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Gnorr is an alien life form who claims to be the last of his kind. In addition to the abilities he possesses by dint of his natural (?) evolution, Gnorr also has multiple examples of advanced technology, devices of various kinds that he can use to impose his will on others.


Fangs (s): Gnorr's teeth are pretty horrible. In addition to having sharp, pointy teeth, he also has two large tusks protruding from his mouth. He can use these immense natural weapons to inflict his Strength +2 in slashing damage, should he so desire.

Longevity (s): by his own admission, Gnorr has existed for thousands of years. As such, he has the benefit of possessing intensity 6 longevity, which would give him an approximate lifespan of 15,120 years (normal human lifespan times power intensity cubed).

Super Senses (w): since a significant portion of Gnorr's body is comprised of his sensory organs, he presumably has perception that's a bit better than that wielded by you or I. He may thus attempt actions dependent on conventional senses at intensity 10.

Tentacles (a): instead of the limbs possessed by a conventional humanoid, Gnorr has four tentacles, each of which issue forth from the bottom of his vaguely spherical frame. He can use these as either extra arms or extra legs in an exchange, but not both at once.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Electrical Screen (a): something of an aversive energy field, this electrical barrier protects Gnorr from those foolish enough to approach his person. It acts as an intensity 16 aura of electricity, enough to stun even the most powerful of enemies.

Isolation Cage (i): this transparent cylinder, though it allows light to pass through, can completely cut off electrical and radio signals wishing to pass in or out of it. Consider this intensity 20 energy dampening where such sources of energy are concerned.

Thought Receiver (w): with this powerful device, Gnorr can tune into the ambient psionic radiation given off by all sentient beings. Unless a human is shielding his or her mind, Gnorr can read their thoughts with intensity 16 ability, at beyond visual distances (250,000 miles).


Archaeology / History (i): regardless of his knowledge of other species throughout the cosmos, Gnorr has spent thousands of years spying on humanity. As such, he may attempt actions in this area of knowledge at a reduced difficulty, and he knows things about us we've likely forgotten.

Computers (i): though his moon-robots aren't too bright, really, it nonetheless takes some doing to build the hardware and software necessary to make them go. Gnorr may attempt actions where computational matters are concerned at a reduced difficulty.

Engineering (i): though most of his equipment appears to be scavenged from the wreckage of the abandoned alien city he's squatting in, Gnorr is quite capable of building things in his own right. He can design, assemble, and even reverse engineer things at a reduced difficulty.


None. As the last of his species, if this is truly the case, Gnorr wouldn't be able to rely upon other examples of his kind for assistance if necessary. Furthermore, having lived in isolation on the moon for millennia, Gnorr hasn't had much of a social life to speak of.


World Domination: having been in the process of building an army of moon-robots to conquer the earth from his base in an otherwise abandoned city on our moon, it goes without saying that this calling applies to Gnorr perfectly. Though greed might work in a pinch, too.


None. Not only does Gnorr not wear a costume, but he does not indulge in clothing. But then, his body is not humanoid in configuration, so conventional clothing may not benefit Gnorr all that much. Aside from an immense cap, it would probably hinder his motion considerably.


Gnorr is imperious and greedy. Having looted the abandoned lunar city he's squatted in for millennia, he has begun to make designs on the earth. He eagerly wishes to conquer earth to loot its material riches, not to mention having the convenience of servants he need not build himself.

Real Name: Gnorr
Occupation: Emperor of the Moon, would-be Emperor of the Earth
Legal Status: possibly none. If truly the last of his kind, Gnorr no longer has a society.
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 7'
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: several hundred pounds
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Gnorr's body primarily consists of a large, squashed spherical mass vaguely resembling a humanoid head, with four tentacles sprouting from his under-body that he can utilize to either move about or to manipulate objects.

Gnorr has thin black hairs arranged in a dome on the top of his body, a relatively short, wide nose, fangs coupled with two large tusks, and large, pointy ears. His skin is a rich brown in hue, and his tentacles may or may not split into digit-like manipulators at their ends.


What little is known about Gnorr has been revealed by Gnorr himself, so much of it may be dubious in nature. He (assuming that Gnorr is, in fact, male) claims that he is the last of his kind, the final member of a lost race of beings who traveled the cosmos.

While this could almost qualify him to be one of the Elders of the Universe, the sad truth is that Gnorr didn't have the kind of drive required to achieve this state of being. No, Gnorr's goals are less lofty, and he primarily lusts after material possessions.

Using his advanced technology, Gnorr spied upon the actions and very thoughts of humans for thousands of years, doing so from his base in an abandoned city on earth's moon. Long since fallen into disrepair, this strange metropolis did not, in fact, appear to have been built by Gnorr.

Tiring of his crumbling environs, Gnorr longed to move from the moon to the earth, to rule over a much more fertile land. To this end, he was developing a small army of moon-robots to conquer mankind, and was about ready to invade earth when his work was interrupted.

When his territory was invaded by Professor Zog and friends, joyriding around the moon in their stolen spacecraft, Gnorr sent out one of his moon-robots to deal with their proxy, Electro. The Marvel of the Age trounced his creation, so Gnorr simply sent more after the thing.

Overpowering Electro with sheer numbers, Gnorr's moon-robots seized Professor Zog's creation, and used it to deliver a message to the humans nearby. To wit, he informed them that he was coming to earth, and that humanity should prepare itself for rule under the glory of Gnorr!

Declaring Electro is also his, to study the Marvel and use its technology to improve his moon-robot army, Gnorr enraged Zog and his fellow hotrodders, such that they decided to invade his fortress in person. But Gnorr handily destroyed their strange tank.

Sending his moon-robots to finish the foolish humans off, Gnorr found that they were carrying powerful explosives, bombs which easily tore his moon-robots to shreds. Furthermore, they possessed strange 'Zello' shields, which rendered them impervious to his servants' flame weapons.

Once they'd destroyed all of his moon-robots, the humans then turned their weapons on Gnorr's compound, destroying it utterly. They then retrieved the stolen Electro and made their way back to their spacecraft, their foe presumably destroyed in the explosion they caused.

Not that anyone ever saw Gnorr's body...!



Hand Size:
2 (10)

Gnorr's moon-robots are artificial servants of limited intellect, but considerable ability. As synthetic beings, they possess complete immunity to organic disease and toxins, and need not eat, drink or breathe to survive - though they do require electrical power to function.

Possessing great size, being around twelve feet tall, they have intensity 2 growth, giving them a +2 size factor, as well as head-mounted flame (plasma) projectors, which inflict intensity 10 AP SD energy damage. All this and, for some reason, fangs.

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