the Ground Striker

The Ground Striker is a large B.T.R. (Built To Rule) vehicle the GI Joe team first rolled out in 2004. It can be assembled in one of two different configurations, depending on the needs of its operator (who is most often Flint, when you get down to it).

It has a 6WD mode, which is where the Ground Striker gets its name. Of course, the Ground Striker can be reconfigured to serve as a patrol boat in a pinch, doing so with a careful modification of its extraneous parts to do so. Either way, this vehicle has these characteristics:

Autocannons (a): in either mode, the Ground Striker has access to two rotary-barrel machine guns. These guns are linked, and can fire a short burst of lead to inflict the gunner's Agility +6 damage, raised to +7 if the or she fires a continuous stream of ammunition.

Body Armor (s): the Ground Striker is built to take a beating. In its land mode, its redundant, reinforced design makes it quite resistant to enemy fire and other forms of damage. It has an effective m.s. of 12, and offers its occupants +3 protection.

Communications Gear (i): the Ground Striker is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system (and dual transceiver antennas). It has intensity 5 communications power (with a 100 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Lightning Speed (a): in its basic land mode, the Ground Striker has the ability to move pretty fast, thanks to its 6WD configuration. It can drive at speeds equal to 90 miles per hour under optimal conditions, giving it this ability at intensity 3.

Missile Launcher (i): the Ground Striker is equipped with not one, but two missile launchers. Its projectiles inflict intensity 11 damage when fired singly, but may add a +1 if both are fired at (and hit) a singular target.

Passengers: the Ground Striker has the ability to carry a whole lot of Joes in its armored innards - at least, in its land mode. It has four seats overall, one for the driver, one for a front passenger, and two rear seats. It aquatic mode only has one seat, however.

Shape Change (a): like all B.T.R. vehicles, the Ground Striker has more than one configuration. It can be assembled in either a 6WD or a patrol boat mode, and while its speed is different in either, it otherwise has the same capabilities.

Super Swimming (a): when it is assembled in its aquatic mode, the Ground Striker cannot drive (which should seem obvious, but there you are). Instead, it can zip about on the open waves at 45 miles per hour (intensity 2) or at 30 miles per hour on choppier water (intensity 1).

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