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As is the case with the vast majority of the GI Joe team, Repeater is but a normal human, lacking special capabilities of any stripe. However, he is an exceptional product of the military, and has the skills and government-issue hardware to show it.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Knife: all Rangers carry a knife with them in the field - if not at all times. Repeater can use this blade, made from Incredible (40) m.s. materials, to cut through items of like m.s. given enough time, or to inflict Edged Attack damage in melee combat.

Machine Gun: Repeater carries a high-powered machine gun into battle with him, for that is his primary job. This weapon is stabilized by a special steadi-cam arm that attaches to his Repeater's belt, and is supported by a harness that disperses its weight.

Though a burden to haul around, this weapon makes up for it in sheer firepower. It can be used to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a short burst, raised to Remarkable (30) Shooting damage when Repeater fires it continuously - enough to decimate many foes at once!

Sidearm: Repeater also carries a backup should his main weapon jam or run out of ammunition. He can fire a single shot from this smaller hand cannon to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, or instead inflict Good (10) Shooting damage when firing a three-round burst from it.




Guns: a vital portion of his military training, one that he uses often, Repeater is well-versed in the use of modern firearms. Whether he's wielding a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Repeater may resolve Shooting attacks at his Agility +1 CS.

Martial Arts type B: though a heavy gunner by trade, Repeater can easily defend himself should he find himself without weaponry. Whether he's punching, kicking, or even biting a foe, Repeater may attempt unarmed melee attacks at his Fighting score +1 CS.

Military / United States: Repeater is a career military man, despite his general lack of aptitude for the 'peace time' part of the job. He can easily function in almost any fighting unit, and has an inherent understanding of the Army's Standard Operating Procedure.

Survival: as an Army Ranger, Repeater knows how to survive under almost any conditions, no matter how hostile. Regardless of where he finds himself, Repeater can, in time, scrounge up enough food, water, and shelter to survive any situation almost indefinitely.


Repeater is a twenty year veteran of the United States Army, and has numerous contacts from that military organization that he can depend on. Of course, he is also a member of the elite GI Joe team, and can count every member of that group as a reliable contact as well.


Repeater's first GI Joe uniform is practical and utilitarian. It consists of a brown digital camouflage shirt and trousers, a brown, pouch-laden vest, a green leather belt, black leather boots, a fingerless black glove on his right hand, and a brown Ranger cap.


Repeater is a stand-up kind of guy who is the quintessential team player, and takes his lumps for the team whenever he has to. He tends to come across as a sort of jaded and cynical fellow, but he's more than happy to give fellow soldiers the benefit of the doubt.

Real Name: Jeffrey R. Therien, Grade E-6
Occupation: infantry, heavy weapons expert
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, Night Force (GI Joe sub-group)

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: black
Eyes: green
Weight: 200 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Repeater has a rather large, pronounced chin.


Repeater has been in This Man's Army for over twenty years now. He's a highly experienced infantryman, and has been through Ranger training as well as various other specialty schools. Though he's made a career out of the military, Repeater hasn't moved through the ranks.

In all his time enlisted, he's only made it to the E-6 pay grade. He's always performed in a top notch fashion in the field, but for some reason the man just doesn't do well in a garrison setting. He's not the kind of guy to be a barracks soldier; no, he's happiest out in the bush.

Though he invariably gains a bad 'rep' amongst commanders wherever he serves, Repeater is always a welcome addition to any field squad, who know that if anyone's going to get them home alive, it's him. That, and he usually volunteers to carry the heavy weaponry.

Since he's such a good soldier, and yet wasn't hacking it in conventional Army confines, Repeater was recommended to fill an open position on the GI Joe team. Though he'd gone through lots of pain in his time in the Army, the brutality of the Joe entrance exam caught him off guard.

However, alongside two other new recruits, Budo and Lightfoot, Repeater managed to survive the experience. As a 'final exam', the trio were sent to the Picatinny Arsenal, where it seemed a squad of Cobra Vipers were intent on looting the place for every last scrap of ammunition.

Though their handler, Grand Slam, was wounded in the action, Repeater and his fellow recruits managed to stop the terrorists from getting away with their loot - and found out that they weren't Cobras, but in fact were Destro's Iron Grenadiers, posing as Vipers for some reason.

With this success, Repeater had made it onto the GI Joe team full time, and he thrived there. The Joes don't really stand on ceremony very much, and they're usually rather informal with each other, despite differences in rank and their military branch of origin.

In other words, it was the post that Repeater was made for. He enjoyed his time as a Joe, serving with pride and distinction until the group was disbanded back in '94. After that time, Repeater presumably made his way back to conventional Army duty, much to his chagrin.

(Historical Divergence)

Though the exact nature of his actions after the Joe team was shut down the first time is unknown, he did come back when they reassembled several years later, helping the team to deal with the crisis situation on Cobra Island that came about during its second Civil War.

He remained with the team on and off after this point, being seen again during World War III, a conflict Cobra instigated as a last ditch effort to conquer the world. With the Joes narrowly defeating Cobra at long last, Repeater is with GI Joe on a full time basis once more.

Someone's got to round up those Cobras who escaped justice, after all!

1989 Variations


Repeater's second GI Joe uniform is also practical and utilitarian. It consists of a black shirt, brown trousers, a green, pouch-laden vest, a green leather belt, black leather boots, a fingerless black glove on his right hand, and a green Ranger cap.

2013 Variations


Repeater's second Night Force ensemble is a variation on his first. It consists of a black shirt, brown trousers, a green, pouch-laden vest, a black leather belt, black leather boots and fingerless gloves, Army green knee pads, and an Army green Ranger cap.

2015 Variations


Repeater's fourth GI Joe uniform is a variation on his first. It consists of a brown digital camouflage shirt and trousers, a green, pouch-laden vest, a green leather belt, green knee pads, black leather boots and fingerless black gloves, and a brown Ranger cap.

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