Geoffrey McAlister

Created by Doug Lohse

RV 10
RV 20
RV 10
RV 20
RV 40
RV 30
RV 50
RV 30
RV +6



Geoffrey McAlister is a psi, an otherwise normal human who, through intense training and discipline, unlocked several potent abilities inside his mind. While he may wield considerable might in social circles, it's the power of Geoffrey's mind that makes him truly dangerous!

Known Powers:

Trained Psionics (Psikinetic Powers, Traditional Master *):

Telekinesis (a): core of the psikinetic discipline of power, this art affords Geoffrey the ability to manipulate objects directly with his mind - no physical contact necessary. He can do this with rank value 50 ability, meaning he can shift up to 50 tons of material just by thinking about it!

Psi Web (t): Geoffrey can spread an invisible web of psionic force up to 40 yards wide - a full sector across - in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. This web has an effective m.v. of 40, and those within must defeat that rank value to move about.

Object Weakening (s): Geoffrey can reduce the m.v. of an item by 1 RS per turn this rank value 40 psikinetic skill is applied to it. This effect is temporary, but can be used to easily destroy an object while it is so weakened.

Psychokinesis (a): this art converts the potential energy within an object into kinetic energy - instantly. This causes MB damage to living targets, and can break objects if Geoffrey can pass a power ACT against the material value of an object with this rank value 50 power.

Force Field (t): now that he's more of an adventuring sort, this psikinetic talent is vital to Geoffrey's continued survival. He can use it to contain his body within a powerful cocoon of protective mental energies, a cocoon that provides him the following protection from attack:

RV 40 / RV 50 / RV 10 / RV 50 / RV 0

Power Dampening (s): Geoffrey may use this rank value 50 psikinetic skill to reduce the intensity of ambient energy sources in his vicinity. He can lower such sources by up to 50 points with a successful ACT roll against the intensity of said energies.

Psychometry (a): this handy psionic art allows Geoffrey to read the imprints of psionic energy left on inanimate objects by those handling it, with rank value 20 ability. He receives a -1 RS for each 'trace' left on an item, but is otherwise unlimited in the time he can look backward.

Force Blast (t): a direct and aggressive application of his telekinesis, a force blast is Geoffrey's ire made manifest in the physical world. Geoffrey can use this talent to inflict rank value 40 Force damage on any target foolish enough to make him unhappy.

Object Charge (s): this psikinetic skill allows Geoffrey to charge an object with a vast amount of kinetic energy, energy that discharges to inflict this power rank value (30) in explosive (Slashing) damage on contact. This discharge may or may not break the object in question.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Attitude: Geoffrey is arrogant. Incredibly so, in fact. In order to restrain himself when dealing with those he feels are his inferior, Geoffrey must pass a Willpower ACT roll at -2 RS first... assuming he wishes to. After all, why should he worry how his lessers feel?

Psionic Aptitude: while many folks have to work hard at unlocking their psionic potential, Geoffrey has always had this potential active... it just went unrecognized for a long time. This quirk lets him resolve psionic power ACTs (save for damage) at a +1 RS.

Quick Learning: while he's arrogant, it's not necessarily undeserved; Geoffrey's bright and a very quick study. As such, he can gain new skills at 75% of the usual cost, meaning that he can master such much faster than your average Joe - or even your not-so-average Joes.

Sanity: thanks in part to his background, and in part to his training with Yogi Samuelsen, Geoffrey is virtually unflappable. When faced with the bizarre he can easily maintain a 'poker face', and makes ACT rolls required to retain his sanity at his Willpower +2 RS.

Snob: Geoffrey is an elitist snot, that's for sure. He's used to hanging with his high society friends, and rarely has the inclination to deal nicely with the 'little people'. This causes folks that aren't of his ilk to react to him as though his Repute was -2 RS lower than is listed above.


Heir to Fortune: Geoffrey was born rich - and has worked hard to enhance this state even further. He's rather well off, and has a constant flow of money and material goods at his beck and call. This, of course, in addition to having 'people' on staff that readily do his bidding.

Theology / Yoga: Geoffrey is a highly disciplined young man, having practiced Yoga for years. This meditative path is ultimately meant to merge his human spirit with that of the greater universe, and free him of the constraints of ego; naturally, Geoffrey has a long, long way to go here.


Geoffrey can rely upon his psionic master, Yogi Samuelsen, for assistance in a pinch... he's the Yogi's greatest pupil, after all. Furthermore, as a partner in the ascendant human mercenary organization known as T.H.E.M. (don't ask what it stands for), Geoffrey has many super-human allies.



Personality (in the words of Doug):


Real Name: Geoffrey McAlister
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: T.H.E.M. (don't ask what it stands for)

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Geoffrey McAlister grew up in privilege. His parents came from old money, and made sure that Geoffrey knew what that meant; he was better than everyone else was. He went to the finest schools, wore the best clothes, and only had the most proper of friends. He learned the old family traditions and grew to revel in the exercising of his family's influence.

Everything came easy to him from school to social life; everything was his for the taking. All this changed when he met the Master Yogi, Marcus Samuelsen. Marcus was different from every other teacher that Geoffrey had met. The family's power or wealth did not intimidate him. Normally, that would get an instructor summarily dismissed, but Yogi Samuelsen was different.

He saw a potential in Geoffrey that no one else had ever suspected and few others could even begin to understand. Master Samuelsen knew how to unlock the true power lurking within the young man's mind, and once Geoffrey had a taste of it, he wanted it more than anything else he had ever known. Ever since the revelation, Geoffrey has been learning to harness his abilities under Marcus' tutelage.

He has all but forgotten about his family's affairs, but is still ingrained with the arrogance and snobbishness of his upbringing. He is convinced that he is far superior to everyone he will ever meet, at least, in his mind. Marcus has been slowly guiding him away from this mindset, but it's a long road ahead one that Geoffrey is largely taking on his own.

Leaving the family's affairs behind, but certainly not the fortune, Geoffrey is on a quest to hone his abilities in the real world. He has been learning more about his abilities every day, and by following the mental exercises set up for him by his mentor, new ones. With his newly found abilities in hand, he has become a well-bred thrill seeker.

He has taken to putting himself in some normally dangerous situations, just to flex his mental muscles on the little people. Just recently, he took a stroll through Central Park at midnight, just to see how many muggers he could gather before he got bored with them. He left the lot of them tied to the upper branches of a single tree, laughing all the way back to his Manhattan co-op.

Almost every day now, he heads out looking for another way to push his limits and have fun. One means by which he does this is his participation in a joint venture that he has created with several other like-minded, super-powerful individuals. This venture, known as T.H.E.M. (don't ask what it stands for), is a for-hire problem solving organization, founded at the behest of Yogi Samuelsen... sort of.

You see, Samuelsen charged Geoffrey to use his powers to significantly help the world in some manner, and Geoffrey figured the best way to do this is to have problems come to him - the bigger, the better. Not only would he be able to make money in this fashion, but eventually a truly world-shaking problem would literally walk his way, and he could easily complete the somewhat vague mission before him.

While this 'big' problem has yet to rear its ugly little head, Geoffrey is doing just fine solving bizarre mysteries and the like with the rest of T.H.E.M...!

* Note: when Geoffrey first started game play, he was not in fact a psikinetic master - he 'only' had the first six powers listed above. Since he is now a master, their original rank values have been boosted by 1 RS, which is reflected above. This makes him much more potent a psi, so if one were wishing to use him in their campaign, it may be easier to just use him at his beginning power levels...!

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