 1 MAX armor suits and the paranormal hit-squad known as Red Sun, then led by the diabolical Rodstvow.

They somehow managed to stay alive, though, especially with the aid of a paranormal Mujahedin known as Sedara, who had the power to 'transverse' from one location to another by creating a sort of spatial doorway between them. However, this power wasn't enough to save the life of the poor Sergeant Major when a traitor arose within the ranks of the Mujahedin, and in an ambush, he was slain.

An ignominious end, to be sure, but at least the paranormal strike force known as Psi-Force managed to avenge his untimely demise.

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