the Gun Station

The gun station is a small, green, camouflaged missile platform the GI Joe team can haul into an area and quickly assemble in the field. This device consists of a rotary gunner's seat that can cover all 360 degrees around its occupant. The launcher itself can elevate up to 45 degrees.

The sophisticated targeting computers of the gun station allow it to fire either upon enemy aircraft or personnel / ground vehicles when necessary. It can store up to three projectiles per load, which inflict intensity 11 damage each, +1 for each additional projectile used simultaneously.

2004 Variations

Just a year after its initial deployment, the Gun Station received a variant based on where it was intended to be used. While the original model featured a foliage-based camouflage scheme, the 2004 iteration has a two-tone brown, desert- or mountain-based coloration.

Aside from this cosmetic change, the '04 gun station otherwise functions identically as its '03 predecessor.

Extra Goodies:

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GI Joe directories featuring a version of the Gun Station:

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