The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: G

Galvatron: thought destroyed after a cataclysmic battle with Omega Prime, Megatron was revived as an energy leech, a sort of undead robot, in an Egyptian pyramid. Now calling himself Galvatron, he's even more unhinged - and dangerous - than ever before! Availability:

Galvatron (MSH Classic)

Galvatron (4C System)

Galvatron (Marvel Saga)

Gardener: obsessed beyond mere mortal constraints with a desire to build the universe's greatest display of plant life, the Gardener is billions of years old. An Elder of the Universe, he only acts to further this goal, for good or ill. Availability:

Gardener (MSH Classic)

Gardener (4C System)

Gardener (Marvel Saga)

Gas Skunk: able to transform into an angry-looking skunk, Gas Skunk is something of a dandy. Being the earth-bound Predacons' demolitions expert, Gas Skunk is highly skilled in the destruction of just about anything he's required to smash up. Availability:

Gas Skunk (MSH Classic)

Gas Skunk (4C System)

Gas Skunk (Marvel Saga)

Gatto di Sangue: the Blood Cat was a gymnast in the 1980 Olympics, having already refined her dexterity to its absolute human limit. The White Event enhanced this even further, and with the Web's help she's honed her parability to a deadly degree. Availability:

Gatto di Sangue (MSH Classic)

Gatto di Sangue (4C System)

Gatto di Sangue (Marvel Saga)

Gary Gaunt: criminologist by day and hooligan by night, Gary Gaunt was an ordinary man until, in a concussed daze, he drank an experimental formula that causes daily transformations. While he seeks a cure for his malady, his inner monster aches to be free! Availability:

Gary Gaunt (MSH Classic)

Gary Gaunt (4C System)

Gary Gaunt (Marvel Saga)

Gears (G1): while he complains about anything and everything going on around him, Gears only does so to lighten the mood of his fellow Autobots. He's not really all that negative when you get down to it, but the casual observer might not realize this. Availability:

Gears (MSH Classic)

Gears (4C System)

Gears (Marvel Saga)

Gears (GI Joe): a technological genius, Joseph Morrone is the whiz-kid who saved the life of Greg Scott by building him into the one and only Robo-Joe! Advancing even that fellow's exoskeletal technology to a new level, Joseph has built GI Joe new combat armor! Availability:

Gears (MSH Classic)

Gears (4C System)

Gears (Marvel Saga)

the General: a mobile command platform without compare, the General is part tank, part fortress, and all trouble for Cobra! Armed with a vast array of armaments and an intricate sensor web to direct them, the General can easily dominate any battle. Availability:

the General (MSH Classic)

the General (4C System)

the General (Marvel Saga)

Geodesy: an earth geomancer by calling, Marissa Hewn works in the sundry yet necessary business of excavating vast tracts of subterranean real estate for would-be world conquerors - much to the dismay of the Society of Elucidated Brethren! Availability:

Geodesy (MSH Classic)

Geodesy (4C System)

Geodesy (Marvel Saga)

the Ghost Girl: a young Scottish girl who yearned to fight for her country, Wendy Hunt was easy pickings for Alfie, a traitor who needed such people for a dastardly plot. Given a suit that bends light, she fought evil with it for a short time. Availability:

the Ghost Girl (MSH Classic)

the Ghost Girl (4C System)

the Ghost Girl (Marvel Saga)

Ghostrider: Jonas has worked his entire life to avoid notice, a trait which has developed to an almost super-human degree. Even when it's written down in front of them, his fellow Joes can barely remember his code name, much less what he actually looks like! Availability:

Ghostrider (MSH Classic)

Ghostrider (4C System)

Ghostrider (Marvel Saga)

the Ghoststriker X-16: the GI Joe team's fastest airplane, bar none, the Ghoststriker X-16 is built to move ridiculously quick. The X-16 can fly at an astounding Mach 10, which is so fast that its missiles (or anything else in the sky) can't even keep up with it! Availability:

the Ghoststriker X-16 (MSH Classic)

the Ghoststriker X-16 (4C System)

the Ghoststriker X-16 (Marvel Saga)

the GI Jane: in its early years, GI Joe didn't have access to expensive means of conveyance like its aircraft carrier or space shuttle. During that time, it relied upon a repurposed freighter to ship personnel and equipment about: the GI Jane! Availability:

the GI Jane (MSH Classic)

the GI Jane (4C System)

the GI Jane (Marvel Saga)

GI Jane: a member of GI Joe since the 1960s, GI Jane Martelle specializes in high-energy physics and intelligence work. Though usually working in a support role these days, GI Jane still has her skills and her edge, and is not to be underestimated! Availability:

GI Jane (MSH Classic)

GI Jane (4C System)

GI Jane (Marvel Saga)

GI Joe: Joseph B. Colton was the founder and leader of the original, 1960s GI Joe team. He has decades of combat experience, both public and secret. Aside from possibly Duke, he is likely the only person to serve on both incarnations of the GI Joe team! Availability:

GI Joe (MSH Classic)

GI Joe (4C System)

GI Joe (Marvel Saga)

the GI Joe Headquarters: these large, prefabricated compounds can easily be transported and assembled by a small team of Joes in no time. Once assembled, they offer an unparalleled view of their surroundings, and can easily dominate the area around them! Availability:

the GI Joe Headquarters (MSH Classic)

the GI Joe Headquarters (4C System)

the GI Joe Headquarters (Marvel Saga)

GI Joe's Battle Field Kits: GI Joe maintains a large supply of prefabricated kits that are packed and able to be put into action in mere moments. Though not as versatile as their vehicles, this gear is nonetheless vital to mission success. Availability:

the GI Joe Battle Field Kits (MSH Classic)

the GI Joe Battle Field Kits (4C System)

the GI Joe Battle Field Kits (Marvel Saga)

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-accessories: bucking the trend of most GI Joe equipment at the time, these small devices can be carried by a single operative if necessary. Assembled in the field, these motorized items provide the Joes various useful capabilities. Availability:

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (MSH Classic)

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (4C System)

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (Marvel Saga)

Eduardo Giotti: smitten with Jenny Swensen, Eduardo was the first Troubleshooter to build a new MAX device, his being the 'Strong Arms' partial exoskeleton that granted him great strength - which he used to almost beat Steel Hawk to death! Availability:

Eduardo Giotti (MSH Classic)

Eduardo Giotti (4C System)

Eduardo Giotti (Marvel Saga)

Glabrezu (Tanar'ri): towering fiendish terrors, glabrezu stand fifteen feet tall. These horrific creatures, with their doglike heads and superfluous limbs, readily answer summons by foolish mages to spread the Abyss' influence far and wide. Availability:

Glabrezu (MSH Classic)

Glabrezu (4C System)

Glabrezu (Marvel Saga)

Gladiator: Randy Kellog was blessed with amazing power by the White Event, his body changed to forever increase its density over time. He attempted to use his power to help the world, but his scheme almost caused a third World War years before it was due. Availability:

Gladiator (MSH Classic)

Gladiator (4C System)

Gladiator (Marvel Saga)

Glitter: Stephanie Harrington was originally a mild-mannered housewife in Wisconsin until the White Event, when she gained astounding recuperative powers. Her life has been on a rollercoaster of action, intrigue and heartbreak ever since! Availability:

Glitter (MSH Classic)

Glitter (4C System)

Glitter (Marvel Saga)

Gnawgahyde: a foul-smelling card cheat and a reprehensible sort, Gnawgahyde was a perfect candidate for Dreadnok membership. After they brought him into the fold, he quickly made himself at home, earning the gang plenty of money with his poaching! Availability:

Gnawgahyde (MSH Classic)

Gnawgahyde (4C System)

Gnawgahyde (Marvel Saga)

Gnorr: a bizarre alien inhabiting an abandoned structure on earth's moon, Gnorr longed to conquer a planetary body less barren than his current abode. And he might've taken control of our world if not for Professor Zog and his creation, Electro! Availability:

Gnorr (MSH Classic)

Gnorr (4C System)

Gnorr (Marvel Saga)

Gnorrkin: according to its only known representative, Gnorr, this species of highly intelligent beings is now extinct. This may or may not be true, but either way Gnorr's people have not been encountered anywhere near earth for a long, long time. Availability:

Gnorrkin (MSH Classic)

Gnorrkin (4C System)

Gnorrkin (Marvel Saga)

the Godless Dandy: after the death of his wife, Maxwell 'Maximum' Buckner dedicated to his life to philanthropy. Becoming a Frankologist after greedy priests tried to prey on his grief, he then weapnonized his charity against them! Availability:

the Godless Dandy (MSH Classic)

the Godless Dandy (4C System)

the Godless Dandy (Marvel Saga)

Clarence 'Tex' Goldberg: this false Texan is the de facto public face of the Warriors of Thor, since he's the only person who claims to lead the group. As he runs the Warriors' lodge, he's about as close to a leader as the Warriors will tolerate. Availability:

Clarence 'Tex' Goldberg (MSH Classic)

Clarence 'Tex' Goldberg (4C System)

Clarence 'Tex' Goldberg (Marvel Saga)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman: after acquiring incredible powers thanks to the bumbling efforts of Agent Axis, Gwenny Lou Sabuki went on to become the Golden Girl! Evolving into the Golden Woman after the war, she served as a member of the V-Batalion! Availability:

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (MSH Classic)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (4C System)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (Marvel Saga)

Golobulus: last of the Serpent Kings and the unquestioned ruler of what's left of Cobra-La, Golobulus has ruled his civilization's remnants for untold millennia. He dreams of conquering the earth anew, however, which is why he's meddling in human affairs! Availability:

Golobulus (MSH Classic)

Golobulus (4C System)

Golobulus (Marvel Saga)

Goristroi (Tanar'ri): hulking behemoths, goristroi often grow up to twenty-four foot tall! They are a frightening cross between man and bison, with large ape-like arms, dreadful horns, and a voracious appetite that can strip land bare for miles! Availability:

Goristroi (MSH Classic)

Goristroi (4C System)

Goristroi (Marvel Saga)

Lieutenant Gorky: tapped to replace the late Stormavik, Lt. Gorky quicky proved himself an effective member of the Oktober Guard. He served with the team until it was disbanded, though he quickly fell into a life of crime soon afterwards. Availability:

Lieutenant Gorky (MSH Classic)

Lieutenant Gorky (4C System)

Lieutenant Gorky (Marvel Saga)

Grand Slam: a comic book / sci-fi fan, James has always been fascinated with advanced technology. An electronics major in college, he attended the Army's Special Weapons and Advanced Technology schools, allowing him to wield the HAL! Availability:

Grand Slam (MSH Classic)

Grand Slam (4C System)

Grand Slam (Marvel Saga)

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin: the leader of an international crime syndicate, Henri manages his operation from the United States. Involved in all manner of shady deeds, his work has been interrupted many times over the years by Mark Hazzard. Availability:

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin (MSH Classic)

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin (4C System)

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin (Marvel Saga)

the Great Satan: Thaz is a former soul broker, one who saw the light after his final prize embedded the American spirit into his heart. After this, Thaz decided to use his supernatual might to protect both, and the country that spawned them - as a patriotic super hero! Availability:

the Great Satan (MSH Classic)

the Great Satan (4C System)

the Great Satan (Marvel Saga)

Green Flame Robots: after kidnapping Professor Zog, Doctor Manyac and his Nazi accomplices forced him to build robotic minions based on his Marvel of the Age: Electro! While weaker than Electo, they could generate Manyac's ingenious green flame! Availability:

Green Flame Robots (MSH Classic)

Green Flame Robots (4C System)

Green Flame Robots (Marvel Saga)

the Green Terror: emerging from the depths of Africa, the strange post-human known as the Green Terror is bent on extending his nigh-immortal lifespan ever further - even if this requires the consumption of vast quantities of human blood! Availability:

the Green Terror (MSH Classic)

the Green Terror (4C System)

the Green Terror (Marvel Saga)

GI Joe Greenshirts / Reservists: the GI Joe Reservists, or Greenshirts as they've come to be known, are Joe trainees. These 'kids' are the best conventional American military training has produced, though they need just a bit 'more' to become official Joes. Availability:

Greenshirts / Reservists (MSH Classic)

Greenshirts / Reservists (4C System)

Greenshirts / Reservists (Marvel Saga)

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin: a former Navy SEAL, Lincoln performed dirty tricks and shadow ops for the 'puzzle palace' during the Vietnam War. Using his skills as a professional mercenary afterwards, he fought wars world-wide for the highest bidder. Availability:

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin (MSH Classic)

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin (4C System)

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin (Marvel Saga)

the Grim Determinator: survivor of a botched snack raid in Mexico, the Grim Determinator is a B'ntri sorcerer who was adopted (after a fashion) by the Society of Explicated Brethren. He now works to aid their goal to control all magic use on earth! Availability:

Grim Determinator (MSH Classic)

Grim Determinator (4C System)

Grim Determinator (Marvel Saga)

Grimlock (RiD): a veteran of countless conflicts, Grimlock has become a master tactician through trial and error. While he can easily hold his own in a fight, it's this expertise that makes him so valuable to the Build Team - and the Autobots in general! Availability:

Grimlock (MSH Classic)

Grimlock (4C System)

Grimlock (Marvel Saga)

Gristle: the Headman's successor, Gristle is a career criminal with ambition about as great as Cobra Commander's. Seizing control of the Headhunters, Gristle has secured a place for himself at the top of the underworld - assuming he can keep his grip on it! Availability:

Gristle (MSH Classic)

Gristle (4C System)

Gristle (Marvel Saga)

the Ground Striker: this medium-sized BTR vehicle can be used (and most often is by Flint) in several ways. Its two modes include a 6WD attack vehicle and a high speed patrol boat, which allows the Joes to attack Cobra goons almost anywhere! Availability:

the Ground Striker (MSH Classic)

the Ground Striker (4C System)

the Ground Striker (Marvel Saga)

Grunt: his sheer enthusiasm for military life helping him graduate Advanced Infantry Training near the top of his class, Robert was a perfect fit for the original GI Joe team. He's been associated with the Joes on and off ever since! Availability:

Grunt (MSH Classic)

Grunt (4C System)

Grunt (Marvel Saga)

The Gun Station: the gun station is a small portable missile launching station the GI Joe team can haul into an area and rapidly assemble, either on a transient or semi-permanent basis. It's useful against either enemy aircraft or fortifications! Availability:

the Gun Station (MSH Classic)

the Gun Station (4C System)

the Gun Station (Marvel Saga)

Gung-Ho: raised in a swamp, until forced to fend for himself on the streets of New Orleans with naught but a blade, Gung-Ho found his time in Parris Island like unto a vacation. Perhaps that's why the GI Joe team so eagerly recruited him! Availability:

Gung-Ho (MSH Classic)

Gung-Ho (4C System)

Gung-Ho (Marvel Saga)

Gyro-Vipers: those Air-Vipers who demonstrate advanced aptitude with rotary-wing aircraft and a reckless disregard for their personal safety are ideal candidates for the Gyro-Viper corps, and if they survive the training course, are given their own Mambas! Availability:

Gyro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Gyro-Vipers (4C System)

Gyro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

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