Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin (deceased)

Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Am 50
Sh 0



As are the rest of the people involved with Mark Hazzard's life, Henri Graymalkin is nothing but an ordinary human, at least where paranormal powers are concerned. However, Mr. Graymalkin does have a power house of wealth behind him, thanks to his international criminal enterprise, so he could always come up with hard-core military toys to punish an enemy if necessary.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Revolver: Henri Graymalkin rarely carries any armament on his person, in that he has all manner of hired goons and thugs to deal with threats to his personal safety. However, should they fail, he does have a stylish, six-shot revolver in his office desk, one that he can use to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage per attack. It's mostly for show, though, and he almost never uses the thing.


Missing Parts / Left Eye: lost in some unrevealed incident in the past, Henri is missing his left eye. Though he likes to think the loss makes him look mysterious, in that he does wear an eye patch, it has cost him. You see, he has no depth perception anymore, and as such, Henri makes any vision-based Intuition FEAT rolls at -1 CS, greatly affecting his ability to drive, shoot a gun, and so forth.

Sense / Vision: in addition to the fact that he's missing his left eye, Henri's right eye isn't truly working at its full ability. As such, he normally wears thick eye glasses at all times, which kind of dulls the romantic impact of his eye patch somewhat. Should he find himself without his visual aid, Henri must make any vision-based Intuition FEAT rolls at a further -2 CS.


Business / Finance: a true criminal at heart, Henri has learned the ins and outs of money management, and the best way to use these principles to avoid government detection of his clandestine activities. In matters concerning corporate management and financial acuity, Henri makes any applicable FEAT rolls as though the rank referenced was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Guns: Henri has shown himself to be a capable wielder of all manner of rifles and pistols, of either the standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic variety. In fact, if using a gun in combat, he can make the required Agility FEAT rolls at a +1 CS, though this doesn't help to offset the penalties his rotten vision gives him very much. But despite his visual problems, he knows his way around firearms.

Languages / English and French: though he was born and raised in France, and truly loves his land, language, and people, Henri found that it was more efficient for him to manage his 'business' from the United States, and as such, he learned English to better facilitate this choice. Sure, he could've just had his minions translate for him, but you always lose something in the translation, you know.


The extent of Henri's criminal contacts have yet to be revealed, nor are they likely to be. However, he was in command of his own criminal organization, and thus would have quite a few folks at his beck and call, who are paid enough to do anything they could to assist the man. Furthermore, Henri seemed to be good friends with his personal stock broker, Gordon, who supplied him choice tidbits about Hazzard's activities.


Not a super-human adventurer by any means, much less a combatant of any stripe if he can at all avoid it, Henri has no 'union suit' whatsoever - Spandex ™ or otherwise. While he's going about his nefarious business, Henri simply wears an exquisitely tailored business suit, one that describes his wealth and power for the world to see, and shiny black leather shoes.


Henri is cultured, reserved man who truly appreciates the finer things in life - the more expensive, the better. He also comes across as a charismatic, friendly sort of guy, being there to help a friend in need. Of course, knowing that his lifestyle is dependent on his getting the job done, he'll do whatever he can - or have his minions do whatever they can, at least - to ensure his continued operations.

Real Name: Henri Graymalkin
Occupation: criminal mastermind
Legal Status: French citizen with a likely criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Frenchie (more of an enemy-generated insult, really)
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: black, with gray streaks
Eye: brown
Weight: lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Henri has a truly distinctive look, in that he wears glasses over the patch covering his missing left eye, and usually smokes with the aid of a cigarette holder. He used to have a full beard without a moustache, but later shaved that down to a goatee.


As is the case with many of the people in Mark Hazzard's life, little is truly known about the history of Henri Graymalkin, the criminal that his enemies like to call 'Frenchie', if only because they know it annoys him so. However, it is known that the man is from France (hence the nickname), that he has all kinds of ties to the underworld, and that he is a very, very rich man.

Apparently, Henri has been involved with certain clandestine matters all over the globe, and sure enough, Mark Hazzard and his mercenary shop have interfered with his business innumerable times. This has naturally given Henri a negative disposition towards Hazzard and his pals, and should an opportunity to get rid of the man arise, Henri has been more than ready to take advantage in the past.

For instance, when Gordon, his stock broker friend, told him about his troubles with his wife and son-in-law, Henri listened to the man whine about how Hazzard was coming to see his kid during a little league baseball game. The wheels of vengeance began to turn in Henri's criminal mind almost instantly, and by the time his lunch with Gordon was over, he had a plan to dispose of Hazzard.

That Sunday, while the game was taking place, and after Hazzard resolved a small issue with his son's baseball coach, three of Henri's goons showed up to deal with the man, hoping that he'd be caught totally off guard during his family time. Sure enough, Mark was trying to be a good parent, and left his armaments at home for the event, and if he wasn't so crafty, Hazzard would've had it.

With unexpected skill, Hazzard managed to deal with the three hit-men easily, incapacitating one, killing a second outright, and gunning down a third after he tried to use some little leaguers as hostages. Though this caused Hazzard some grief with the local police, it didn't get rid of him, and while Henri was disappointed about this, he let it slide; after all, there's always tomorrow.

Henri's next plot to get rid of Hazzard took shape after Gordon learned that Hazzard was going to be in Iran on a mission, several months down the road. Once Henri got this info from the man, he had his agents send word to the Iranians that an arms shipment was coming their way, to be smuggled clean through their country by plane, and the Iranian air force intercepted Hazzard and his pilot.

The Iranians then tortured Hazzard and his pal Ritter, and once it was discovered that the duo were just decoys for the real shipment, killed poor Ritter outright. However, Hazzard's pals learned where he was being held, and launched a lightning rescue op to free him. Thinking the whole thing suspicious, Hazzard's pal Lincoln had his contacts look into the matter, and they saw Henri's hand in events.

Once Lincoln told Hazzard this, he broke into Henri's expansive mansion in New York City, and confronted him about the Iranian debacle. Once his security goons had been dealt with, and after Hazzard shot him in the hand, Henri broke down and revealed Gordon as his source, but when Hazzard went to leave, Henri shot him - in the arm. In retaliation, Hazzard killed him dead.

With a nasty, nasty shot through the heart.

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