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The second Red Raven is an android, an artificial construct built to resemble and replace the first hero of that same name, and to serve as a guardian of the citizens of Sky Island - who were in a cryogenic slumber at the time. This entity even believed that it was the first Red Raven, up to the point that it ended its own existence when it thought it had killed the people of Sky Island.


Agelessness (s): as an android, the second Red Raven does not age. While it is possible that he's comprised of organic components (in part or in full), his capabilities will not degrade over time, as long as he generally takes care of himself. Thus, he has the benefit of the agelessness power, meaning that any aging he evinces over time will simply be cosmetic in nature, and not real.

Resistance to Disease and Poisons (s): artificial by nature, the Red Raven android may or may not be comprised of organic parts, even if all of his bits are designed to emulate an organic entity. Assuming he isn't, in fact, made from artificial tissue, the Red Raven android possesses intensity 30 (+7) resistance to diseases and poisons of all stripes, meaning he can primarily ignore such threats.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



The Red Raven Suit (i): his primary claim to fame, the Red Raven suit is the vehicle by which the second Red Raven fights evil and participates in the actions of Sky Island society. Though it is a construct, and thus marks its wearer as something less than a true native of Sky Island, Red Raven 2 wears it with pride, as it allows him to fly at a respectable speed, and has several other useful functions. They are:

* Body Armor (s): the Red Raven suit is, of itself, made from a 'reinforced synthetic stretch fabric'. This fabric weave provides the android Red intensity 8 (+2) protection from physical attacks (gunshots, knives, etc...). Furthermore, he can use his wings as an additional shield, adding another, intensity 4 (+1) modifier to his armor. This is a challenging Agility action for him while he is in flight, but he can still attempt it.

* Gun Feathers (a): hidden within the long pinion 'feathers' of the Suit's wings, these twin pistols can be used to inflict damage per a +4 weapon to an opponent, if the android Red deems it necessary. The barrels (or any other part of his wings, for that matter) can also be used to bludgeon opponents, inflicting damage as +2 weapons with every strike, which he typically prefers in battle - less deaths on his conscience.

* Hard Points (s): the wings of the Red Raven suit themselves are of at least m.s. 20, as the originals withstood the direct flames of the Human Torch on at least one occasion. With a successful shield maneuver, the Red Raven android can add an intensity 4 (+4) modifier to the protection his uniform already provides - which has kept him alive on more than a few occasions!

* Wings (a): by far the main feature of the suit, these mechanical wings allow the Red Raven android to fly at intensity 3 air speed - approximately 90 miles per hour. The wings gain lift via microscopic antigravity generators, though their actual forward momentum and maneuverability come from the flapping motion of the wings while the second Raven is in flight.


Aerial Combat (a): having spent his lifetime flying about in the air, Red Raven 2 is naturally rather skilled in airborne fighting techniques. Having honed his skills as the guardian of Sky Island for years and years, Red can use his Agility to resolve battle actions instead of his Strength while in flight, and he uses his Agility instead of his Intellect to resolve the order of action declaration while conducting aerial combat.


The second Red Raven, though an artificial entity, was built to resemble the first in every detail. As such, he could likely call upon the various surviving members of the Liberty Legion (and the Invaders, as a result) in a pinch. Other than that, though, he was likely known to the various people living on Sky Island, and could get help from them if their city-state was in peril.


Protector: since his mind is based on that of the original, human Red Raven, the second Red Raven is a protector by his very nature, doing his best to protect Sky Island from any danger - real or perceived. As such, Red Raven 2 has gotten himself into tussles with various folks, both good and bad, who have expressed interest in his floating city in times past (but he means well).


The second Red Raven wears a primarily red suit with red wings, boots, gloves, and a partial mask (head covered, but face exposed). It is complemented with yellow stripes on the ends of his boots and gloves, a yellow belt, and yellow 'Y' straps running from the front center of his belt to his wings. Red Raven 2 never allowed his long red hair to flow free, unlike the original.


The second Red Raven has the personality of the first, since the former was based upon the latter - right down to his mental patterns. As such, he was a staunch guardian of Sky Island while its people were in cryogenic storage, a trait that got him into more than one fight with outsiders who happened upon the place. Of course, his solitude eventually got the better of him, and he went mad in time.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: a citizen of Sky Island (sort of) with no known criminal record
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6'
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Long ago, before the modern age of heroes began, the residents of Sky Island decided to invade the surface world. Usually a peaceful people, this was a decision that shocked the leader of the island, the original Red Raven. As such, he put his people in suspended animation to allow them to cool off, in more ways than one, and decided that he should join them himself - it was only fair, after all.

However, he couldn't just leave the city unprotected. As such, he used the advanced technology of Sky Island to build a special organic construct, one that was identical to himself in every way - right down to his very brain waves. Once this being was in place, and fully believed that it was in fact the original (it didn't know it was a created being), the first Raven sank the Island and then joined his brethren in slumber.

As his people slept, this new Red Raven vowed to protect them from any threat. One such threat the second Raven perceived was the high-flying Angel, a mutant member of the X-Men who happened across Sky Island when it rose from the ocean floor. After dealing with the Angel, the second Red Raven submerged Sky Island once more, though his loneliness was beginning to eat away at him.

He eventually lost it, and decided that his fellow Islanders were right - the surface world must be invaded at once! Of course, when he opened the sleeping chambers, the people of Sky Island all appeared to be dead (though they were simply in a death-like sleep). This caused him to lash out in grief, the result of which caused the island to explode - and sink yet again to the ocean floor.

While this explosion killed him, the second Red Raven's corpse was reanimated by Diablo when he was attempting to raid the remnants of Sky Island for certain technologies, and needed a distraction to keep Namor and the third Red Raven at bay. Of course, it then got demolished by Namor as he drove a steel pylon through it in an attempt to get at the villainous alchemist.

As such, it's likely that we won't be seeing this second Red Raven again - but you never know. The Bi-beast keeps coming back, after all!

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