the Grim Determinator

Ty 6
Ty 6
Gd 10
Rm 30
Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Ty 6
Ty -5

Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Rm 30
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ty -5

Pr 4
Pr 4
Ex 20
Rm 30
Ex 20
Rm 30
In 40
Pr 4
Ty -5



The Grim Determinator is a B'ntri, a non-humanoid alien from beyond the stars (well, ours at any rate) that is the very definition of an apex predator. Furthermore, 'Grim' has further bolstered his power with considerable occult education, both on earth and in outer space!

Known Powers:

Additional Limbs / Tentacles: like all B'ntri, the Grim Determinator possesses eight wrinkly, wormy tentacles. They are alternately three and six feet long as they circle around his base, the former of which are for manipulation and the latter of which are for locomotion.

Thanks to the fact that he has eight such limbs, Grim can add a +1 CS to his effective speed, as well as a bonus melee attack each turn. Though omnidextrous, Grim cannot trade one bonus in to double another; the B'ntri nervous system simply isn't wired to accommodate such activity.

Corrosion: sure, the Grim Determinator's fangs are frightening to look upon, but the true digestive danger his body holds is its corrosive potential. Things placed in his maw will suffer Excellent (20) Metabolic damage each turn they are exposed to his digestive juices.

On top of the gnawing. But wait, there's more! Grim has mastered the trick of spitting his digestive juices from his mouth - and with considerable range! He can subject someone or something within his current area to a spray of his horrible acidic mouth goo!

Fangs: before his horrible digestive juice can properly dissolve something he eats, the Grim Determinator usually punctures it up with his horrible fangs. He has eight of these dagger-like weapons, each corresponding to one of his tentacles' position around his trunk.

When using these weapons against a foe, Grim may inflict his Strength (might) rank in Edged Attack damage with each bite, something he can attempt for as long as his target is within melee distance - or already in his mouth. And if the latter is the case, it's as good as done.

Universal Digestion: you'd think their claws and corrosive ooze would be bad enough, but the truth is that the evolutionary crucible that spawned the Grim Determinator and his ilk gave them the ability to derive sustenance from literally any solid matter.

Thus, they can eat anything they desire, and ultimately persist to horrify the universe at large, even if their preferred prey - sentient animal life forms - is unavailable. This has the effect of making Grim completely immune to ingested poisons, which get broken down like anything else.

Schooling: Disciple / Elemental Magic:

The Grim Determinator began to study magic at a very young age, self-taught after a fashion - what with his being born in an abandoned, mystic library. He specialized in magic to manipulate space, to better cross it, and has developed these spells thus far:

Elemental Control / Quintessence (s): the Grim Determinator has worked long and hard to increase his ability to alter the flow of space, as well as the related forces of gravity and antigravity. He may mold such phenomenon with Excellent (20) ability.

Environmental Adaptation (p): his magic geared towards traveling through the cosmos unimpeded, the Grim Determinator can adapt his body to survive the rigors of various harsh environs. This Excellent (20) ranked spell gives him up to five adaptations when cast.

Flight (p): by bending space to his will, the Grim Determinator may move in three dimensions as he sees fit - without using his tentacles for locomotion! He is an Excellent (20) ranked flier, and can move at 150 miles per hour when doing so.

Super Flight (d): a potent spell the Grim Determinator developed on his own is the ability to fly at speeds far greater than that of light, which lets him cross the universe in a flash. This Remarkable (30) power allows him cross 30 light years in a single turn!

Elemental Control / Antimagic (s): wishing to control the ability of other sorcerers to menace him with magic, the Grim Determinator has mastered this element with Good (10) ability so far - though wielding improbability may well negate his own spell use if careless.

Eldritch Bolt / Antimagic (u): when facing magic-wielding foes, the Grim Determinator can unleash bolts of raw improbability, potentially removing their ability to cast spells at all. These Excellent (20) ranked bolts of antimagic (ironically) inflict like Sorcerous damage.

Elemental Aura / Antimagic (s): this defensive aura acts with Good (10) rank to blunt incoming damage, per a similarly ranked force field, though magic attacks may negate its energies on a successful FEAT roll versus its rank. It protects the Grim Determinator as follows:

Typical (6) / Good (10) / Good (10) / Shift 0 / Shift 0

Sorcerous Attenuation (s): instead of directly emitting improbability particles into the environment, the Grim Determinator can instead focus his will on another spellcaster, to negate his or her ability to cast one or more spells. He can do so with Excellent (20) skill.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Timelost Wand: an artifact the Grim Determinator found in the mystic library that served as his birth place, this foot-long wooden stick has been enchanted such that its material strength has been improved to Monstrous (75) - but that is the least of its special properties!

In addition to being nigh-indestructible, the timelost wand can be used to fire a bolt of temporal static, which inflicts Excellent (20) Energy damage per blast - which is Armor Piercing against targets outside their natural seven-dimensional coordinates (time and dimensional travelers, etc...)


Dulled Sense / Vision 3: the conditions during which the B'ntri evolved precluded the development of ocular organs, or any other sense to perceive the electromagnetic spectrum. As such, the Grim Determinator cannot see at all, but his other senses function just fine.

Magical Aptitude: as is the case with all B'ntri, the Grim Determinator has a natural knack for the use of magical spells. He can attempt all FEAT rolls with magic, save for any damage his spells will inflict, as if they were +1 CS in rank.

Omnidexterity: though their evolution generally prompts B'ntri to use their tentacles for two different purposes, this isn't entirely necessary, anatomically speaking. Thus, none of the Grim Determinator's limbs are his 'off hand', so to speak.


Astronaut: the Grim Determinator wanders the cosmos without a conveyance. He has learned, through trial, error, and long periods being lost, how to navigate the vastness of the cosmos, and to operate effectively within its confines. He may fight in space at a +1 CS.

Lore: both from his own researches and using the resources made available to him by the Society, the Grim Determinator has acquired extensive knowledge of the occult. He should attempt any Reason FEAT rolls related to such knowledge at a +1 CS to the rank listed above.


The Grim Determinant has few friends. He can call upon the Society of Explicated Brethren for aid should he require it, for all members of that organization may do the same. Even if they only adopted him to study his magic - and of course, his inherent mystic capability.

Grim did journey to earth along with several other B'ntri, but most of these aliens were slain by the heroic Variety Show. Only the Inveterate Invertebrate survived his initial arrival on earth with Grim, but he too has since died - courtesy of the operatives of Agency 13.


Like most B'ntri, the Grim Determinator doesn't really wear clothing, per se. It does keep a purple wizard cap on a smaller tentacle however, which he constantly positions on top of his body - if only to help his fellows in the Society vaguely relate to him better.


The Grim Determinator is an oddly cerebral B'ntri, despite sharing his species' usual homicidal tendencies. He tends to wax philosophical on occasion, particularly where the subject of magic is concerned. He truly enjoys exploring the possibilities of existence, after all.

Real Name: the Grim Determinator (chosen name)
Occupation: magical researcher
Legal Status: citizen of an unknown world, wanted dead or alive by numerous governments due to his species
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Society of Explicated Brethren

Height: 14' (totally extended), 7' 6" (normal stance)
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: inapplicable
Weight: 380 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the Grim Determinator's body consists of a central trunk, for the lack of a better term, that is ringed by eight wormy, elastic tentacles, which alternate between three and six feet long. At the center of this trunk is a maw with eight large fangs.

Unlike many B'ntri, Grim usually keeps the same orientation, this to have two of his smaller tentacles perpendicular to the ground at all times - and to let him wear his purple wizard cap on top of his body, beneath another smaller tentacle. He walks using two of his lower tentacles.


The being who ultimately came to call himself the Grim Determinator was born in an abandoned mystic library on a planet far, far from our own. It was abandoned, of course, due to a B'ntri infestation on that world, and Grim ultimately had the run of the place.

Abandoned after his birth, the Grim Determinator learned how to read the strange books of power by himself, and over the course of his childhood mastered the power to manipulate space itself as he saw fit. Naturally, he used this power to escape his nearly uninhabited home planet.

Traveling from world to world, the Grim Determinator ate all manner of beings, enjoying the subtle uniqueness of each species he encountered. But he found one species he did not want to eat immediately: his own. This when Grim met a small band of B'ntri roaming the cosmos.

Inviting him into their almost derelict spacecraft, they informed him that they were headed to a world they'd recently discovered, one home to beings of remarkable power. Liking the sound of this challenge, the Grim Determinator joined them on their journey - even speeding it along!

Upon their arrival, the Grim Determinator and his newly found friends were attacked by a Mhunghus with a grudge, a strange fungusoid whose world was trashed by the B'ntri previous to their visit to earth. Alone at first, he was ultimately aided by locals calling themselves the Variety Show.

This unexpected resistance so soon upon their arrival left all of the B'ntri dead, save for the Grim Determinator and the Inveterate Invertebrate, though Grim himself was seriously wounded in the conflagration. Left for dead, Grim accepted his imminent demise.

Though death did not claim him! No, before he could die alone on a planet he never made, the Grim Determinator was discovered by several members of a group calling itself the Society of Explicated Brethren. These sinister scholars were attracted by the strange magic Grim wielded.

Inviting him into their little guild, the Brethren studied the Grim Determinator in great depth, fascinated by his alien physiology, as well as his innate knack for the casting of spells. In turn, they taught him how to better wield his elemental magic - as one of their own.

Feeling grateful to other sentient beings for the first time in his existence, the Grim Determinator went from being a mere curiosity to the Brethren to one of their number, using his magic to help them control the spread of mystical knowledge across the earth.

The goal of this, of course, being that in the end only the Brethren would have access to magic - and could thus conquer the world with ease! The Grim Determinator could live with this goal, as it would grant him his choice of the best victims to eat on this world.

And there were so many swarming, teeming victims in potentia here.

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