Yesterday's Yvonne

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Like the vast majority of the Warriors of Thor, Yesterday's Yvonne is but a normal human - at least, where super-powers are concerned. To wit, she has none, whether they come in the form of genetic aberrations, magical spells, or even inexplicably advanced devices.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Cellular Telephone: Yvonne is always connected to her contacts via disposable cellular telephones. These items are invariably bought under aliases to avoid an evidence trail, and can tie into cellular networks with rank value 4 ability (5 mile range under optimum conditions).

Handgun: in states with open carry laws, Yvonne proudly wears her sidearm on a hip holster. She may fire this weapon to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage in a single shot, or rank value 10 Piercing damage in an ammunition-burning, semi-automatic spread of lead.

Shotgun: kept in a holster on her motorcycle when not in use, this lethal weapon inflicts Piercing damage, of a variety depending on the ammunition used: buckshot (rank value 6 over a 30 degree arc), birdshot (rank value 10 to target and adjacent targets) or slugs (rank value 20).

Stun Gun: in states without open carry laws, Yvonne instead carries a stun gun. She may use this weapon, on touch, to incapacitate a foe with a rank value 30 burst of non-lethal power. Those failing a Fortitude ACT against this intensity are Concussed for 1d10 turns.

Triumph Rocket III Touring: Yvonne's hog, this beast of a motorcycle is practically her best friend. Slightly modified, she can push this cycle past its normal limitations when necessary (i.e., fleeing the cops). It has these vehicular characteristics:

RV 20
RV 50
RV 20
RV 0

War Hammers: though she doesn't take the whole 'faith' portion of the Warriors very seriously, Yvonne nonetheless carries a war hammer or two with her while on a ride. She can use these m.v. 30 weapons to inflict +1 RS Bashing damage with each swing.

Winged Helm: the one change to her look that Yvonne has made to acknowledge her membership in the Warriors of Thor, she wears a winged helmet at all times. Not remotely 'road safe', this gear nonetheless gives her head rank value 10 protection against physical attack.


Good Reputation: Yvonne is known nationwide, amongst biker circles at least, as a stand up kind of lady. She's built this reputation through her actions across three decades, and should receive a +1 RS on Repute ACT rolls called for with individuals in such circles.

Personal Code 2: while she's a blatant criminal, Yvonne does have her own code of honor. She refuses to interfere with the choices others make in their lives, wanting others to be able to be who they must be, and must pass a Willpower ACT at -4 RS to do so.

Quick Learning: incredibly bright, Yvonne tends to pick up new things rather quickly. She can master new skills in roughly half the time a normal person would, and receives the benefit of a twenty-five percent reduction in the Fortune cost of any skill she decides to invest in.

Strong Bones: in addition to her somewhat imposing height and build, Yvonne was blessed with particularly hard bones. Hers possess a material value of 10, and provide her 1 RS of damage reduction against Bashing damage of equal or lesser intensity.


Driving: while she's been an avid motorcyclist for decades, Yvonne has taken her turn at all kinds of vehicles, from school buses to Army tanks. She can operate most any land-based vehicle at a +1 RS to either her Coordination or its Handling rating (whichever is lower).

Crime: Yvonne has her fingers in many illegal soups. She runs guns, she deals dope, and she smuggles anything that fits in her Triumph's cargo pods. In generally seedy matters such as this, Yvonne may add a +1 RS to any applicable ACT rolls.

Guns: calling Yvonne a 'gun enthusiast' would be something of an understatement. She's trained in the use of firearms almost as long as she's rode motorcycles, and may add a +1 RS to any attack using a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic pistol, rifle or shotgun.

Languages / English, French and Spanish: having worked throughout the North American continent, Yvonne has picked up an extra language or two over the years. She can read, write and speak in these three languages fluently, and is working on Portuguese.

Martial Arts styles B and C: though she's an expert in the use of most firearms, Yvonne can readily defend herself without them - or anything else in hand, for that matter. She may add a +1 RS to unarmed melee strikes, as well as dodge, escape, grapple and weave maneuvers.

Skill / Hammers: joining the Warriors of Thor hasn't done much for Yvonne's outlook, but it has helped her gain another self-defense skill. Whenever wielding a hammer or hammer-like object, whether designed for combat or not, Yvonne may do so at a +1 RS to her Melee.


Yvonne truly has too many contacts to list properly. She's been almost legendary for decades, known well by most serious bikers and activists for her various actions... and crimes. She's as likely to be spotted at a Washington D.C. rally as she is selling pot to 'bad' cops.

She essentially has at least one criminal contact in every major metropolitan area throughout the United States and Canada, who can usually hook her up with either what she needs or the person who can. Those kind of connections are a lot more valuable than you can imagine.

Though she's been associated with various biker gangs over the years, Yvonne has finally 'settled down' as a Warrior of Thor. This group attracts individuals like her quite readily after all, and the Warriors tend to think of her as something of a conscience, after a fashion.


Yvonne wears the same basic outfit she has for over thirty years. It includes worn blue jeans beneath black leather chaps, a white tank top beneath a black leather jacket, and black leather boots and fingerless gloves. The brass winged helm is an admittedly recent addition, however.


An ardent believer in personal freedom, Yvonne does what she does to enable others to live their lives as they choose. She tries to do right by people, and absolutely loathes laws that are designed to take away a body's ability to choose how they conduct themselves.

This has gotten Yvonne on the wrong side of the law more often than not, but then she is a career criminal. In her later years, she's become a bit more wise and a bit less violent than she used to be, but when riled up enough her 'old' self can readily shine through... for better or worse.

Real Name: Yvonne Jones
Occupation: Yvonne wears many hats.
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a criminal record throughout North America
Marital Status: widower
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Warriors of Thor, former member of all manner of biker gangs

Height: 6'
Hair: black and gray
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Yvonne wears her long black hair, with its powerful gray streaks, in a braid at all times. With her height and build, her 'biker' outfit makes her particularly imposing when she wants to be.


While she was very young during the civil rights movement, Yvonne Jones was keenly aware of events transpiring around her in her southern town. While the law of the land ultimately changed, the people in her community did not bother to do so for quite some time.

As soon as she came of age, Yvonne left the south, desiring to never return - save for occasional visits to the family, of course. While she originally intended to go to a respectable college, Yvonne quickly fell in with a 'bad crowd' while hiking across the states.

Soon enough, Yvonne was involved with all kinds of criminal activities. She'd been taken in by a biker gang, you see, and a particularly criminal one at that. Though most such groups are not necessarily criminal enterprises, Yvonne's definitely was, and she exulted in their crime sprees.

While she did so simply to make quick cash at first, Yvonne came to believe in what she was doing in time. Sure, she was flagrantly breaking the law - many laws, in fact - but she was helping people get what they wanted. Do what they wanted. Be who they wanted.

Eventually parting with her original gang, Yvonne began to tour the country on her old Triumph (which she replaced only recently). She met many people, and helped many more acquire things their local ordinances told them they could not have. And she attended all manner of protests.

Over the years, Yvonne has worn many hats. She's been a political activist, a gun runner, a charity worker, an absinthe smuggler, an interpreter, a dope dealer, and the occasional bodyguard. But she hasn't engaged in violence for the sake of violence - usually just as a means to an end.

That's how she wound up as a member of the Warriors of Thor. Yvonne happened upon a group of them being roughed up by cultists who venerate the evil Set, and warded them off with carefully thought out words. Oh, and the shotgun. Her warning shots were great punctuation.

Grateful for their rescue, these Warriors sort of adopted her into their group, and Yvonne has stayed with them ever since. Well, not those specific Warriors, but the Warriors in general. And she's become something of an inadvertent leader for the group over time.

Sure, most folks tend to think of Tex Goldberg when pondering who 'runs' the Warriors, but in truth he only owns their lodge. Yvonne is the figurative heart of the group however, and should she ask any (or all) of the Warriors to do something, they'd likely hop right to it.

Not that she abuses this power. Much.

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