Hand Size:
4 (25)


A walking extinction machine, Gnawgahyde seems like a super-human threat to any living being in his vicinity. However, he is but a normal human, at least in a physical sense, his penchant for ending the lives of other creatures persisting solely due to a twisted desire to do so.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Bow (a): because killing with a gun is too messy, loud, or easy, Gnawgahyde usually has a bow on hand while in the bush. With his considerable strength, he can fire arrows at others which will ultimately inflict his Agility +5 in damage with every deadly projectile.

Knives (s): whether to kill or process his prey, Gnawgahyde carries several blades with him while on the hunt. Made from m.s. 13 materials, these sharp implements can be used to cut through items of up to like m.s., or to inflict +2 slashing damage in melee combat.

One of them is a conventional blade that he can wield like any other. The second, however, is a machete that Gnawgahyde can affix to his wrist, whether his right wrist band or his left wrist guard. That way, he can wield it even while brandishing another weapon at his foes!

Rifle (a): Gnawgahyde's rifle can be fired to inflict his Agility +5 in damage per round, though it is not semi- or fully automatic in nature. Nonetheless, it it is armed with a scope up top, allowing the Dreadnok to take down his prey at a considerable distance from his person.

Sidearm (a): should all else fail, Gnawgahyde carries a conventional handgun with him while on the hunt. He may discharge a single round from this weapon to inflict his Agility +4 in damage, or a semi-automatic burst of lead to inflict his Agility +5 in damage, instead.


Bows (a): sure, he can fire a gun as well as most Cobra operatives, but Gnawgahyde doesn't solely lean on firearms. No, he often hunts with a bow, whether chasing down endangered game or GI Joe operatives, and may reduce the difficulty on card play when firing arrows at his quarry.

Guns (a): whether firing his sidearm for effect or attempting to drop an elephant at 500 yards, Gnawgahyde is a competent gunman. He may reduce the difficulty on card play involving the discharge of lead from rifles or pistols in a standard, semi-auomatic, or fully automatic manner.

Skill / Knives (s): similar to his bow, Gnawgahyde excels in the use of short blades, since they're so much quieter. He may reduce the difficulty of actions that involve him depositing a knife or dagger into or along the soft, tender flesh of others by one difficulty level.

Stealth (w): the better to sneak up on prey, Gnawgahyde can move unnoticed by many other beings - rancid pig fat notwithstanding. He inflicts an increase in the difficulty of others' card play while he's trying, whether or not they're actively seeking threats while in the wild.

Survival (w): while he may by far prefer powdered donuts and grape soda, Gnawgahyde can readily live off the land should the need arise. He is adept in scraping up enough food, water, and shelter no matter what clime he finds himself in, from barren tundra to sweltering jungles.

Tracking (w): a natural-born hunter, Gnawgahyde has honed his tracking skills over the decades, felling any number of men or beasts. He may reduce the difficulty on card play required when attempting to follow another living being through an ostensibly natural environment.


For the most part, the only contact Gnawgahyde can claim is his adopted family, the Dreadnoks. Sure, they regularly do Cobra's dirty work, but that organization only tangentially recognizes Dreadnok membership in the first place, and wouldn't stick its neck out for them whatsoever.


Demolisher, with a secondary calling of Greed: not only does Gnawgahyde kill various wild creatures for fun, but he also does it for profit! There's any number of people looking for assorted animal parts, after all, whether or not they belong to endangered species.


Gnawgahyde's only set of clothing consists of a leopard fur vest open at his ample pecs, blue jeans, black leather boots, Army green leather belts, pouches, and holsters/sheathes, a black leather wrist brand and wrist brace, a large tooth necklace, and his brown Australian safari hat.


Antisocial to a fault, Gnawgahyde doesn't have much use for people, save for when he wishes to sell his ill-gotten wares. No, he primarily sticks to himself when he can, stalking the deep, dark corners of the world in his perpetual search for new animals to kill and harvest.

At the same time, he's found a family of sorts in the Dreadnoks. Misfits and reprobates to the last, this group has embraced Gnawgahyde despite the faults that seem to drive others away from him, which only encourages the man to procure more and better product to line their pockets.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: poacher, hooligan
Legal Status: citizen of an unknown land with a criminal record in numerous nations
Marital Status: presumbly single
Alias(es), if any: Clyde 'Gnaw' Hyde
Group Affiliation: the Dreadnoks, Cobra

Height: 6'
Hair: bald or shaven
Eyes: brown
Weight: 200 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Gnawgahyde wears a long brown moustache at all times, along with large golden hoop earrings.


Much of Gnawgahyde's background is mysterious. It is unknown where precisely he came from, though his Australian safari hat, along with the fact that many other Dreadnoks hail from the Land Down Under, implies that he may also be from the Upside Down Continent.

Either way, Gnawgahyde had little use for his homeland, and he regularly ranged far and wide in his effort to kill as many critters as possible. Since his local fauna quickly bored him, Gnawgahyde began to walk the earth, finding plenty to keep him busy in Africa.

There, he honed his interest into an art form. Regularly abstaining from eating processed food, avoiding soap and perfume like the plague, and waxing his body in rancid pork fat to disguise his human scent, Gnawgahyde proved frighteningly adept hunting endangered species.

Eventually run off by locals tired of his foul temperament and cheating at cards, Gnawgahyde fell into hard times. Wandering aimlessly, he eventually stumbled into the Dreadnoks when a chance meeting brought them together at an all-night grape soda and powdered donut store.

Immediately hitting it off, Gnawgahyde was rapidly absorbed into their ranks, and though he has little use for sentient beings, Gnawgahyde found that he'd finally met his People. After that, all of his poaching efforts were made in an effort to further fund the gang.

Of course, he often had other work, participating in Dreadnoks' thuggery for Cobra in exhange for their sweet, sweet money. That arrangement continued on and off for years, as Cobra's fortunes waxed and waned, though that group always has a use for rabble with plausible deniability.

Aside from a short period where he'd been driven off by Crusher, Gnawgahyde has stuck with his newly found family ever since he first met the gang. He's been with them through thick and thin, whether supping upon Cobra's cash supply or simply murdering things for profit.

2011 Variations


Gnawgahyde's ensemble has barely changed over time, now consisting of an open brown leather vest, blue jeans, black leather boots, Army green leather belts and holsters/sheathes, fingerless black gloves, steel knee pads, a large tooth necklace, and his brown Australian safari hat.



Hand Size:
2 (10)

The one animate being he has affection for, Clyde is a boar that Gnawgahyde has adopted, after a fashion. This foul-tempered creature can Run at intensity 1 speeds, makes slashing attacks at his Strength +2 via Tusks, and has intensity 6 Tracking ability (Super Smell).

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