Base Cost: 30.5 points

Ty 6
Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty -5



The species which spawned Gnorr, the self-proclaimed Emperor of the Moon, is not of our world - or our moon, for that matter. No, his species evolved elsewhere in the cosmos, and may originate quite far away from earth, for no others of his kind have been seen near this planet.

Known Powers:

Fangs: Gnorrkin all have horrible, enormous teeth. Supplementing their sharp, pointy fangs, Gnorrkin also have two large tusks protruding from their mouth. They may use these immense natural weapons to inflict their Strength rank in Edged Attack damage, should they so desire.

Longevity: Gnorr's people are extremely long lived. They have the benefit of possessing Typical (6) longevity, which would give them an approximate lifespan of 15,120 years (normal human lifespan times power rank cubed), barring injury or disease.

Super Senses: a large portion of Gnorrkin anatomy is comprised of their sensory organs. As a result of this anatomical oddity, they presumably have perception that's better than a mere human's. They may attempt Intuition FEATs dependent on conventional senses at a +2 CS.

Tentacles: instead of the limbs possessed by a conventional humanoid, Gnorrkin have four tentacles, each of which issue forth from the bottom of their vaguely spherical frame. They can use these as either extra arms or extra legs in a turn, but not both at once.

Limitations / Enhancements:



In and of themselves, the kin of Gnorr do not possess inherent technology. However, they seem to have a facility for either the creation or modification of highly advanced devices, which means a given Gnorrkin may very well possess various examples of fantastic gear on hand.




Gnorrkin have no specific talents that are shared across their race. They are a spacefaring species, however, so it is safe to assume that a given Gnorrkin might know a thing or two about science in general, or possibly some specialization therein.


According to this species' only known representative, Gnorr, it's quite likely that Gnorrkin are extinct. If this proves not to be the case, one member of this species may very well be highly motivated to assist another in need, should they happen to luck upon each other in the wild.


Little is known about the culture of the species that ultimately spawned Gnorr. The Gnorrkin (not their actual name, but it's as good a title as any) seem to be highly advanced in an intellectual sense, and may very well mirror Gnorr's general behavior and his sense of superiority.


Gnorrkin are non-humanoid entities. The vast majority of their body consists of what looks like a squashed sphere, perhaps in the approximate dimensions of a pumpkin, the majority of which is occupied by their immense faces - faces that are vaguely humanoid in aspect.

On this immense, head-like body, Gnorrkin have a fanged jaw, pointy ears, bulging eyes, and a bulbous nose. They possess long, sparse hair that circles around their head from just over their eyes, and their rich brown skin tone shows through the gaps in these follicles.

To interact with the world, Gnorrkin possess four tentacles, which issue forth from the bottom of their bodies. These may or may not end in smaller tentacles, which act more or less like hands do, but this is not certain. These limbs can be used for manipulation or locomotion.

Ecological Niche:

The people who spawned Gnorr are not particularly powerful, in a physical sense. Most of their body is their immense heads, after all, leaving only their relatively small (if long) tentacles with which to affect their surroundings. Unless they bite something, that is.

On the other hand, they are quite intelligent and long lived, which readily lends itself to the manufacture of advanced technologies. Being that Gnorrkin are a spacefaring race, they likely rest at the top of the food chain on their world... assuming they still exist.


Very little has been revealed about the species that, for lack of a better term, we know as the Gnorrkin. They are a long-lived, spacefaring race that may range far and wide through the cosmos, so much so that one Gnorrkin rarely encounters another. Or, they may be dying out.

The latter of two possibilities was posited by Gnorr himself, the only known representative of this species (hence their placeholder of a name). But then again, he spent several thousand years on our moon, with no readily available means with which to leave that dead satellite.

Whether or not his information was correct, or even if he was being truthful, is unknown at this time. But if he was right, Gnorr's apparent death at the hands of Professor Zog and two hotrodding space explorers means that Gnorrkin were rendered extinct in the early 1940s.

Even if Gnorrkin have shuffled off to (hopefully) higher planes of existence, relics of their species may yet remain, scattered throughout space. Who knows what kinds of ridiculously advanced, abandoned technology they may have left lying about, where almost anyone could find it?

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