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Hand Size:
4 (25)


Silhouette is an artist and dancer from an extradimensional space she knows as the Shadowrealm, who was trapped on the earth after attempting an interdimensional teleport for the first time. She is not human, though she closely resembles one - save for a few cosmetic oddities. Her extraplanar origins account for her wide array of physical and supernatural powers.


Darkness Generation and Control (i): Silhouette has the potent ability to channel unknown energies from a plane full of mystic shadows, energies that manifest as a sort of dark light with seeming substance. Once they are in this dimension, she can manipulate such energies with intensity 12 skill, and had demonstrated the following power stunts as of this point in time:

* Blending (a): Silhouette can cover her body in her shadowy energies, making herself appear to melt into shadows or other darkness, as long as some are present. She can do this with intensity 12 ability, and will remain so 'gone' until she does something to reveal herself, at which point Sil must pass an average difficulty blending action opposed by her would-be observer's Willpower score to remain hidden.

* Dimensional Transit (i): an ability that Silhouette possesses, but has little control over, is her ability to cross the dimensions themselves. She does this via the dimension she draws her darkness from, as an intermediary plane. She fades into this plane and simply emerges into a new plane, and can do so with intensity 6 skill. However, she has no control over what plane she travels to as of yet.

* Energy Cohesion (i): this stunt allows Silhouette to manufacture all manner of quasi-solid objects with her darkness, which have a m.s. of 12. These objects can be used as melee weapons, cages, walls, or whatever Silhouette desires, and will last until either dispelled by her or destroyed by some sort of attack. Her current favorite darkness weapon is an ebon staff.

* Infravision (w): Silhouette has the ability to see in shadow. The name of this intensity 10 power is really a misnomer, as it has nothing to do with infrared rays, but instead is the power to actually see in darkness, of any variety. Silhouette need only pass an average difficulty 'infravision' action versus the intensity of any darkness to see through it, though she can automatically see through her own.

* Teleportation (a): Silhouette can use her darkness powers to teleport, doing so by encasing herself within a cocoon of darkness and bouncing off the dimension it issues forth from at right angles, in order to emerge at a new location. She can do this with intensity 16 skill, allowing her to instantly teleport to anywhere on the earth or the moon.

Regeneration (s): thanks to this inherent power, Silhouette recovers from injuries that bypass her many resistances rather quickly. Working at intensity 8, this power allows her to recover a drawn card each exchange if said card has a non-negative aura, and is of less value than this power intensity (in other words, seven or less).

Resistance to Aging, Cold, Corrosion, Electricity, Kinetic Energy, Metal, and Pressure Variation (s): the race of extraplanar beings that Silhouette belongs to is rather resilient, being able to stand tall in the face of such attacks and effects. Having +5 resistance to these phenomena, this allows her to shrug off all but the most powerful assaults of these types.

Telepathy (w): Silhouette's other major ability is her telepathy, the ability to achieve direct mind-to-mind communications with another being. In essence, Sil's an intensity 10 telepath, who can automatically achieve mental contact with a willing mind. If Sil wished to mentally speak to a totally unwilling being, she must pass an easy telepathy action opposed by her target's Willpower score.

This isn't the full extent of her telepathic abilities, however, for Silhouette has received extensive training in the application of her mental powers from various instructors at home. To date, Silhouette is known to have access to these telepathic power stunts, at various levels of mastery (though she's working on making them more effective):

* Biological / Psi Sense (w): by sweeping an area for the unique mental signature generated by sentient beings, Silhouette can detect whether or not any living things are in her immediate area. Working at intensity 6, this power lets Sil spot living beings and psychic activity if she can pass an average difficulty detection action, opposed only if such things are being actively cloaked.

* Empathy (w): in addition to speaking mind to mind in a verbal sense, Silhouette can also read and transmit emotional states, having the intensity 8 ability to do so. This tends to be a more limited form of communication than true telepathy, but can sometimes be more efficient than simple mind-reading, for the purposes of determining motives and such.

* Mental Probe (w): a more interrogative aspect of her telepathy, this power stunt allows Silhouette to probe a mind for specific images or information. She can do this by passing an average difficulty mental probe action, opposed by the Willpower of her target. The successful use of this intensity 7 power stunt lowers the Intellect and Willpower of Sil's target by 1 for 24 hours, and a body may be probed only once per day.

* Resistance to Mind Control (s): this defensive power allows Silhouette to resist the effects of mind scans and mental control powers easily, giving her intensity 12 (+3) protection from such. Furthermore, she can extend this protection to other people, offering this protection to up to nine others, as long as they are within Near Missile distance of her person.

* Telelocation (w): Silhouette can readily locate people she knows with her telepathic powers. She can find a person with a basically global range, doing so at intensity 4. This merely requires an average difficulty telelocation action, opposed only if someone she is looking for is somehow shielded from psionic detection with some other power.


Phobic - Claustrophobia: Silhouette is not happy about tight, enclosed spaces. In fact, if she finds herself in one, she must flee immediately or suffer a reduction in all of her ability scores to zero for the duration of her enclosure. This does not prevent her from acting, but is a significant damper to her succeeding in any endeavor.

Susceptible - Light: Silhouette, as are all of her people, is somewhat susceptible to the effects of bright light. As opposed to the standard effect of this hindrance, she is basically subject to a one difficulty level penalty in the execution of any action while exposed to a bright (intensity 5 or greater) source of light energy. This includes direct sunlight.


ICB (i): this sample of advanced equipment, brought with Silhouette from her home plane, allows her to utilize intensity 10 Linguistics, as well as an extremely specialized form of matter conversion that can manufacture a costume for her out of either her clothing or ambient air molecules. Finally, it's a powerful radio transceiver, working with a 250 mile range.


Acrobatics (a): double-jointed and nimble, Sil can do the whole swinging from ropes, tumbling, and gymnastics routine. Given sufficient room, she can attempt to dodge and reduce falling damage at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.

Artist (w): a true artist where dance and physical movement is concerned, Silhouette can design dance routines like no other. While she can do painting and sculptures like other artists, her genius lies in motion, and she has produced dance forms heretofore unknown on earth.

Computers (i): Sil's knowledge of intelligences extends to those of an electronic nature. She can operate and program computers, design computer-controlled equipment to a small extent, and understands the basics of artificial intelligence.

Martial Arts (a): this skill allows Sil to make melee attacks at one difficulty level lower than is typically required. Also, if not attacking, she can catch objects coming at her and reduce falling damage at one difficulty level lower than normal.

Performer (w): in addition to being able to compose her own dance routines, Silhouette can also perform them to a tee. In fact, she can use this skill to distract an opponent for one exchange by passing an average Willpower action, opposed by her target's Willpower score.

Repair / Tinkering (a): primarily put to use to keep her ICB functional, Silhouette can nonetheless make competent repairs on all manner of devices, be they electronic, mechanical, or some mix of the two. She can't use this skill to make new devices, however.

Skill / Staff (s): Silhouette is well versed in the use of staves in combat, whether they be real or those she has manufactured with her darkness powers. She makes attacks with such weaponry as though they were one difficulty level lower than is normally required.

Writing (w): a pervasive author upon her arrival on earth, Silhouette has learned the ins and outs of literature, and likes to document her own experiences and emotions in written form. Of course, people believe her autobiographical accounts are fictional...


Silhouette is able to rely upon friends in the comics and gaming industry for help, as well as numerous fans of her autobiographical comic book and gaming books, novels. Of course, she can also rely upon a team of vigilantes she befriended on one of her many adventures, even if they didn't get ideal portrayals in her comic, in particular the dwarf known as Och.


Investigator: delving into all of life's mysteries with an open mind, Silhouette embodies this calling to a tee, going out of her way to find new people, places, things, and ideas to contemplate. She simply isn't happy unless she's immersed in the new now and then. Of course, she's not above documenting her investigations for fun and/or profit, doing so in her autobiographical comic book...!


Silhouette wears a black cloak and stretch fabric outfit, which is adorned with green boots and gloves, along with a green centerpiece (like a one-piece bikini over the black fabric), and a utility belt brimming with all sorts of useful devices (like a Maglite ™ flashlight, etc...). The costume appears to be armored in nature; however, it doesn't actually improve Silhouette's defenses any.

Personality (in the words of Lady Arakne):


Real Name: Drisananisha
Occupation: dancer, comic book writer / artist
Legal Status: Citizen of 'the Shadowrealm', legalized alien (so to speak) in America with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Shadowdancer
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: dark green
Eyes: dark green
Weight: 128 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: looks like a "Hindu elf", has 6 fingers/toes on her hands/feet; reflective eyes



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