The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: Y

Yash Alloy: something of an extreme body modification enthusiast, Yash Venkatasubramanian yearns to replace his entire body with artificial enhancements. Having invented a revolutionary electroneural interface, he just might achieve his goal! Availability:

Yash Alloy (MSH Classic)

Yash Alloy (4C System)

Yash Alloy (Marvel Saga)

Yesterday's Yvonne: an older scrapper, Yvonne Jones is something of a den mother for the Warriors of Thor. But then she's infamous nationwide as a suspected gun runner, dope dealer, smuggler, and general biker thug, so you can see how she'd fit right in. Availability:

Yesterday's Yvonne (MSH Classic)

Yesterday's Yvonne (4C System)

Yesterday's Yvonne (Marvel Saga)

Yochlol (Tanar'ri): the so-called Handmaidens of Lolth, yochlol are specially transformed tanar'ri the drow goddess uses as personal servitors. These demonic terrors may take many forms, and roam the material planes when not in the Demonweb Pits! Availability:

Yochlol (MSH Classic)

Yochlol (4C System)

Yochlol (Marvel Saga)

Yorick the Yogi: rising from the dead after his death at the hands of an unknown chemical compound in Lódz, recent college graduate Yorick Jameson was tragically left with his full mind intact - despite his unyielding hunger for delicious human flesh...! Availability:

Yorick the Yogi (MSH Classic)

Yorick the Yogi (4C System)

Yorick the Yogi (Marvel Saga)

Ysen: one of the light elves of Alfheim, Ysen began to wander the planes after her people were assaulted by demons, leaving her homeless. Killing them in turn wherever she traveled, Ysen has generally become a force for good in the multiverse! Availability:

Ysen (MSH Classic)

Ysen (4C System)

Ysen (Marvel Saga)

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