Eduardo Giotti


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Eduardo Giotti, in a strictly physical sense, is a normal human. Intellectually, however, he is quite exceptional. So much so, in fact, that he was able to break down Karl Swensen's MAX heuristics paradigm to transform it into his very own, strength-enhancing partial exoskeleton!



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Strong-Arms (w): this partial exoskeleton, built by Giotti using technology derived from Jenny Swensen's MAX armor, greatly enhances the strength of its wearer. In game terms, it boosts a body's Strength considerably - to intensity of 14, in fact.


Boxing (s): Eduardo is rather good at engaging in fisticuffs, a skill that comes in handy when using his Strong-Arms to fight people. He can divide his total action score between two punching attacks, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.

Engineering (i): an engineering student, Eduardo is rather good at understanding how things are put together. As such, he has this skill, which allows him to reduce the difficulty of building things by one difficulty level, if he's got some source tech to work with.


As one of the five Troubleshooters, Eduardo could readily rely upon his fellow engineering students for aid in a pinch, since they had all gone adventuring together for a while. As he's now dating Terry, the two can also consider each other contacts above and beyond the others.


Gloryhound: Eduardo wanted to be loved... by everybody. After he built his Strong-Arms suit, he decided he wanted to be a super hero to make Jenny (and everybody else) look upon him in awe. This dream quickly fell apart, however.


For the most part, Eduardo wore ordinary clothing while adventuring with the Troubleshooters, though sometimes he made sure it was dark - like when, say, committing crimes. The only 'special' accessory he added to his usual ensemble was his Strong-Arms partial exoskeleton.


Eduardo Giotti is a stubborn, thick-headed sort, yet inexplicably charming. Sure he's smart, but he lacks common sense in most things he does. In fact, it took him about a year to finally figure out that Jenny Swensen wasn't ever going to get involved with him.

However, he's since started to 'grow up', even getting rid of his Strong-Arms unit, to return to a normal life.

Real Name: Eduardo Giotti
Occupation: student, former adventurer
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Troubleshooters (defunct)

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 195 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Eduardo Giotti was an engineering student at MIT, a student that was at the top of his class, along with four other students of note. These five youths, known on campus as the Troubleshooters, were notorious techno-pranksters, and were good friends with their main engineering instructor, Jenny Swensen. Of course, Giotti liked Jenny more than the others; in fact, he had a crush on her.

As such, when her father was killed, and she had to break into Krotze International to get proof that his death wasn't accidental, Giotti was the first Troubleshooter to offer his aid to the beleaguered instructor. The others eventually went along with the plan, and helped Jenny to get inside, where she and her students discovered her father's greatest work: the Mark 2 MAX armor!

In order to prove that Krotze was a bad man, Jenny took the armor and the mobile lab it was built in, though Krotze launched several aborted attempts to retrieve both. During this time, Giotti and the other Troubleshooters were breaking down the MAX technology, and Giotti managed to build the first derivative suit from it: the Strong-Arms partial exoskeleton.

Giotti used this thing to help deflect Krotze's tech retrieval scheme, though he did get beat up several times in the process. Further, after the other Troubleshooters (save for Eric) also built up MAX suits, they managed to prevent an assassination attempt against the visiting English Prime Minister. Of course, this caused them some hardship down the road.

You see, the Steel Hawk, that assassin whose plan they foiled, was kind of ticked off about that. And, on top of that, he decided to get even, which he was able to do once he managed to figure out just who the Troubleshooters were. He started by taking down Ferris and killing poor Andy. In this fight, however, Giotti and Terry managed to defeat the man... barely.

Enraged, the two remaining (and effective) Troubleshooters sought him out in turn, breaking into the FBI database to find all the info they needed on their foe. Armed with the data they needed, the two tracked him down and put the beat down on him, and how! In fact, Giotti would've killed Steel Hawk if he hadn't been saved at the last minute by his female companion.

At it sat, he broke practically every bone in the assassin's body, and apparently inflicted some brain damage upon the man, effectively ruining his career as a terrorist and assassin for the Club. After this incident, Giotti and Terry got together, as the girl apparently had a big ol' crush on him, and with Jenny gone, Eduardo didn't really have anybody else to lust after.

The further adventures of the Troubleshooters have yet to be revealed.

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