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Like most other super-powered folks residing in the New Universe, Randy is a paranormal, a sort of altered human that gained his devastating powers as a result of the White Event, a strange astronomical occurrence that bathed the earth in unknown, paradoxical energies. Unlike many paranormals, the level of power Randy received is practically off the scale, rivaling that of the Star Brand itself!

Known Powers:

Agelessness: after his strange transformation into a being of ever-increasing molecular density, Randy has effectively evolved out of human physiology (if not human anatomy) completely. Thanks to this new stage of life, Randy no longer has cellular activity, and as such, he can be assumed to be effectively ageless; he isn't immortal, but at the same time, he also has no eventual life span.

Damage Reduction: Randy's main power is his strange, ever-increasing density. A year and a half after gaining his paranormal powers, he had become so dense that he sank into the ground, and was so resilient to injury that he could withstand direct nuclear assaults. This translates into 8 CS of damage reduction against physical and energy assault, though this protection may have grown even stronger since he was last seen.

Environmental Independence: due to the strange changes in Randy's physiology, he no longer experiences most of your standard physical processes. As such, in his words, he 'don't have to eat or go to the bathroom'. He also likely has no further need to breathe or drink water, and he definitely no longer needs to sleep. This should be considered a Class 5000 power.

Invulnerability to Disease, Radiation, and Toxin Attacks: in addition to his impressive resistance to physical harm, a protection from damage that basically makes him untouchable by almost any force on earth, Randy is also apparently immune to the harmful effects of radiation, disease, and poisons. This isn't due to his density so much as it is his effectively inorganic nature.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Stubborn: if anything, Randy's a rather stubborn individual, letting nothing deter him once he's chosen a course of action. In fact, once he makes up his mind, Randy must pass a Psyche FEAT roll at -2 CS to change it, should he want to.


Martial Arts type B: Randy may have other talents, to be sure, but what they may be are unknown. However, he sure seems to know his way around a fight, and as such he benefits from a +1 CS when attempting any unarmed, offensive melee actions.


Randy's time as a 'hero' was exceptionally limited; in fact, the only empowered person he ever met was Ken Connell, and they're not on friendly terms. Also, after Ken dropped him in interstellar space, it's most likely that Randy has met and befriended few other beings.


None. Randy has no costume, for he has taken to walking around in the nude. And who's going to stop him? Besides, even if he wanted to wear clothing, it would be hard for Randy to come up with fabric of any sort that could withstand the rigors of being on his body.


Randy's pretty dull. Not boring, as it were, but somewhat slow in nature. New ideas and concepts come slowly to him, and he got his notion of taking on the USSR from a book he read. However, once he does come up with some idea, he pursues it with reckless abandon.

Real Name: Randy Kellog
Occupation: would-be freedom fighter
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: most likely single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: none
Eyes: white
Weight: variable, depending on when he's encountered
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Randy's body has transformed into a stocky gray mass of muscle. Furthermore, he has lost all his body hair and his eyes have turned a pupil-less white shade.


Not too much is known about the background of one Randy Kellog. However, it is known that after the White Event, he changed - a lot. He began to grow heavier and heavier, though he stayed the same height. He also put on a whole lot of muscle after his change, turned a solid gray hue, and lost every last strand of hair on his body. In short, he couldn't really pass for normal anymore.

This didn't really bother him for a time, however, as he learned how to walk despite his ever increasing body weight, and basically got on as though his life was the same. Randy's attempt at normalcy ended after he read a book about the Soviet Union, a work of fiction that detailed a means of defeating the USSR - mostly by toppling the main government in Moscow, and replacing it!

Randy became obsessed with this idea and, fueled by his own President's 'Evil Empire' propaganda, decided to act it out. To this end, he hijacked a Japanese freighter while it could still support his weight, and made his way to the Soviet Union. Once there, he latched onto a central Siberian rail line, and began to follow it to Moscow. However, the Soviet army disagreed with his notion.

As such, they threw troops at him, and tanks, and numerous mechanized divisions, but all of these failed. At their wits' end, the Russians did what they thought they must: they dropped a nuclear bomb on Randy. The only problem was that by this time, his molecular density was high enough to shrug off even this deadly assault, marking him as immune to all earthly weapons!

However, as his actions caused world tensions to increase exponentially, Ken Connell, the Star Brand, appeared to investigate these strange nuclear detonations within the USSR, and came into conflict with Randy's plan. Trying to save the world, Ken attacked Randy, but Randy managed to blunt even the power of the Star Brand (at least, in Ken's hands). Mere brute force wasn't Ken's only trick, however.

Since he couldn't bludgeon Randy into submission, Ken picked Randy up and pitched him out into deep space, at a velocity near the speed of light. As he has yet to appear on earth since then, it is assumed that Randy continues his unintentional trip through the universe to this day, continually gaining density as he cannons through space at breakneck speeds!

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