Red Raven 3

Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
In 40
Sh 0



Dania, the third Red Raven, is the daughter of the original hero that bore that name. While she is presumably the descendant of both him and some unknown resident of the Aerie, the third Red Raven seems to be completely human, lacking the wings that those native to the Sky Island possess. However, she can be considered a high tech heroine, having a suit similar to her father's.

Known Powers:

Longevity: though she is otherwise a perfectly normal human, Dania most likely has a slightly extended life span as did her father, which is most likely a result of the advanced medical science available within the Aerie, and later the second Sky Island. Dania nonetheless has this power at a minimum of Feeble (2) rank, though her eventual life span is as of yet unknown, since she's rather young to begin with.

Limitations / Enhancements:



The Red Raven Suit: her primary claim to fame, the Red Raven suit is the vehicle by which Dania fights evil and avenges the wrongs done to Sky Island society. Though she seemingly lacks the wings of all other citizens of the Sky Island, Dania wears her Red Raven suit with pride, as it allows her to fly at a respectable speed, and has several other useful functions. They are:

* Body Armor: the Red Raven suit is, of itself, made from a 'reinforced synthetic stretch fabric'. This fabric weave provides Dania Typical (6) protection from physical attacks (gunshots, knives, etc...). The Red Raven suit offers no inherent energy resistance by itself, though its overall defense is raised to Excellent (20) if Dania successfully uses her wings as a shield.

* Gun Feathers: hidden within the long pinion 'feathers' of the Suit's wings, these twin pistols can be used to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage to an opponent, if Dania deems it necessary. The barrels (or any other part of her wings, for that matter) can also be used to bludgeon opponents, inflicting her Strength +1 CS in Blunt Attack damage per strike.

* Hard Points: the wings of the Red Raven suit themselves are of at least Unearthly (100) m.s., as the originals withstood the direct flames of the Human Torch on at least one occasion. With a successful shield maneuver, Dania can add +2 CS to the protection her uniform already provides - which has kept her alive on more than a few occasions!

* Wings: by far the main feature of the suit, these mechanical wings allow Dania to fly at Typical (6) air speed - approximately 90 m.p.h., give or take. These wings gain lift via microscopic antigravity generators, though their actual forward momentum and maneuverability come from the flapping motion of the wings while she moves the air.


Alien Customs: Dania seemingly grew up in the Aerie, a sort of floating city that has been completely isolated from the rest of human civilization until only recently, save for one or two incidents. As such, she's possessed of a slightly alien mindset, one more practical for a person with her background and more likely to cause her to behave strangely, as compared to ordinary humans.


Aerial Combat: having spent a lifetime flying about in the air, Dania is naturally rather skilled in airborne fighting techniques. Having honed her skills within the Aerie for years, she can make any attack roll while in the air at a +1 CS (whether it applies to her Fighting or Agility score). As such, she naturally attacks an opponent from the air, for she has a considerable edge in that regard.


To date, Dania hasn't really experienced much in the way of human contact, as she spent her formative years alone in the Aerie. In her first interaction with others, however, Dania met and befriended Namor, the Sub-Mariner, who would most likely aid her in a pinch. After the re-establishment of Sky Island, though, she has come to earn the respect of many of its winged citizens, including her father.


Dania wears a suit that has the same capabilities, and the same general appearance of the original Red Raven's. This suit consists of a red stretch fabric bodysuit, coupled with red gloves, red boots, a red, streamlined helmet that covers the top of her head, a red one-piece bikini sort of thing worn over the bodysuit, and of course, the large, expansive wings inherent to her look.


Having been raised in total solitude, Dania feels an intense desire to protect her heritage from those who would exploit it, and generally has no use for other sentient beings. However, since her first meeting with surface dwellers, she may have mellowed out some, especially after the residents of Sky Island made themselves known to the world. Time will tell, of course.

Real Name: Dania (last name unrevealed)
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of Sky Island
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: strawberry blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 115 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


The third hero (or heroine, rather) to don the title of the Red Raven, Dania was born and raised in the abandoned, floating facility known as the Aerie. This empty, airborne structure was cloaked from all other residents of the earth, though it had powerful access to various intelligence-gathering devices by which Dania could learn about the surface dwellers who lived beneath her.

She was content to stay where she was, the entire populace of a virtually extinct civilization, until an expedition manned by Namor's corporation, Oracle, Inc., tried to excavate the fallen Sky Island; this sunken island, apparently the resting place of the entire Avian race and the first Red Raven himself, was apparently separate from the Aerie proper, where Dania hails from.

With the advanced spy technology available to her, Dania discovered that the research facility that Oracle had planted near the sunken Isle had fallen to an attack by the evil Diablo, who wanted access to the Isle's advanced technology much like Oracle did - but had less charitable goals in mind for the gear. By the time she had arrived, Diablo had been joined by Namor himself.

Investigating the attack, Namor found Diablo to be the source of the mayhem, but was fooled by the alchemist's honeyed words, and agreed to help him uncover the technology he needed. Upon her arrival, Dania confronted both Diablo and Namor (the latter of which she blamed for her father's death) in regards to their plundering, and helped Namor realize that he'd been duped by the centuries-old mage.

As such, he allied with her to defeat Diablo, who animated the 'corpses' of every resident of the Sky Island (including the first two Red Ravens) to use as cannon fodder while he stole the technology he needed to conquer the earth. The two fought valiantly, however, and drove the villain off at the last second. After this, Dania and Namor parted on generally good terms.

Dania then flew off into the sunset, returning to the Aerie only to discover that the people of Sky Island weren't dead after all. You see, they were all in a state of suspended animation merely resembling death, one that Diablo's machinations finally freed them from. Thus, when the revived Sky Islanders joined Dania in the Aerie, they then worked to found a brand new Sky Island!

Shortly after the new Sky Island was complete, Dania finally got a chance to better know her father, the leader of the new city-state. She strived to earn his respect and approval, and one such opportunity arose when the mighty Defenders showed up on the Island's doorstep. They were seeking some sort of dread menace that a curse was forcing them to uncover, but her father refused to let them seek it out.

Dania then led the force of Sky Islanders who were seeking out this threat herself - and she found it herself, in the form of the Bloodravens cult, who was attempting to summon some sort of extradimensional entity into their temple. She barely escaped after being discovered, and warned her father and the Defenders what was going on - though they failed to stop the Bloodraven's device from working.

Thus, a portal to some terrible extradimensional location was opened, and the so-called Wayfinder attempted to enter the earthly plane. The Defenders managed to hold the demon at bay until Red Raven kicked it out of our universe - by ramming Sky Island itself into the portal, jamming it shut. Though she wasn't a part of this second fight due to her injuries, Dania most likely recovered from them soon enough.

And continues on as a valuable Sky Island citizen to this very day.

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