Yash Alloy

RV 20
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RV 20
RV 20
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Yash Alloy is a cyborg - a man who was perfectly normal until he replaced various portions of his anatomy with their robotic equivalents. All of Yash's implants are of his own design, and are rather advanced considering his curious, accelerated design and test cycle.

Known Powers:



Having always wanted to become one with technology, Yash has developed the means of interfacing it with organic tissues. His electroneural interface allows conventional electronics to connect directly to nervous tissue, providing a seamless link between the two disparate mechanisms.

Using this basis for his cybernetics paradigm, Yash has developed a large array of replacement bits for ordinary tissue, whether they were injured to the point of uselessness or their owner simply desired an upgrade. Thus far, Yash has had the following installed within him:

* Body Armor: installed at various points, Yash has built a partial exoskeleton that folds out and extends over his remaining natural bits - namely, the vital organs that he hasn't figured out how to replace yet. Its rank value 20 body armor breaks down as follows:

RV 20 / RV 6 / RV 2 / RV 0 / RV 0

* Computer Link: though he lacks this power in a generalized sense, Yash has installed a master Bluetooth device into his brain. Controlled via a HUD in his cyber-eyes, Yash can use this relatively simple implant to interact with Bluetooth-enabled devices with rank value 10 skill.

* Corrosion: built into his fingertips, Yash has devised emitters which can give off powerful corrosive chemicals, the better to dig his way into something artificial. His rank value 50 corrosion allows him to easily penetrate all but the most sturdy inorganic items!

* Cyber-arms: wanting more strength, Yash has replaced his humerus bones, as well as both of his arms starting below his deltoids. His robotic replacement arms have a m.v. of 40, and look like 'chromed' versions of regular arms, save for their various joints.

* Cyber-eyes: both of Yash's eyes have been replaced. He has installed superior optical implements in their stead, which give him the equivalent of rank value 20 Super Vision and Ultravision. His new eyes have a material value of 30.

* Cyber-legs: Yash has replaced his femurs, as well as both of his legs from the femoral triangle down, with an artificial equivalent. His new legs have a material value of 40, and look like 'chromed' legs of the normal variety - save for at the joints.

* Hard Points: when he leaves the League's headquarters, Yash carries two special plates with him. He can bolt these Invium (m.v. 200) shields onto his arms, over his Brisk Brace emitters. This allows him to block at a +1 RS, and gives the Braces +4 RS protection from assault.

* Hyperlinguistics: incorporating Transistorized Ted's Linguistic Overdriver into his audio canal, Yash can communicate in any language utilized within one sector (rank value 4 range) of his person. Assuming he wants to comprehend everyone's ramblings at the moment, anyway.

* Ice Generation: built into the wrists of his cyber-arms is a pared-down version of Crystalline's original Brisk Brace system. While Yash cannot produce complex ice formations with them, he can nonetheless fire rank value 30 blasts of ice (Bashing or Slashing).

* Resistance to Corrosion: since he uses them as a weapon, Yash ensured his various components were rendered resistant to corrosives. Yash's implants, and himself when his body armor is active, can resist corrosive compounds with rank value 75 ability.

* Super Jumping: installed within the calves of his cyber-legs, Yash has integrated the anti-gravitational technology of Old Gruff into himself. Taking a cue from Crystalline, he has granted himself rank value 100 super leaping, allowing him to cross a sector in a single bound!

Implant Psychosis Statistic: rank value 14.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Implant Psychosis Statistic: as a cyborg, Yash is subject to the problem of implant psychosis. Under duress, he must pass a Willpower ACT roll against his IPS, or will suffer from extreme mental instability for a time - usually until he next falls unconscious.

This instability can take almost any form, but usually amplifies his desire to modify his body into an almost self-destructive compulsion. When subject to IPS, Yash must pass a Willpower roll at -4 RS lest he surgically alter his remaining tissues somehow.


Blackberry ™: naturally, Yash carries a heavy duty smartphone with him at all times. If outside the League's headquarters, he can use this device to access the Internet, receiving information and such directly in his head thanks to his internal Bluetooth connection.

This device itself is able to tie into local cellular networks with a maximum of rank value 4 ability - giving it an approximate transception range of five miles (under ideal conditions). It also has gigabytes of storage potential for data, music, and other files Yash might want handy.


Learned Resistance / Electricity: thanks to a variety of mishaps involving electricity, particularly when one or more of his early implants went awry, Yash developed a tolerance for it within his body. Yash benefits from +1 RS resistance to electricity whenever exposed to it.


Computers: while he's not the coder that the Copyright Infringer or Transistorized Ted is, Yash knows his way around a computer. He can design, build, program and repair computers of all kinds as if his Intellect was +1 RS higher than was indicated previously.

Electronics 2: having had a lust for technology since he was a toddler, Yash has studied in this field all his life - and has at least one degree to show for it. His Intellect in this area is +2 RS higher than is listed above, which has enabled his staggering transformation.

Medicine: while he's not an educated doctor by any means, Yash has taught himself the ins and outs of medicine - with the help of some medical students and his friend, Quigley. His Intellect should be considered +1 RS in such areas, though most surgical procedures escape him.


As a member of the Electronicists' League who is constantly building new innovations for their use, Yash is on very good terms with this patron of his. Furthermore, he's on particularly good terms with his best friend, Quentin's Quirky Quack, and his brother, Mr. Really Long Name.


Whenever he has to head out of the League's compound in New York City, Yash tends to wear bulky clothing. While he's not remotely ashamed of his implants, the citizenry aren't necessarily inclined to embrace them, and Yash doesn't want to draw the attention of the Bureau.

Thus, he often wears a black leather duster over a light gray sweatsuit when outdoors, along with padded gloves to hide his cybernetic hands. He leaves his feet uncovered of course, since they don't really fit into any footwear on the market, but they just look like metal boots.


Having been obsessed with becoming a robot his entire life, Yash pursues his goal with a single-minded devotion that some might consider an obsession. He's excited about all forms of technology, no matter how trivial or prototypical they may seem, and reads up on such voraciously.

Real Name: Yash Venkatasubramanian
Occupation: would-be cyberneticist
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a considerable criminal record, currently wanted for various crimes
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Electronicists' League

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 330 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: when not wearing a heavy trench coat, Yash's many and varied implants are readily visible for the world to see - they tend to stick out even when wearing regular clothing over them.


Yash Venkatasubramanian has always dreamed of being a robot. He was immersed in science fiction as a child, and loved the idea of being more than human, a walking testament to humanity's achievements! The only problem with this was the reality of robots as we know them.

While these machines are great at building cars or smartphones or what have you, conventional robotic technology doesn't really excel at performing human-style tasks, such as writing with a pencil, and even when they do the trick is using them to replace their organic equivalents.

Thus, Yash went to school to study electronics, hoping to build the bridge between man and machine. While studying the artificial side of this dream in college, Yash moonlighted with several medical students, generally sitting in on their study sessions and asking questions.

The only problem was that college ain't cheap. Since he wasn't quite smart enough to get a scholarship or all that many grants, Yash had to spend most of his time toiling away in fast food jobs and other sundry occupations in the evenings to afford school. And food.

Enter his brother, Mukesh.

While Yash was obsessed with improving on himself via electronics, Mukesh was all about better living through chemistry, instead. Dealing drugs to make the capital he required, Mukesh experimented on any number of advanced chemical concoctions whenever possible.

Despite his misgivings, Yash took work from Mukesh to fund his dream. When things ultimately went sour on one of Mukesh's deals, though, Yash's big brother left him with the bag. Thinking him responsible for Mukesh's crime spree, the police threw the book at him.

With all of Mukesh's crimes pinned on him, Yash wound up doing a whole lot of time - in San Quentin, no less! Of course, it was there that Yash first met Quigley Quirtsquip. Something of a mad surgeon, Quigley was just the sort of guy that Yash needed to test out his cybernetics ideas!

Since the only thing stopping the two from furthering their science was incarceration, the duo made plans to escape forthwith. Despite the prison's impressive security, the merely human guards couldn't stand up to Quigley's mutant abilities once he decided to leave, so he left.

On the run for months, Yash and Quigley became close friends, instead of mere fellow inmates. And the two continued their experiments, Yash slowly accumulating what he needed to build the electroneural interface haunting his dreams, and Quigley operating on him at his leisure.

In time, Yash was successful!

He'd built a crude robotic arm, and the means of directly interfacing it with his nervous system. After Quigley eagerly removed his arm and replaced it with his creation, Yash finally felt like he was on the right path to achieve his ultimate dream.

The only problem was with implant rejection. This took some doing for Yash and Quigley to sort out, but thanks to the former's technical skills and the latter's medical knowledge, Quigley ultimately devised a coating for Yash's implants that would prevent their causing an immune reaction.

Which was when they were both simultaneously approached by Transistorized Ted. This strange looking giant of a man proclaimed that he was the leader of the Electronicists' League, and that both men would be welcome in his organization... if only they shared their secrets with him.

Having heard whispered rumors about the League over the years, both thought membership in the group would be beneficial, signing up on the spot. Ted then whisked them away to the League's New York City headquarters before a police squad coming for them could catch the duo.

While Quigley wasn't too impressed with the League, per se, it was like being in the proverbial candy store for Yash. Sure, Quigley was happy to insert things into others to avoid costly recovery times, but Yash exulted in all the high tech chicanery going on around him!

He couldn't have been happier if he tried!

Throwing himself into his work, Yash continued his experiments with cybernetics technology in the basement of the League's New York headquarters. He couldn't safely leave without potentially being collared by the authorities, but then, he didn't really need to, did he?

With Quigley's help, Yash has greatly sped up the development of his cybernetics paradigm, quickly swapping out one implant for another without all the usual side effects of surgery. This has helped him to sidestep decades of delay in what is sure to be his greatest work.

In the mean time, Yash has also reconciled with his brother, Mukesh - though in truth, it was sort of the other way around. He felt bad for leaving Yash with the bag on his many and various legal hassles, and has worked hard to throw doubt onto the government's evidence against him.

Mostly by having it point towards himself. Mukesh had embraced the lifestyle of a notorious outlaw you see, so he didn't fear a few more charges levied against his public identity, Mr. Really Long Name. That and he hoped his actions would ultimately clear his brother's name.

Though the duo, with the help of a lawyer or two that Ted has done favors for in the past, are hard at work expunging Yash's record!

Legal Hoopajoob:

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What this means is that if you wish, you may use this Edition 13 material in any way you see fit, whether copying, distributing, or displaying all or part of this text, as long as you credit my work, in either your own derivative texts or products.

If you would like more information about me for attribution, you can contact me via e mail (DashApostrophe@gmail.com).

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