the Rock Crusher

The Rock Crusher is a small, tan and brown GI Joe vehicle that can be deployed in one of two different configurations, each of which emulates another Joe vehicle which is currently in circulation. Of course, its operator can switch between the two with just a few minutes of assembly.

The assault quad mode of the Rock Crusher is designed to function just like the Assault Quad vehicle the Joes fielded starting in 2002. It's not the fastest ride, but it has decent handling for something its size, as well as being more useful for off-road applications.

The Rock Crusher's land luge mode, on the other hand, alters both of these qualities to the extreme. It can be driven much faster, gaining about fifty percent more speed, but it's a much more difficult vehicle to control, and is most useful on roads.

Either way, the Rock Crusher has an effective m.s. of 8, and these vehicular characteristics and capabilities overall:

Autocannons (a): in either mode, the Rock Crusher has access to two rotary-barrel machine guns. These guns are linked, and can fire a short burst of lead to inflict the driver's Agility +6 damage, raised to +7 if the Rock Crusher's operator fires a continuous stream of ammunition.

Communications Array (i): the Rock Crusher is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system, allowing for constant team communications. This provides intensity 3 comm power (a 10 mile range) with intensity 10 signal encryption.

Lightning Speed (a): the Rock Crusher is kind of fast for something its size. It can move at intensity 2 speed (60 m.p.h.) in its assault quad mode, doing so on most terrain, or at intensity 3 speed (90 m.p.h.) in its land luge mode, albeit only on flat surfaces.

Missile Launcher (i): the Rock Crusher is armed with a singular missile launcher, which is mounted either on the front or the rear of the vehicle, depending on its current configuration. The projectiles it launches can inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage with each hit.

Shape Change (a): the primary design feature of all B.T.R. items, the Rock Crusher can serve as one of two different vehicles, depending on its operator's needs. With just a few moments of work in the field, said operator can convert it between assault quad and land luge modes (and back).

Extra Goodies:

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