Created by Doug Lohse


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Doug was originally an ordinary (well, extraordinary) NSA operative who was forever altered after being exposed to freaky-weird chemicals during one of his many drug-busting missions. He is the epitome of the altered human, even if he'd like nothing more than to just be normal once again. Of course, since his genome has been twisted, you never know if he'll keep on changing...!


Aura (s): thanks to the strange chemicals that have forever changed Doug, he has been cursed with a curious, ever-present body coating of a rather caustic nature. This sticky substance has rather interesting chemical properties, all of which Doug is still trying to sort out to this day. So far, his chemical secretions have demonstrated the following abilities / properties:

* Body Armor (s): thanks to its explosive nature, Doug's body coating allows him to withstand a truly astounding amount of damage. Acting as a sort of ablative armor, his coating will detonate upon any impact of intensity 5 or greater force, responding with a like powered blast at up to intensity 13 (which may cause Doug to get thrown around a bit). This is the equivalent of +3 protection from attack.

* Corrosion (s): in addition to its rather volatile nature, Doug's chemical coating is somewhat caustic. He can use it, on touch, to corrode inorganic materials with intensity 13 ability, and affects organic materials at intensity 9. While he can do this, however, it is important to note that Doug isn't always this corrosive, otherwise he would burn through everything he touches!

* Detonation (i): more than anything else, Doug's chemical secretions are exceptionally volatile. However, while they will detonate on impact, Doug can consciously cause his body coating to explode at will, regardless of whether or not something sets them off. These explosions can range from intensity 5 to intensity 13, depending on how much of his ooze Doug wishes to detonate.

* Propulsion (a): the explosive nature of Doug's coating causes him to get thrown about by its ablative effect much like a pinball, with each subsequent impact causing him to blast off in a different, sometimes random direction. Of course, he can also simulate the leaping power with this ability, simply by jumping real high and then blasting off. This is an intensity 10 power.

* Webs (a): one trick Doug has come up with concerning his sticky secretions is the ability to cast them at others, usually with a solid flick of the wrist, which can nail a body within firing distance of his person. Once they strike a target, they will stick with intensity 8 ability, and worst of all, Doug can use his explosion power through these sticky strands to blow things up at a distance.

Body Armor (s): while he gains significant protection from injury thanks to his body coating, it should be noted that the process that gave Doug his powers has markedly hardened his flesh, though apparently deforming it some in the process. Doug has +1 protection from physical attacks thanks to his mutated skin, which adds to the protection his icky, sticky body coating grants him.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Monstrous: while the strange genetically engineered, mutagenic plants that granted him his ascendant powers gave him several handy capabilities, the horrible price they wrought on Doug was immeasurable - they made him a monster. He is at Willpower zero (0) when attempting to keep Edge zero (0) humans from fleeing from him when they see him in a horrific, unmasked state.


Electronic Slate (i): seized from the hoard of the draconic techno-sorceress Elys, this powerful device at first appears to be a transparent clipboard, though once activated it will project a three dimensional, holographic image / interface onto the slate itself or above it, if so desired. This device was built for members of the time-exempt organization known as Temporal Management, and has these properties:

* Computer Link (i): the slate can perform a 'passive quantum reading' on any electronic device or network, allowing it to read or search for any data sought by the slate's operator. This allows it to eavesdrop on digital traffic with intensity 20 ability, and since no actual interaction with said traffic is perpetrated, it can defeat attempts to block and/or detect its operation with similar ability.

On the other hand, the slate can actually interface seamlessly with such devices, even if they don't ordinarily accept remote access, and it can be used to send text messages, electronic mail, or even system commands if so desired. This function works at intensity 12, and while it can be countered by software security measures, it has a measure of stealth, working at this rank against black ice and the like.

* Macro Sense (w): despite being separated from Temporal Management operatives for over a century, the slate has the ability to access that organization's vast database when asked about a given person, place, or thing, assuming that TE actually has data on the thing in question. This power works at intensity 15; not as effective as its computer link, but then, TE are only human...ish.

Rebound Costume (s): while he has no utility belt, per se, nor any other high tech gadgetry, Doug's costume is something special. You see, he put it together out of special fabrics, materials that are highly resistant to his volatile, slightly corrosive chemical secretions. Furthermore, while being immune to his powers, this suit allows them to function normally even while it is on.


Boxing (s): a large portion of his basic military training involved teaching Doug how to defend himself should he find himself unarmed - not that this is the preferable state of being in battle, of course. When in such melee combat, Doug may divide his pre-cardplay action score between two attacks, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.

Detective / Espionage (i): after the military loaned him out to the NSA, Doug was trained in the fine arts of surveillance, electronic or otherwise. Furthermore, he can make a passing attempt at true detective work or other espionage techniques. While performing such duties, Doug may make all applicable actions at one difficulty level lower than is usually required.

Guns (a): though he hardly uses this skill in his current circumstances, Doug was quite a gunman in his day. In battle, he can use any regular, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary. However, to date, he has received no training in the proper use of recoilless or energy rifles at all - though this may change in the future.

Military (w): Doug was a military man before he entered the world of espionage (and, after that, super-heroic adventure), and as such, he knows military protocols and procedures like the back of his mangled hands. Furthermore, should he reveal himself to the world, he could likely lead military men and women into battle, if he could only explain where he's been all this time...!


Were he to reveal to the world that he is not, in fact, deceased, Doug could rely on a bevy of contacts from his former life, including friends, family, and NSA co-workers. However, as he has chosen to allow these folks to believe him dead, he currently has only his powers and his natural, chaotic wit to rely upon in a pinch - if you don't count a certain group of violent outcast vigilantes he's spent some time with.


Outcast: while he used to be an outgoing, charismatic fellow that people usually liked, Doug has changed in outlook dramatically since his transformation. Moribund and brooding he has become, not to mention horrified by and hateful of his appearance. As such, Doug allows all his former friends and relatives to think him dead, and tends to be aloof even towards other outcasts like himself.


Doug wears a primarily black costume, which is coupled with red stripes. The main block of red begins at where his eyebrows should be, and races over his head and down his back. The other red stripes begin on the ends of his fingertips, meet on his hands, and flow down the front of his suit via his arms, criss-crossing on his waist and then traveling down his legs to terminate on his boots.

Doug's mask is featureless, except for the eyepieces, which are red.

Personality (in the words of Douglas):

Rebound is still a very bitter man, due to what has happened to him. He left a great deal behind when he was transformed and being apart from everything he has ever known has been a significant strain. He is acutely aware of who is looking at him because he is now extremely self-conscious and paranoid.

He is looking for some purpose for his life. Not necessarily a religious man, he is convinced, however, that this transformation happened to him for some reason. The thought that this was simply a random act of the universe is too much for him to bear.

In battle, he has a tendency to leap headlong into things rather than sitting back and considering his options. Because of the way his powers tend to destroy things that hit him, he has a bad habit of not dodging until he has already been hurt by something.

He has grown unused to physical pain, but lives in emotional turmoil daily. He doesn't generally start fights, but will not tolerate anyone making fun of him. More than once his paranoia and self-consciousness have gotten the better of his judgment.

He usually doesn't fight with his full abilities, but if things start getting too hairy, he will cut loose and let the rubble fall where it may.

Real Name: Doug (last name unrevealed)
Occupation: adventurer, drifter, former government operative
Legal Status: American citizen, legally dead
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: Rebound is a member of an unnamed vigilante squad

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: none
Eyes: blue
Weight: 185 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: other than his hideously deformed skin, and the thick, viscous ooze constantly issuing forth from it, none.


When he first entered the US Army, his test scores indicated some rather unique aptitudes, and as the powers that be decided was best, he was lent out to the National Security Agency to operate under their direction and jurisdiction indefinitely. He didn't mind much since he was able to grow his hair out and the money was very good.

After several successful missions, Rebound was tasked for a solo mission to "observe and report" on a suspected drug smuggling outfit in one of our less-than-friendly southern neighbors. He found himself a secluded location about a mile from the facility and set up shop to monitor their operations and communications. Several hours passed and he was making great progress in tracking all of their signals.

He had locked down the cellular phones of six of the more important members of the organization. He had even determined the radio frequencies of most of their pilots. He was generally feeling pretty good about his progress and began his analysis of the data he had been intercepting. After analyzing the data and running the speech through the translation software, he made a shocking discovery.

This was not a drug operation after all - it was the testing ground for a Black-Ops chemical factory, and he was right in the middle of the test bed! No wonder none of the guards had come looking for him there! At his point, he had been mucking around in the chemically saturated foliage for hours. The noxious chemicals had penetrated his skin and Rebound found that his sweat was no longer evaporating.

It was, in fact, becoming rather sticky. To make matters worse, he could tell from the radio chatter that the people he was spying on had discovered his eavesdropping and were frantically searching for him. Assessing all available options, he took the only one that seemed viable - he set his equipment to self-destruct and bugged out of there like the proverbial bat out of Hell.

He ran for several miles through the thick jungle unsure of where he was, but sure that he had to escape pursuit. Several miles later, he made the unintentional discovery that the stickiness of his sweat was not the only way that his body chemistry had changed. Exhausted, terrified by what was happening to him, and totally without backup, he collapsed to the jungle floor...

And was immediately thrown into the air by a tremendous explosion. He landed about 100 feet away and was propelled into the air by another blast. In fact, it took him nearly an hour to stop bouncing and exploding. He slept as the dead for hours, thankful that the explosions had masked his survival from his pursuers. As he slept off his exhaustion, his chemically tortured body completed its metamorphosis.

When he finally awakened he discovered that his skin had hardened, warping his features so that not even he could recognize himself. When he eventually did find a brackish pool of water to see himself in, what he saw was most certainly a shock. He had always considered himself good-looking, however, his features now had changed into something that could only be called hideous.

His hardened skin was oozing a milky-white, sticky substance. His stomach emptied what little remained inside into the water and he leapt away in horror. It was then that he came to the realization that he could never go home. As far as the NSA was concerned, he was dead. Nobody would be able to recognize him, let alone bear to look at him. His new reality pounded on his psyche like a jackhammer.

He would never see his family again. He could never return to his past life in the States. He was angry, hurt, terrifying to look at, rapidly becoming depressed, and generally out-of-sorts. One thing he did know, however, was that the man who had dropped into the jungle the previous night was indeed dead and nobody was EVER going to know different.

For the past few months, Rebound has been coming to terms with his new appearance and abilities. He has taken to wearing a mask. Not to hide his identity, but to keep anyone from seeing what a horror show he now looks like. He is deeply disturbed by what he has become and has little trust remaining for anyone. He began to live as a drifter, never staying in any one place too long.

Sooner or later, he winds up blowing up something important and must flee before the authorities catch up to him. Of course, the man eventually wound up falling in with several other outcasts like himself, after meeting up with an unassuming auto mechanic who was given unbelievable powers as a result of a battle between himself and Old Gruff, a member of the Electronicists League.

While this mechanic has himself left the earth to figure out his place in the universe, Rebound remains with those outcast allies of his, since he really doesn't have anywhere else to go. Because they seem to get themselves in trouble more often than not, the resulting mayhem allows him to put his hideous abilities to some good use. And, of course, it lets him blow off a whole lot of steam!

* While Rebound has pretty much stayed the same since he began game play, it should be noted that his electronic slate is something he picked up on a particularly harrowing adventure. While he hasn't paid Karma for it, per se, it's not something I'd readily dink with in a 'mean game narrator' sense, since it fits in with his whole NSA / super-spy character origin. Even if it is rather dangerous in his hands...

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