Green Flame Robots


Hand Size:
2 (10)


Based on as little of his technology as he could utilize to make them work, the green flame robots are the coerced creations of Professor Philo Zog. Though not as potent as his Marvel of the Age, Electro, these high tech mechanoids are quite dangerous in their own right.

Known Powers:

Aura (a): Doctor Manyac's green flame robots all possess the ability to shroud their bodies within his greatest creation, the green flame. This is essentially an aura of cold that functions at intensity 13, which provides them like (+3) defense.

Body Armor (s): nowhere near as durable as Electro, Marvel of the Age, Doctor Manyac's green flame robots are nonetheless built from inorganic, primarily metallic substances. Possessing intensity 4 body armor, they have like (or +1) defense at all times.

Cold Generation (a): in addition to their frigid aura, green flame robots can project their namesake as a powerful ranged weapon! Greatly enhancing their raw lethality, this distance attack functions at the same intensity (13) as their auras of green flame.

Electra-Wave Transceiver (w): thanks to this revolutionary technology, Green Flame robots can send and receive electra-wave signals, which allow a remote operator to pilot them no matter where in the world they are. This neuropathic link functions with intensity 12 range and power.

Flight (a): thanks to the curious properties of Manyac's green flame, his robots have the ability to soar through the skies. While they are somewhat slow, these mechanoids can nonetheless fly with intensity 3 ability, moving at approximately 90 miles per hour.

Invulnerability to Disease and Poisons (s): artificial constructs built from inorganic materials, Doctor Manyac's green flame robots scoff at several threats to living beings. They are completely invulnerable to organic disease, as well as poisons (as they do not eat, drink, or breathe).

Limitations / Enhancements:

Driven: without a remote operator, green flame robots cannot act. They cannot be given instructions to be carried out conditionally or repetitively. No, Manyac's mechanoids only act while linked to the mind of another, one who is specifically directing its behavior.

While green flame robots do not seem to have sentience, or an Edge to speak of, the operator of these dastardly devices may use his or her Edge through them when attempting actions. This because while driving them, green flame robots are truly an extension of their very being.


Electra-Wave Transceivers (w): green flame robots are not minions, and do not respond solely to verbal commands. No, to operate them, someone (usually Doctor Manyac) must man an electra-wave transceiver, which links their mind with that of his green flame robots.

These devices are usually somewhat bulky, and most often take the form of a large console, but can also be shaped into an oversized, bulky vest. Either way, electra-wave transceivers are covered in various knobs, dials, and indicator readouts.

These devices, like the green flame robots' own electra-wave transceivers, function at intensity 12.


Soldier: since they are not sentient in and of themselves, green flame robots do not really have any motivation. They simply do whatever the person operating their external electra-wave transceiver instructs them to do, to the very best of their innate ability.


The green flame robots were designed to look similar to Doctor Manyac's original, human minions who wielded his radical chemical reaction against others. They are mechanoids covered with dull gray metal, featuring expressionless, gray metal faces.

The only other color they demonstrate is the emerald discharge of energy given off when their eponymous green flames are ignited.


Doctor Manyac's green flame robots have no personality to speak of. It's possible that their minds are loosely based upon his own, as Professor Zog did the same when building Electro, but what consciousness they have can only work in conjunction with their human operators.

Project: Blockbuster

The culmination of his work with Nazi backers, Doctor Manyac's Blockbuster was a truly immense version of his green flame robots, themselves loosely based upon the work of Professor Zog's Marvel of the Age, Electro.

Standing at around fifty feet tall, the Blockbuster can be considered to possess intensity 10 Growth. Possessing the same basic abilities of conventional green flame robots, its +10 size factor makes it incredibly dangerous in combat.

Of course, the Blockbuster is usually piloted from within instead of remotely. This is done mostly because it's easier to keep its operators safely within its body, to share the heightened protection its immense frame and aura of green flames provides.

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