Gary Gaunt


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Gary Gaunt was originally naught but a normal human, a criminologist extraordinaire who helped the police fight crime. After he inadvertently consumed a chemical concoction of his own creation after being concussed in a car crash, he was catastrophically changed.


Ability Boost (w): when night falls, Gary transforms both physically and mentally. During this time, he is cursed with almost super-human strength, his normal score of 6 being doubled to 12 (he has this power during the night at intensity 12).

Fangs (s): upon transforming each night, Gary develops a pair of terrible, sharpened fangs! He can wield these implements to inflict +2 damage in melee - which can be incredibly lethal considering how enhanced his Strength becomes after dark!

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Alter Ego: when night falls, mild-mannered criminologist Gary Gaunt changes... into a criminal fiend! His normally reserved self is replaced by an amoral criminal mastermind, and he is barely in control of his actions. He can delay this change with desperate difficulty Willpower actions.

Frenzied: at night, in his altered state, Gary has little control over his actions, and may target friend and foe alike! Breaking out of his 'berserk' state, or holding back when opponents are still readily available, requires desperate difficulty Willpower actions by Gary.

Monstrous: when night falls, and Gary Gaunt transforms into his evil self, his body also changes to reflect his mental state. His features are warped and he becomes unrecognizable. He is at a Willpower score of zero (0) to keep Edge zero (0) folks from fleeing him on sight.


Walking Cane (s): though he's in relatively good condition, Gary carries a walking cane with him at all times. It looks dashing, and in a pinch can serve as a weapon; of course, when he 'changes', he likes to bludgeon people senseless with this +2 walking aid.


Biology (i): a hobby that is something of an offshoot of his professional work, Gary has studied biology in both humans and animals - enough to experiment on strange, biological compounds. He receives a reduced difficulty in all biological matters.

Boxing (s): Gary can take care of himself, whether or not he's got the police as backup. As such, he may divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action (two-fisted action!)

Chemistry (i): to better help himself know his line of work, Gary has learned the ins and outs of chemistry - the better to solve crimes with. He's more than capable in the lab, and receives a reduced difficulty on all chemical actions, no matter how complex.

Criminology (i): a celebrated criminologist, Gary Gaunt is well versed in the criminal mind, assisting the police in the resolution of innumerable outstanding cases. He makes actions to deduce criminal behavior and clues at a reduced difficulty level.

Law (i): an adjunct of his criminology training, Gary has mastered the intricacies of law, both of a federal and local nature. Whether serving as an attorney to someone or interpreting the law as a prosecutor, Gary makes applicable actions at a reduced difficulty.


Gary has innumerable, as of yet unnamed contacts in legal, police and scientific circles, since he dabbles in the work of all three. Furthermore, he can rely upon his girl friend Jean Carson for help at all times - she knows his dirty little secret and still likes the guy.


Peace of Mind, with a secondary calling of Animal Nature: Gary strives to control his inner beast at all times, and fears just what terrors he will inflict on the populace at night. He tries to do good but his monstrous, evil self always looms large in the back of his mind.


When he is his normal self, Gary usually wears a blue three piece suit while 'on the job'. Of course, when he transforms into his evil self, Gary seems to don a red cape - possibly to look more dashing as he fights crime, or possibly 'just because'... it's hard to say.


Gary is a haunted man. While he never intended to do wrong, his own mistake has caused him to become a veritable criminal monster - and he doesn't know how to cure himself! Until he can, this two-fisted man of the law is trying to lay low and control his 'evil' side... as best as he can.

Real Name: Gary Gaunt
Occupation: criminologist, criminal mastermind
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record... yet.
Marital Status: single (for the moment)
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6'
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 185 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: in his normal state, none to speak of. However, when he transforms, Gary's canine teeth elongate into sharp fangs, his ears grow pointy, and his facial features are distorted horribly - to the point that no one can recognize him.


Gary Gaunt was an up and coming criminologist, known far and wide for his ability to solve all manner of cases the police were clueless about. His fame growing daily as newspaper headlines trumpeted his many and various successes, Gary eventually became a target of organized crime.

Fearing their own necks being put on the line by this not-so caped crusader, these villains plotted Gary's downfall. Setting up an ambush, these goons made a half-hearted attempt on his life in a hotel room, but this was only a diversion while others in their employ sabotaged Gary's car.

Chuckling all the while on his way home, having handily defeated the thugs that ambushed him, Gary was flat-footed when his car literally exploded, flinging him bodily from the vehicle. He miraculously survived the detonation of his conveyance, but was not undamaged in the ordeal.

Heavily concussed, Gary staggered home, eventually arriving after hours of wandering. Desperate for something to dull the pain, Gary thought he was taking a sedative. But instead, he inadvertently drank a concoction he was brewing up before those mobsters sprung their trap on him.

This compound, a virus he'd developed to make seemingly docile rabbits vicious and cruel, was never intended for human use. Why Gary was developing this in his spare time is a question no one had an answer for - especially Gary, as he collapsed shortly after imbibing its beaker.

Later, when his girlfriend Jean came looking for him, she spotted a strange man exiting Gary's laboratory. Following him, Jean saw him smash a man's head in and break into a jewelry store. Confronting him, Jean tried to shoot the villain, but he managed to escape her.

Indulging in crime after crime, this strange, caped man stole one valuable item after another. While the police tried to track Jean down, thinking she was the culprit since she left her purse in the jewelry store, he engaged in all manner of crimes, against both men and property!

Retiring to her apartment, Jean was then accosted by the man she'd followed earlier, and he tried to strangle her in her own home - at least until the sun came up. When the light struck her assailant he changed... revealed to be hew own boyfriend, Gary Gaunt!

Explaining what happened, Gary tried to flee the scene to protect Jean, but she stuck by the guy - vowing to do so to the very end! Encouraged by this, Gary vowed to find a cure for his newly released, monstrous side... and the two left to try and undo some of the damage he caused.

Gary's further exploits have yet to be revealed, but the man's evil side is a truly dangerous thing. Despite his heroic inclinations it's likely he'll do a whole lot of damage with his incredibly powerful body, unless he can somehow stop himself before it's too late!

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