Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ex 20
Rm 30
Sh 0



Jonas is a member of the GI Joe team who excels in the use of advanced, stealth aircraft - you could consider him a high tech hero as a result. Of course, he's one of the rare Joes who has an actual, super-human power, so he can be counted as a psi, as well.

Natural Psi-Powers:

Psipathic Powers:

Fugue (s): oddly enough, Jonas seems to have manifested an actual, super-human level of anonymity. Practiced over a lifetime of wanting to avoid notice, Jonas has actually proven capable of preventing this psionically, with Excellent (20) ability.

This psipathic skill does not prevent others from perceiving Jonas, but it does keep them from identifying almost anything about him. They'll know he's there, but can't recall any striking characteristics, precisely what he was doing, or even his name!


Helmet: as a fighter pilot, Jonas usually has his helmet handy - sometimes you get jostled around in your aircraft when performing crazy maneuvers. This head gear provides Jonas Good (10) protection against physical attacks, and like Protected Senses for his vision.

the Joe-Com: this is a new device given to all Joes since the group's reactivation. This high-tech wristband functions as an audio/video transceiver with various other goodies built in to help a soldier on the go, and is described in greater detail in its own equipment entry.

Phantom X-19: Jonas' pride and joy, this powerful aircraft was never put into mainstream production by the Air Force. It is nonetheless a highly effective stealth fighter jet, and is described in much greater detail in its own vehicular entry.

Semi-automatic Pistol: kept on a readily accessible hip holster when not in use, Jonas can fire this weapon to deadly effect outside his aircraft. It inflicts Typical (6) Shooting damage in a single shot, raised to Good (10) Shooting damage when fired semi-auto.




Aerial Combat: an accomplished fighter pilot, Jonas does more in the air than just sneak around where no one can find him. He can effectively fight in the air, preferably while behind the stick of his Phantom X-19, at a +1 CS to his standard ability.

Engineering: Jonas is an engineer in addition to being a pilot, and can build the planes he intends to fight in. His Rsn should be considered +1 CS for the purposes of designing or building almost anything, though Jonas primarily specializes in aeronautics.

Guns: a requisite skill picked up during his basic training, Jonas can competently fire most modern firearms. Whether he's wielding a standard, semi-automatic or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Jonas resolves attacks with a gun at his Agy +1 CS.

Martial Arts type B: a talent everyone learns in the military, Jonas can readily defend himself even without his vaunted technology to back him up. Whether punching, kicking, or anything else, Jonas may attempt unarmed attacks at his Ftg score +1 CS.

Military / United States: the source of all his skills, Jonas can consider this talent an 'origin' of sorts. It describes his inherent understanding of the Standard Operating Procedure, and allows him to seamlessly integrate himself into a fighting unit.

Piloting: it is unknown if Jonas learned how to fly before he enlisted in the Air Force, but the military has definitely put the man on top of his game. When behind the stick of virtually any aircraft, Jonas can operate it at a +1 CS to the applicable score.


Jonas is a member of the GI Joe team in good standing - he's performed veritable miracles for the team over the years. Of course, he has several additional contacts in military, piloting and engineering circles that have yet to be revealed.


Jonas' GI Joe uniform is a flight suit. It includes a black leather jacket over a gray, collared shirt, black leather gloves, black leather boots, gray trousers with a brown leather hip holster on top, a red scarf, and of course his distinctive chromed helmet with a green flight visor.


Jonas is an odd fellow, in that he works hard to avoid notice in everything he does. Of course this has sort of backfired, in that he's so good at it that people forget not only that he's around, but what his name is, what he looks like, and why he's there!

Real Name: Jonas Jeffries, Grade O-4
Occupation: stealth fighter pilot, aeronautical engineer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 160 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none. Absolutely none.


Jonas has led an odd life completely empty of exceptional circumstance. This is because he's always tried to avoid being noticed... the only difference between him and other shy individuals was that Jonas was very, very good at it - even as a toddler!

It's rumored that he managed to become the only person to ever make it through the Chicago public school system without having to clean an eraser or wash a blackboard. He's not a boring guy, he just doesn't like undue attention - and makes sure he doesn't get it.

Of course, sometimes this backfires. People tend to have a hard time remembering Jonas' name, and often forget he's even in the room. They know about the guy, but they never seem to ask Jonas' input on anything, for they never really know what to think of him.

Despite his apparent aversion to attention, Jonas enlisted in the Air Force, and has proved himself time and time again as not only an aeronautic engineer, but as a fighter pilot as well. Naturally, he gravitated to high end, stealth fighters... they suit him perfectly!

Though he tries to keep eyes away from him, Jonas' performance record got him noticed by the mysterious recruiters for the GI Joe team, who tend to keep an eye out for exceptional individuals like Jonas (even if he went out of his way to avoid that sort of thing).

They snapped him up for their elite, highly secret fighting team that hardly anyone knew about, which suited him just fine. Jonas went about proving himself to the team on multiple occasions, usually when doing stealthy flights over Cobra Island or other Cobra installations.

He's a good fighter pilot too, and can readily hold his own in the air against Cobra's flying snakes, whether they're in the Rattler, the Night Raven, the Condor, or any of Cobra's other advanced aircraft. Jonas' last known mission was in Trucial Abysmia.

Or over it, rather. He was assigned to take photos of new Terror Dromes being placed in the country after the Joe team's war with Cobra there, a mission he readily succeeded in. Of course, his Phantom X-19 was totaled in the process, and Jonas hasn't been seen in action since.

It's likely that he went on to work on the engineering portion of his military training at that point, or that his subsequent missions were so classified that they are of a 'special mission' status, and details of them have yet to be revealed.

However, when the GI Joe team has need of its stealthiest stealth pilot, it's a sure bet that they can call upon Jonas to help the team out - the team tends to look after each other, even when its members slip out of active duty now and then...

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