In 40
Rm 30
In 40
Am 50
In 40
Rm 30
Mn 75
Ex 20
Gd +10 *


* Amongst humans, at least. Rm +30 to fellow Autobots, Rm -30 regarding Decepticons.


Gears is a Transformer, a shape-changing mechanical life form hailing from Cybertron: a world that is of indeterminate and variable distance from our own. He possesses a variety of special powers related to his inorganic, electromechanical 'physiology'.

Known Powers:

Cybertronian Physique: Gears is one of innumerable mechanoid life forms hailing from the planet Cybertron. Like most of his fellows, he is possessed of a variety of special powers related to his alien physiology, including the following:

* Body Armor: made (or formed) from primarily metallic materials, Gears is considerably durable. His sturdy, inorganic composition affords Gears Good (10) protection from attack, enough to make him immune to most basic human assault. Gears' armor breaks down as follows:

Gd 10 / Pr 4 / Sh 0 / Sh 0 / Sh 0

* Growth: Cybertronians come in all manner of sizes, few of which align with the human norm. Gears, for instance, generally stands at around twelve feet tall in his humanoid mode, which grants him this power at Poor (4) rank as a general matter of course.

As such, this Autobot transport possesses a +1 size factor. He thus suffers a -1 CS when targeting human-sized foes, but gains a +1 CS on any damage he inflicts against them, as well as 1 CS of damage reduction against any attacks they, in turn, launch against him.

While this assumes a static volume, many Transformers have demonstated that their size can be highly variable. This reflexive, dynamic size manipulation is an emergent property of Transformers overall, though such mass displacement must surely consume vast amounts of power.

These dynamic volume shifts are most often used when transforming, and enable Transformers to interact with beings of differing sizes without further modifications being required of them. This ultimately allows Transformers to wield or ride within their fellows seamlessly.

* Microscopic / Telescopic Vision: all Transformers have the ability to alter their visual sensitivity where distance is concerned. Functioning at Feeble (2) rank, these powers let them see objects up to a mile distant with ease, as well as allowing them to read items on microfiche.

* Radio Transceiver: as are most Transformers, Gears is equipped with an audio / video transmission system. This communications rig allows him instant contact with any other Cybertronian within a wide radius of his person, having Excellent (20) range (100 miles).

* Resistance / Invulnerability to Disease and Poison: as an inorganic life form, Gears possesses complete immunity to poisons and organic diseases. He also possesses Unearthly (100) resistance to more chemically creative forms of disease.

Headlights: to better emulate earthen vehicles (and since they come in handy in the dark), Gears is equipped with a set of convenient headlights. These twin lamps can be used to generate Excellent (20) intensity illumination, making driving at night no problem.

Infravision: in addition to being able to perceive all normal wavelengths of visible light, Gears has the capability to peer deep into the infrared spectrum as well. He may do this with Incredible (40) ability, which makes him a great sentry, particularly at night.

Levitation: Gears is equipped with air compressors which allow him to move vertically with ease. His Incredible (40) ranked levitation allows him to rocket up to twenty miles into the sky, and then back down again, moving at up to three hundred miles per hour in each direction.

Shape Change: whenever he desires, Gears can transform between his humanoid and 4WD pickup truck modes, and often does so quickly in battle to maximize the use of his abilities. When he's a truck, Gears has these vehicular statistics:

In 40
Rm 30
Am 50
Gd 10

Limitations / Enhancements:



Blaster: Gears is irregularly portrayed as wielding a blaster - possibly because he has no inherent weaponry. He may fire this advanced weapon, should he be carrying it at the time, to inflict Good (10) Force damage per powerful blast.




Detective / Espionage: an Autobot recon expert and general lookout, Gears has this skill as a general matter of course. Thus, Gears is quite good at digging up information about things, whether obvious or inferred, and excels at spotting threats to himself or others.

Martial Arts type B: as he lacks inherent weaponry, and is only occasionally spotted with a weapon in hand, Gears is likely trained in the use of hand-to-hand combat. He can make unarmed melee strikes at a +1 CS, taking advantage of his prodigious Strength.


Gears is a strong and sturdy Autobot who provides a valuable service to his fellows: reconnaissance. He helps them to scout out alien and/or enemy territory when required to, which ultimately assists in the identification of threats to the group overall.

Though most of the group sees him as a grump, they nonetheless appreciate Gears and the services he provides to the Autobots. Thus, he can be reasonably sure that, should he ask any other Autobots for assistance in some matter or another, he will receive it.


In his vehicle mode, Gears resembles a 4WD blue truck of indeterminate make and model, with a red camper shell and red trim in places. In his humanoid configuration, Gears resembles a blue and red robot built from various truck parts, with silver/chrome trim in places.


Gears loves the consistent, monochrome grayness of Cybertron. Conversely, he hates the planet earth, what with its varying terrain, colors, and even surface composition. Of course, he hates the Decepticons even more, so he remains to fight them as long as they persist here.

Gears is also a consummate complainer. He gripes about anything and everything within his considerable sensory range. Of course, he's not a true pessimist, only behaving so to cheer up others; the logic is that people will feel better when trying to make him less unhappy.

This works, oddly enough, even if it makes Gears seem perpetually cantankerous.

Real Name: Gears
Occupation: transport, reconnaissance
Legal Status: citizen of Cybertron with no known criminal record
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Autobots

Height: 12'
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: blue, sometimes yellow
Weight: one ton
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Gears appears as either a blue pickup truck of indeterminate model, with a red camper shell and a red underbody, or a blue and red robot with various steel and/or chromed components in places, seemingly built from spare truck parts.

Design Notes:

My CASE description of Gears appears to be spot-on, where the Transcribing Transformers work is concerned - even when you add the blaster what randomly appears in his hand throughout the old cartoon. His QARD variation, on the other hand, took a bit of fixin'.

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