Clarence 'Tex' Goldberg

RV 10
RV 10
RV 6
RV 20
RV 20
RV 10
RV 20
RV 40
RV +2



Clarence 'Tex' Goldberg started out as an ordinary human, lacking abnormal traits of any type. However, the man has paid through the nose to acquire a large amount of high tech equipment that allows him to function as what he believes to be the leader of the Warriors of Thor 'church'.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Beretta 9mm: Clarence generally prefers to flash his firearm first, hoping anyone dumb enough to keep menacing him will show their hand (and then meet his hammer). He can fire this gun to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage in a single shot, +1 RS in a semi-auto burst.

Concussion Hammer: this m.v. 75 weapon is a brass-plated, stylized and oversized gavel. It can generate a powerful concussion field though, one that allows Clarence to inflict rank value 30 Force damage with every devastating strike.

Hover-Cycle: to the undisciplined eye, Clarence's motorcycle resembles an ordinary, chromed-out 'hog'. However, looking more closely, you can see small exhaust ports on the bottom, not to mention strange gearing and mechanical implements attached to the wheels.

Then, looking at the wheels proper, you'll note that they're solid, having definite steel bulk to them. This is because when Clarence wishes to, he can shift the bike from a standard to flying mode, those exhausts on the bottom serving as rockets that hold the bike up while it transforms.

When changing, the wheels turn on their side and emit a powerful ionic thrust, which cuts those bottom-mounted rockets off and then allows for full, 3-D propulsion. The bike can fly at rank value 40 speeds, or 272.73 miles per hour. Otherwise, it has these vehicular statistics:

RV 20
RV 150
RV 30
RV 0

* This denotes Clarence's bike's ground speed.




Business / Finance: his main stock in trade, Clarence is an expert in financial matters. He was born into money, after all, and tutored since childhood in the proper usage and acquisition of such. He should make most applicable financial ACT rolls at a +1 RS.

Guns: thanks to his Air National Guard training, Clarence can use most firearms with competence - though he only regularly practices with his Beretta. He can wield standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifles or pistols at his Coordination score +1 RS.

Martial Arts style B: while he prefers to fight with his hammer, Clarence can nonetheless fight unarmed - his Air National Guard training ensured that. He can make unarmed melee strikes, whether punching, kicking, or anything else, at his Melee +1 RS.

Military / United States: like many Americans his age, Clarence was drafted into military service back in the seventies; Clarence lucked out and got a cushy gig in the Air National Guard, but still. He nonetheless has been indoctrinated in the military's protocols and procedures.

Piloting: having served time in the Air National Guard for a short time, Clarence learned how to fly most fixed-wing aircraft - a skill that helps him handle his hover-cycle. He can fly most commercial and military aircraft - save for helicopters - at his Coordination +1 RS.

Skill / Hammer: Clarence has carried a hammer on his person ever since he decided that he believed in the power of Thor. He's maintained this skill through years of melee with more traditional religious extremists, and as such can wield any hammer in combat at his Melee +1 RS.

Weapon Specialist / Concussion Hammer: Clarence has worked hard on the art of wielding his concussion hammer as well as normal mallets - with some tutelage from the Electronicists' League. Clarence wields this weapon at a further +2 RS, and at a +1 to his initiative.


Though he fancies himself the leader of the Warriors of Thor, the truth is that nobody really runs that show. As the founder of its lodge in New York City though, he is nonetheless held in high esteem by the Warriors, and they will generally go out of their way to help him should he need it.


Clarence wears a western-style outfit in public, to foster his image as a 'cowboy'. He fancies well-worn blue jeans, brown cowboy boots, a large brown leather belt with a big 'Texas' belt buckle holding it together, a long-sleeved, collared shirt (color varies), and a brown ten gallon hat.


Clarence isn't all that original. He latched onto the idea of worshiping Thor from some European bikers, and has stuck with it. While unoriginal, he is definitely driven. This is what has caused him to work so hard to bring fortune to the Warriors of Thor - he's a poser, but at least he tries hard.

Real Name: Clarence Goldberg
Occupation: businessman
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a minor criminal record
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: Tex Goldberg
Group Affiliation: the Warriors of Thor

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: blonde, graying
Eyes: blue
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Clarence doesn't shave to look extra rugged, but he only seems capable of about one eighth of an inch of facial hair growth - and it's spotty growth at that.


Clarence was born into an affluent family from Connecticut, and raised with the know-how to manage money. His family's influence couldn't save the man from the Draft, though it did manage to make it easier on him. While his peers died in Vietnam, you see, Clarence got a cushy post.

Placed in the Air National Guard, Clarence got to learn various practical skills in the military, ranging from shooting a gun to flying an airplane, with little risk to his personal safety. He considers himself lucky to have gotten this job, not knowing that it was arranged by dear old dad.

After his 'tour of duty', Clarence bummed around for awhile, doing little of import and generally experimenting with controlled substances. While so 'slumming around', Clarence started to run with a curious band of bikers, a group that had faith not in a Christian god, but in a Norse one.

These 'Thor's Angels' roamed across Europe for much of the 80s, and it was here that Clarence got the notion of forming a real, tax-deductible Church in Thor's name, one that he could use to not only party, but get a tax break for doing so. And thus were the Warriors of Thor born.

Spending a large amount of the family's wealth on a respectable plot of land in New York City proper, Clarence bulldozed it and built the Warriors' lodge, along with a parking lot large enough to hold several hundred motorcycles. That's not all Clarence spent the Goldberg fortune on, though.

Desperately avoiding the 'stigma' of being a trust fund blue blood, Clarence started pretending he was a Texan-born cowboy. He wore all the right clothes in public, badly faked a southern accent, and even bought a ranch in Texas that he uses when being interviewed by the press.

And Clarence gets a lot of press. As 'Tex Goldberg', Clarence appears to the public like an eccentric religious leader that lords over a morally ambiguous flock. However, the truth is that Clarence isn't in charge of the Warriors - he just acts as a convenient public face for Thor's own.

While he's a poser in every sense of the word, Clarence is no slouch in the toughness department. He has no qualms about taking on any threat to his 'brethren', whether he shoots 'em dead or smashes them to pulp with his concussion hammer. He's good at hiding the evidence, too.

But then he doesn't usually need to, for the Warriors tend to handle their own messes. They sometimes ask for help with high-publicity 'incidents', but otherwise they leave Clarence alone. And when he's not busy, Clarence simply rakes in the dough at the Warriors' lodge.

Over the last twenty-five years, that particular investment has more than paid for itself...!

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