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5x(c) *

Hand Size:
4 (25)

* When using Thunder Cutter, Kenji has access to two Willpower skills he otherwise lacks.


Kenji is a normal human in every way. He is known as 'kensai', which literally translates as 'sword saint'. Trained in various ancient, quasi-mystic fighting arts since childhood, he exhibits a skill that is near-super-human. It is suspected that his weapons may be magical in nature.


Ultimate Skill / Swords (i): Kenji is an astoundingly proficient swordsman. He may use swords as if his Strength were +4 in value, and can trump with them using literally any card in the Saga deck - even a Doom card, if desired (though he may well pay for such feats down the line).

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Thunder Cutter (s): Kenji wields an ancient blade of near unearthly craftsmanship and quality called 'Thunder Cutter'. Although over 1,000 years old, the antique sword is razor sharp (being a +4 weapon) and stronger than tempered steel. The blade is of m.s. 20, is 'bonded' to Kenji, and displays a variety of properties when used by him, such as:

* Embedded Skills (w): the Thunder Cutter acts as a focus for various mental skills. In essence, it allows Kenji to make use of the Trance and Resist Domination skills as if he'd learned them himself. These allow him to slow his bodily systems down to the point of apparent death, or to boost the difficulty of mind control actions against him by one difficulty level.

* Resistance to Electricity (s): thanks to its mystic origins, the Thunder Cutter (along with its wielder) has the benefit of an enhanced resistance to Electrical attack. This is an intensity 32 (+8) resistance, which allows both Kenji and the sword to stand tall in the face of all but the most powerful of electrical discharges (it'd take a lot of such energies to actually overcome this power).

* Turnabout (a): the powerful enchantment on the Thunder Cutter is such that it can be used to actually reflect attacks aimed at Kenji. If Kenji takes no actions in a given exchange, he can use the sword to deflect incoming assaults, and either fire them right back at their source or elsewhere. This is an intensity 12 power.

* Weightlessness: finally, the Thunder Cutter itself is virtually weightless, and as such, Kenji can draw the thing almost instantly to use it.


Boxing (s): though his real skill is in the use of swords in battle, Kenji is also competent in a fight without a blade to back him up. He may divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Languages / English and Japanese (i): while not a true linguist by any stretch of the imagination, Kenji can speak more than one tongue. Namely, he speaks his native Japanese fluently, and can do a competent, if accented, English.

Martial Arts (a): this skill allows Kenji to make melee attacks at one difficulty level lower than is usually required. Also, if not attacking, he can catch objects coming at him and reduce falling damage at one difficulty level lower than normal.

Martial Arts Weapons (s): in addition to his frightening mastery of the blade, Kenji can make deadly use of nunchaku, sais, and oriental daggers, as well as shuriken and crossbows (though the latter two are properly Agility trump weapons).

Swords 3 (s): thanks to natural ability combined with years and years of intense training, Kenji is absolutely lethal with any sword in his hands. In addition to making sword attacks at a reduced difficulty level, he benefits from an autotrump while doing so.


Soldier: Kenji is a proud, honorable fighter, doing what he feels he must to fight evil and find his family. Though he has rejected the strict, secret society that has deceived and betrayed him, he is nonetheless a regimented, orderly man, and works well with groups either in or out of battle.


Ronin most often wears a traditional Japanese costume (i.e., Kimono, pants (called gi), and boots/sandals).

His robes bear the colors of his house: dark blue and gray (silver). Due to his break from his clan, Ronin began wearing his hair loose instead of tied in a traditional queue. Also, he may sometimes dress in western garb: dark gray slacks, dark black turtle neck and gray trench coat.

Personality (in the words of Peter):

One third Wolverine, two parts Clint Eastwood, and three and a half parts any good swordsman from Japanese myth, literature and/or anime. In other words, your stereo-typical tall, dark, mysterious stranger who rides into town and takes the bad guys out.

He is quiet and reserved, but more from discipline than from any sort of anti-social attitude. He doesn't mince words, letting his steel do the talking when words fail. Intense, focused and single-minded, he's a mean and ruthless SOB when the situation warrants it.

Real Name: Mora Kenji
Occupation: hired swordsman
Legal Status: Japanese citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: black, shoulder length
Eyes: dark brown
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Kenji was born to the Ikaro "Ike" and Kimiko "Kim" Mura family about 3 decades ago. Ike and Kim, both executives for the Toronago Corporation, were thoroughly westernized, much to the chagrin of Tengi Mura, Ike's grandfather. A staunch traditionalist, the old man demanded that his grandson be raised according to traditional ways and values.

The boy's parents, however, were having none of that. The rift between the grandfather and father was so bad that Tengi disowned his son while Ike moved his young family to the US. Unknown to Ike or Kim, Grandfather was a member of the Idealist Group: The Shogun Warriors, a society dedicated to the re-adoption of Japanese Traditionalism, specifically that of the Feudal Period.

Employing agents from this group, old Mura had young Kenji stolen from his parents and whisked away to the group's hidden stronghold, deep within the Koga Mountains. There, young Kenji was brought up in a Feudal society, cut off from his parents and the modern world. He was told that his parents had died and, having never seen the outside world, how was he to know that Feudal Japan no longer existed?

Kenji was schooled in the ways of the Samurai, trained in the social and martial skills of this warrior caste. To his credit, Kenji proved to be an excellent student. Such were his skills and prowess that he was presented with his clan's heirloom, an antique samurai sword: the Thundercutter. It was said that the blade was enchanted and possessed hidden powers that only a true warrior could unlock.

Kenji proved to be such a warrior. Bonding with his weapon, the young samurai was able to unlock its hidden secrets, making them his own. His grandfather was extremely proud of the boy. His gamble had paid off in full. In a moment of foolhardiness, Grandfather Mura remarked about how stupid Kenji's parents had been and how the youth was well rid of them.

Shocked and angered, Kenji forced his grandfather to reveal the truth: that his parents were indeed alive and that his entire upbringing had been a lie. Outraged by the deception and pained by his loss, Kenji fled the group's stronghold into the outside world. The Shogun Warriors sent agents to retrieve him, but they all fell before the might of his enchanted blade.

Kenji's quest to find his family has led him to the shores of the United States. What adventures will find our young hero in this strange place?

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