the Raging Typhoon

The Raging Typhoon is the crown jewel of the original BTR (Built To Rule) GI Joe vehicles. It is a large vehicle that is primarily configured as a hovercraft, and is armed to the teeth in this mode. Of course, there's much more than meets the eye with this complex device.

Namely, the Raging Typhoon can be deconstructed and rebuilt as four other vehicles when necessary! This splits its various weapons and components across the four 'new' devices, as is detailed below for each. The Raging Typhoon itself has these characteristics:

Autocannons (a): the Raging Typhoon has not one, not two, but six rotary-barrelled cannons! Each individual autocannon can discharge a short burst of ammunition to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, or be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

However, any of the vehicles which are armed with an autocannon actually has two, both of which can be trained on a single foe to increase this damage by +1. This bonus applies whether firing a short burst or discharging these weapons continuously.

Body Armor (s): the Raging Typhoon has an effective material strength of 12. The hovercraft and land attack vehicles both offer like, or +3, protection to their occupants, while the others (save for the drone) only provide intensity 4, or +1, defense.

Communications Array (i): the Raging Typhoon is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This provides its operators intensity 5 transception (a 25 mile range), and features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Drone (i): the Raging Typhoon is equipped with a ground-based drone, a four-wheeled vehicle that can be controlled remotely to scout out nearby land. It is equipped with a missile launcher that can be used to neutralize most personnel threats.

Missile Launchers (i): the Raging Typhoon has four separate missile launchers. Each sub-vehicle can have one, while the main vehicle has all four present. Three of these are individual launchers, while one is a rotary-barreled, multi-projectile launcher.

When launched singly, these missiles will inflict intensity 10 damage. However, when a vehicle can fire multiple projectiles, add a +1 to the damage inflicted for each additional missile which strikes its target (in hovercraft mode, the Raging Typhoon can fire up to nine at once).

Passengers: by design, the Raging Typhoon can carry a whole lot of Joes around. The main vehicle can fit two Joes inside, with a third in the turret on top. There are numerous additional hand-holds and the like for extra Joes to cling onto the vehicle in a pinch.

Propulsion / Super Swimming (a): while it's highly versatile, the Raging Typhoon isn't too fast (as is the case with most ground effect vehicles). It can achieve intensity 2 speeds, around 45 miles per hour, though it can do so either on land or water!

Shape Change (a): in the event that circumstances require it, the Joes operating the Raging Typhoon may dismantle it to rebuild the vehicle into four separate, distinct devices! Each of these are described as follows, borrowing components from the main vehicle:

* Land Attack Vehicle (i): this is a heavily armored, four-wheeled ground assault vehicle. It carries the rotary-barrel missile launcher on the driver side and two autocannons on its roof. It benefits from the main vehicle's body armor rating.

* Sea Attack Vehicle (i): this is a small, high-speed boat. It can reach speeds of intensity 2 (60 miles per hour) over short distances on the open sea, though usually less on rivers and such. It has a missile launcher and two of the autocannons.

* Air Attack Vehicle (i): this is a small, maneuverable one-man aircraft. It has two autocannons and a missile launcher, and can usually reach intensity 7 air speed (around 300 miles per hour). It can take off from the water, just like a sea plane.

* Drone Attack Vehicle (i): the Raging Typhoon's drone can be reconfigured slightly to be controlled directly by a Joe. It then looks like a go-kart with a missile launcher on top (which is about what it is). It offers its operator no body armor rating.

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