Variant Earth 13 Player Characters

Complete Character Descriptions

While a large number of the Variant Earth 13 Play By E Mail Characters were missing bits here and there, making their descriptions more than a little bit incomplete, I actually had comprehensive information handy for a bunch of these folks. Such individuals are detailed immediately below, and require no 'fudging' should you wish to utilize them in your campaigns. They include:

Crimebuster: shipped off to Japan to learn 'discipline' after a youthful crime spree, Oliver Edgehill was trained by Master Lee in the fighting arts. After mastering his chi, Oliver returned to the states to fight evil and tyranny - as the Crimebuster! Availability:

Crimebuster (MSH Classic)

Crimebuster (4C System)

Crimebuster (Marvel Saga)

Created by Scott Greengold.

Hardcore: after exposure to a new bioweapon during Operation Desert Storm, Will Cross was forever changed. Using his new abilities for both the CIA and the Plebian Federation, Will eventually went 'straight' - and has paid for it ever since! Availability:

Hardcore (MSH Classic)

Hardcore (4C System)

Hardcore (Marvel Saga)

Created by Andy Hicks.

Jinx: young Natasha Huston was forever altered after being exposed to unknown energies during a freak lab accident. Ever since, people around her suffer one horrible accident after another, a trait she uses to her advantage as a vigilante crusader! Availability:

Jinx (MSH Classic)

Jinx (4C System)

Jinx (Marvel Saga)

Created by Bil Lockwood.

Masque: raised by circus freaks, Alpert Smithingale was taught stage magic until a real wizard took him under his wing. Now a powerful practitioner of philosophical magic, Alpert is trying to convince everybody that magic is the way of the future! Availability:

Masque (MSH Classic)

Masque (4C System)

Masque (Marvel Saga)

Created by Chris Acers.

Reaper: adopted by paranormal-obsessed eccentrics, Jaycen Nguyen grew up lonely. When he suddenly developed the powers of his birthright one fateful day, Jaycen (with the help of an enigmatic tutor) began to defend the innocent as Reaper! Availability:

Reaper (MSH Classic)

Reaper (4C System)

Reaper (Marvel Saga)

Created by Michael Joiner.

Rebound: after being exposed to anomalous chemicals on the job, this gifted NSA operative found his features, his very body, twisted beyond recognition. Leaving his old life behind, he now uses his special abilities to fight evil as Rebound! Availability:

Rebound (MSH Classic)

Rebound (4C System)

Rebound (Marvel Saga)

Created by Doug Lohse.

Ronin: abducted as a youth by his obsessive grandfather, Mora Kenji spent his youth with a bizarre luddite cult. Having been recently thrust into the modern world, Mora Kenji is completely clueless about the new reality he has found himself in. Availability:

Ronin (MSH Classic)

Ronin (4C System)

Ronin (Marvel Saga)

Created by Peter Chamers.

Stone Cold: when Jeremy Michael Irons' mutantcy surfaced in his early teens, the youthful orphan was forever changed. Doing what came naturally, he decided to become a super hero, and people in Atlanta know him as Stone Cold to this very day! Availability:

Stone Cold (MSH Classic)

Stone Cold (4C System)

Stone Cold (Marvel Saga)

Created by Charlie Clay.

Incomplete Character Descriptions

While the above individuals were detailed fully, there were several players that never quite got around to sharing all the finer points of their characters with me. A lot of this primarily consisted of the little 'personality' blurb I made everyone write in their own words, but some were missing a bit more. Either way, here's the unfinished folks I have handy, for the sake of completion:

Geoffrey McAlister: born in money and raised in priviledge, Geoffrey McAlister was surprised to learn that he was meant for even more, at least until he got a handle on his latent psionic potential. Now he's truly powerful, and has an ego to match! Availability:

Geoffrey McAlister (MSH Classic)

Geoffrey McAlister (4C System)

Geoffrey McAlister (Marvel Saga)

Created by Doug Lohse.

Silhouette: an extraplanar expatriate, the enigmatic Silhouette has written several works of 'fiction' based on her real life adventures. The fans of her work have made her plenty of money, and quite famous, which only helps her to adventure more! Availability:

Silhouette (MSH Classic)

Silhouette (4C System)

Silhouette (Marvel Saga)

Created by Lady Arakne.

Missing Character Descriptions

There were several more characters my many and various players moved through the Variant Earth 13 Play By E Mail Game, beyond the ten described above - in whole or in part. However, what I have of their statistics is locked away in old archives of my e mail program, which used to be Thunderbird. Until I can somehow recover them (new versions don't let me use the old trick I used to transfer it over) they are lost.

These individuals include AS 9 (who I killed by dropping a rock on his head), Ari, Gordon (who made I think two posts), Gunslinger, Justice, Kickstart, Magus, and uh, that may be it. I'd have to check to be sure, but that would involve reading my way through the entire v13 archive, and after so many years it's just not in my head any more. But if I can recover the data for these folks, I'll add them in some day!

Creative Commons (or lack therein) Notice

Note: while all the other characters offered in the Variant Earth 13 portion of this site are offered under a Creative Commons license, should you inexplicably wish to use them somewhere, these characters are a bit different. This is, of course, because they are not of my creation; by dint of their being player characters for my e mail game, they are by definition the creations of others!

I have endeavored to ask a few players here and there if they'd be willing to 'share' their creations, when I could get ahold of their current contact information, and those who agree will have the Creative Commons blurb at the bottom of their 4C System: Edition 13 variations. If they lack such, just treat them like any other licensed property covered by the 13: Use At Your Own Risk.

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